General Conference

Social media gives us a way to share simple
messages of goodness and truth.

Your voice, your life
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Here’s what sharing your goodness this conference might look like.



Kids are a mess. House is a mess. Hair is a mess. Life is good.

#Happy≠Perfect #ShareGoodness



This little boy reminds me that there is definitely a bigger plan.

#PlanOfHappiness #LDSconf



Puedo hacer más para mis hermanos. Lo haré.

#HazLoQuePuedas #ElderHolland



Same is a bore. Different is delightful.

#LoveOneAnother #LDSconf #OneTribeYall



​Perfect day with our perfectly imperfect family.

#LDSconf #ShareGoodness

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Questions to Get You Thinking

What simple truths meant the most to you at conference?

What did you hear that inspired you to do more good?

What happy moments did you have during a hard day?

Some Ideas to Get You Started

I will be more positive and actually look for more goodness around me and in me.

#AttitudeOfGratitude #SeekAndShareGoodness #ChangeIsPossibleWithChrist

I resolve to do all the dishes at least 3 times a week and act more as an equal partner and less like a “lead” partner.

#ICanDoBetter #BeBetterHusbandGoal #ChangeIsPossible #ShareGoodness

I resolve to be way less grumpy when I get home from work. I can do it.

#HappierDad #ChangeIsPossible #ShareGoodness

2015. I am going to start small, write my goals down, and check on them weekly.

#WeeklyApptWithMe #WishMeLuck? #ChangeIsPossible #ShareGoodness

Common Questions

How do I start a conversation?
The best way to start a conversation is to leave something to talk about. Being preachy or making bold statements of “your truth” leaves little room for discussion. Share a “little bit” of your authentic, real light, and then live your life in a like manner. Everyone has hardships, but showing how simple truths can help you be happier is what #ShareGoodness is all about. Those who know you may inquire about the different tone of your posts. They will see your light and may eventually ask about your posts. Let them come to you, attracted by your light and your life.
How often should I post?
Sharing a raindrop of goodness does not mean you personally need to flood the earth. Your raindrop of shared goodness combined with everyone else’s will create that flood. You should never try to be that flood by yourself through massive amounts of communication. You will be exhausted and others will be annoyed. Better to be a welcome bit of sunshine than a blazing desert furnace.
How is communicating on social media different?
Social media is not a place you want to be perceived as being preachy or trying to “sell” something. It is like being inside someone’s personal space or home. If you annoy them or make them uncomfortable, they will remove you. They are more likely to be open to authentic, genuine thoughts and inspiration. Try to communicate in real, simple, and short ways. A picture with a word or two or a #(hashtag) can be enough. Think before you post. Part of this idea is to change the existing conversation out there into a more positive conversation. Show your goodness as you share your goodness, while being respectful of those you know well and those you don’t. The Golden Rule works well with social media too.
How can I use social media to share goodness?
Every time you post simple, genuine messages and links, you help lift and strengthen those who see them. Counter negative posts with positive ones. If a friend is down, say something to cheer them up. Post links to articles and videos that reflect your values. Highlight the good in every situation. Speak from the heart. Be yourself.
What if I don't know how to use social media?
Social media is user-friendly. Go to the Media Library or visit the web pages of the major social media sites to learn more.
How can social media help me serve in my calling?
Learn how to use social media as a tool in Church callings by clicking here.
Where can I find the rest of Elder Bednar's talk?
Read, download, watch, or listen to the full version of the talk here.
What should I do if someone criticizes my post?
If someone makes a negative comment on something you’ve posted, take time to think before you act. Remember that everyone is in a different situation and has a different viewpoint. Be respectful, kind, and patient. Often, the best reaction is no reaction at all.
Where can I find the social media examples that Elder Bednar used in his talk?
Meet the Mormons movie trailer
Because of Him
I Pray When...
Book of Mormon 365 Instagram
Where can I find more ideas for using social media?
Click here for more suggestions, ideas, and tips. 
Where can I find shareable Church content?
We have so much goodness to share. Click here for uplifting media you can share with your social media network.

Go Post with #ShareGoodness

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