DEC 12

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Find a way to support a local business. You can make a holiday purchase or leave a positive comment on their social media page so your friends will see it.

Dec 11

Sometimes we forget that Jesus spent His time in a relatively small area, geographically speaking. He is the Savior of the World, but His ministry was mostly done on a community level. Like Him, that is where we too can make the most difference. This Christmas, many local businesses are struggling to stay open after a tough year. Give them your support in whatever way you can.

The Wise Men present their gifts to Jesus

The Wise Men Bring Gifts to Jesus

Significance of the Wise Men’s Gifts

Gold was typically a gift given to kings, showing that the Wise Men understood Jesus was the King of kings.
This sweet-smelling resin was used in ancient priesthood ordinances, possibly referencing the sacrifice the Lamb of God would make for us all.
This bitter oil was used in burial preparations and could be seen as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s death and burial in the tomb prior to His glorious Resurrection.
A Broken Heart and Contrite Spirit
Perhaps the most significant gift the Wise Men offered Jesus was the humility they showed as they bowed before Him, acknowledging their need for His healing sacrifice.
Missionaries having a conversation about Jesus Christ online.
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