God’s Love

God is a loving Father in Heaven, and He loves His children perfectly. He loved us before we ever loved Him, and evidence of His love is everywhere.

How God shows His love

Through His Blessings

We can see God’s love in the blessings He gives us. From the beauty of the world to the people in our lives, God is constantly giving us gifts large and small because He loves us.

Through Others

Sometimes a feeling will wash over us in peaceful moments. Often when we are out in nature, when we offer a prayer, or when we serve others, we will experience this feeling. That feeling is God’s love.

Through His Son, Jesus

One of God’s greatest acts of love for us was to send His Son, Jesus, to the earth. Through the teachings and grace of Jesus we can feel God's love, be forgiven, and learn how to love the people around us.

Feeling God’s love

Seek Peace

In a chaotic world, something as subtle and sacred as God’s love can be hard to recognize. God’s love is easier to find when we create moments to seek it out.


God is a loving Father in Heaven who loves His children and wants to hear from them. We can pray to ask for help in our lives, and we can pray to feel His love. If you ask God to feel His love for you, and you are patient for the response, it will come.

Show love to others

The Bible teaches us that as we live in peace with each other, we can feel God’s love. In fact, loving others helps us understand God’s love for us. As we love and serve others, we will feel the love we are seeking from God.

Learning about His love

We can learn about God’s love by studying His word. As we read the Bible and the Book of Mormon, we learn that throughout history, God has never stopped loving His people. This can help us recognize God’s love in our own lives.

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