How Do I Get Answers?

Imagine you’re at a place where you feel comfortable pouring out your heart in prayer. You ask for help, express gratitude, admit your mistakes, and express a commitment to try harder. You aren’t just reciting empty words, you are talking to God. But what if you’re doing all that, and you’re still not sure God is saying anything back to you?

Well, it means you’re human. Everyone struggles getting answers to prayers at one time or another. Part of the reason why it can be hard is because God can answer prayers in so many different ways. But one of the most consistent ways God answers prayer is through the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost, sometimes referred to as the Spirit, is one way that God comforts, instructs, warns, and guides us. When you pray, you probably won’t hear an actual voice talking to you, but you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in your hearts.

From the Scriptures

What does the Holy Ghost feel like? When you're praying, pay attention to the following feelings which the Bible lists as "fruits of the spirit."

As You Pray

One thing about prayer is that it takes patience. Often, answers come slowly. In fact, if you’re not paying attention, you might miss them. With that in mind, a good way to help you focus on how God has answered your prayers is to offer prayers of gratitude. As you take time to search for and acknowledge good things in your life and the world around you, you’ll be blessed with clarity about God’s hand in your life. You will know that truly you are not alone. God hears you. God loves you. God answers you. That’s the true power of prayer.

More Questions about Prayer

Question: What do I do after I say amen?
Answer: Be quiet and pay attention to any impressions you have.
Question: Can I write stuff down as I pray?
Answer: Definitely. If you feel inspired, write down your thoughts and feelings.
Question: What if I feel nothing?
Answer: That’s okay. Try to be patient. Don’t give up on prayer.
Question: What if I get an idea while I’m praying?
Answer: If it’s something good, act on it. Don’t wait until you forget.


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