Relief Society: Our Women’s Group

Relief Society is a global sisterhood committed to helping those in need, building faith in Jesus Christ, and strengthening families.

A group of women, young and old, talking in a Relief Society class

Early beginnings

Women of the Church are members of the Relief Society—one of the largest and oldest operating women’s organizations in the world. It was founded in 1842 so women could pool their resources and combine efforts to provide for the people in their communities. That’s why it’s called the Relief Society—it was designed to give assistance to those who need it. The early Relief Society helped fund medical training for women, build hospitals, establish adoption services, secure women’s voting rights, and more. 

Charity never faileth

Today, the Relief Society organizes service projects, fellowships other women, and helps them develop both life skills and a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ and His gospel. Its motto is “charity never faileth” and members seek to follow Jesus’s example and extend love to friends, neighbors, and strangers alike.

Each congregation has its own Relief Society group that is part of the global organization. Meetings for these local Relief Society groups take place every other Sunday. A typical meeting lasts 50 minutes and is centered around a spiritual message. Each group also holds regular events and activities outside of the Sunday meetings. Activities are less structured and give Relief Society members the opportunity to build new skills, share talents, engage in service projects, and meet new friends.

Elizabeth Edwards explains how the her participation in the Relief Society has blessed her life
Elizabeth Edwards explains how the her participation in the Relief Society has blessed her life

Elizabeth Edwards on Relief Society


Pillars of strength

Relief Society members are sometimes asked to serve as leaders or teachers within their congregations. This helps local congregations make sure that classes and activities are meeting members’ needs. It also gives members the opportunity to hear from a variety of voices and receive leadership from people of many different backgrounds. 


Relief Society members all over the world strengthen the organization—and their local communities—with their diverse talents, interests, and experiences. You can too! You’re invited to join us in serving our neighbors and seeking to follow in Jesus Christ’s footsteps.

A group of women greet one another during a Relief Society meeting

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