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Happiness in Family Life

  • "Danger lurks when we divide ourselves with expressions such as “my private life,” “my professional life,” or even “my best behavior.” Living life in separate compartments can lead to internal conflict and exhausting tension. To escape that tension, many people unwisely resort to addicting substances, pleasure seeking, or self-indulgence, which in turn produce more tension, thus creating a vicious cycle. Inner peace comes only as we maintain the integrity of truth in all aspects of our lives. When we covenant to follow the Lord and obey His commandments, we accept His standards in every thought, action, and deed."

    —Russell M. Nelson, "Living by Scriptural Guidance"
    Topics: Happiness in Family Life

  • "Our Heavenly Father wants husbands and wives to be faithful to each other and to esteem and treat their children as an heritage from the Lord. In such a family we study the scriptures and pray together. And we fix our focus on the temple. There we receive the highest blessings that God has in store for His faithful children."

    —Russell M. Nelson, "Salvation and Exaltation"
    Topics: Happiness in Family Life

  • "No child in this Church should be left with uncertainty about his or her parents’ devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Restoration of His Church, and the reality of living prophets and apostles."

    —Jeffrey R. Holland, "A Prayer for the Children"
    Topics: Happiness in Family Life

  • "To know what the voice of the Divine sounds and feels like, read His words, study the scriptures, and ponder them. Make them an integral part of everyday life. If you want your children to recognize, understand, and act on the promptings of the Spirit, you must study the scriptures with them."

    —Richard G. Scott, "Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority"
    Topics: Happiness in Family Life

  • "The way you treat your wife or children or parents or siblings may influence generations to come. What legacy do you want to leave your posterity? One of harshness, vengeance, anger, fear, or isolation? Or one of love, humility, forgiveness, compassion, spiritual growth, and unity?"

    —Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "In Praise of Those Who Save"
    Topics: Happiness in Family Life

  • "It is only with the companionship of the Holy Ghost that we can hope to be equally yoked in a marriage free from discord. I have seen how that companionship is crucial for felicity in a marriage. The miracle of becoming one requires the help of heaven, and it takes time."

    —Henry B. Eyring, "To My Grandchildren"
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