The Power of Prayer

God is your loving Father in Heaven. As His child, you can pray and ask Him for help and guidance. You can use God’s power to find solutions to challenges in your life.

Real-life experiences with prayer


Shaquille's Story about the Book of Mormon


“I remember just instinctively kneeling and speaking out loud my prayer and receiving an answer that God was real and that he cared about me.”

Two ways to get more from prayer

1. Ask for help

Missionaries are ready to teach you how to pray and how to recognize God’s answers to your prayers.

2. Look to the scriptures

The Book of Mormon, like the Bible, teaches about God, prayer, and Jesus Christ. As you read the Book of Mormon, you can learn how to build faith so that you can access God’s power.


3 Women's Experiences with The Book of Mormon


Watch three women explain how the Book of Mormon and its teachings have helped them develop a closer relationship with God.

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