Daily Messages

Words for You to Ponder Today


  • "As we strive to understand, internalize, and live correct gospel principles, we will become more spiritually self-reliant. The principle of spiritual self-reliance grows out of a fundamental doctrine of the Church that God has granted us—agency."

    —Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Christlike Attributes—the Wind beneath Our Wings"
    Topics: Spiritual Self-Reliance, Agency

  • "We must examine our motives. A good check and balance in decision making is to look at our motives for making our decisions. We should ask ourselves, "Are my motives selfish, or is there charity in the decision I am about to make? Is this decision in keeping with the commandments, both in the spirit and the letter of the law? Is my decision basically right, honorable, and compatible with the golden rule? Have I considered the impact of my decision on others?""

    —Robert D. Hales, "Making Righteous Choices at the Crossroads of Life"
    Topics: Agency

  • "Contrary to the world’s secular teaching, the scriptures teach us that we do have agency, and our righteous exercise of agency always makes a difference in the opportunities we have and our ability to act upon them and progress eternally."

    —Robert D. Hales, "Agency: Essential to the Plan of Life", Ensign, November 2010
    Topics: Agency

  • "Your noble birthright, identity, purpose, and divine commission set you apart from all others. But neither your birthright nor your premortal ordinations and commissions can save or exalt you. You will do that through your individual decisions and as you choose to access the power of the Lord’s Atonement in your lives."

    —Russell M. Nelson, "What Will You Choose?", Ensign, January 2015
    Topics: Agency, Atonement

  • "As we press forward, choosing to follow the counsel and the warnings of our leaders, we choose to follow the Lord while the world is going in another direction. We choose to hold fast to the iron rod, to be Latter-day Saints, to be on the Lord’s errand, and to be filled “with exceedingly great joy.”"

    —Ronald A. Rasband, "Standing with the Leaders of the Church"
    Topics: Agency, Happiness

  • "Our Savior’s Second Coming is drawing nearer. Let us not delay in this great cause. Remember Captain Moroni, who hoisted the title of liberty inscribed with the words “In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children.” Let us remember the people’s response: exercising their agency, they “came running together” with a covenant to act."

    —Robert D. Hales, "Preserving Agency, Protecting Religious Freedom"
    Topics: Agency, Covenants

  • "Jesus votes for us, Satan votes against us, and we cast the deciding vote. It is my prayer that each of us will use our agency to choose happiness."

    —Larry R. Lawrence, "Choose Happiness"
    Topics: Agency

  • "Heavenly Father and the Savior are our perfect examples. …They never force righteousness because righteousness must be chosen."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "A Priceless Heritage of Hope"
    Topics: Agency

  • "We need to tighten our grip on the rod that leads us back to Him. Now is the “day of choosing” for all of us."

    —Robert D. Hales, "Meeting the Challenges of Today's World"
    Topics: Agency

  • "Marriage and family are not conventions of men until only death do us part. They are intended to be made eternal."

    —Lawrence E. Corbridge, "The Prophet Joseph Smith"
    Topics: Agency