Entering the Temple

Open House and Dedication

After a temple is built or renovated, several weeks are set aside in which the public is invited to a temple open house. During the open house, visitors watch a short video about the purpose of temples and then are invited to walk through the temple. Guides are available throughout the tour to explain the purpose of each room.

Family viewing LDS Temple Information Booth

When the open house period is over, the temple is closed to the public, and several meetings are held to dedicate the temple to the Lord. Only faithful Church members ages 8 and older are allowed to attend the dedication meetings. In these meetings, prayers are offered, instructional addresses are given, and hymns are sung in celebration of the new temple.

Regular Temple Operation

Bishop interview for temple recommend

After being dedicated, temples are open for use by Church members Monday through Saturday. In order to enter the temple, Church members must (1) be at least 12 years of age, (2) be a member for at least one year, and (3) have a current temple recommend. To obtain a recommend, a Church member has a special interview with his or her bishop or branch president and stake or district president before going to the temple. These Church leaders will ask questions to determine if the member has a testimony of the Church, keeps the commandments, supports Church leaders, obeys the Word of Wisdom, pays tithing, and is honest.

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