Shopping for New Scriptures or Hymnbooks? Some Styles Limited to Stock on Hand

Contributed By Aubrey Eyre and Camille West, Church News staff writers

  • 19 December 2019

“These styles of scriptures and hymnbooks will be available only as long as current supplies last.” —Brent Meisinger, a scriptures product manager

If you’re planning to purchase new scriptures or pocket hymnbooks soon, you may want to act quickly, because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is no longer producing certain styles of aesthetic bindings as of December 15.

“One of the purposes for this reduction is a movement towards more equity across languages,” said Kelly Gibson, a scriptures product manager. “Most languages have three or four options for their printed scriptures.”

Fourteen styles will be reduced in the English translations, which will also result in reducing six of the same styles in Spanish and one style in Portuguese, Japanese, and Korean.

The styles being reduced include compact sizes across all languages in which they are available, snap-closure covers, and both brown and burgundy color options. (Military pocket-size products will remain available.) Leather brown and burgundy pocket hymnbooks are also being discontinued.

“These styles of scriptures and hymnbooks will be available only as long as current supplies last,” said Brent Meisinger, a scriptures product manager.

The reduction is part of ongoing efforts by the Church to simplify and improve websites, mobile applications, scripture products, curricula, and other materials for members, allowing them to focus on the core purposes of the gospel in their personal and family study.

Various scripture and hymnbook products may be ordered through the Online Store or purchased at Church distribution locations.