President Nelson to Visit to Southeast Asia in November

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    • 8 October 2019

    President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, will visit Southeast Asia from November 15–22, 2019. They will be accompanied by Elder D. Todd Christofferson and his wife, Sister Katherine Christofferson.

    President Russell M. Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson—along with Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Katherine—will travel to Asia in mid-November as the prophet continues his worldwide ministry. These global faith leaders will visit four countries in seven days, with trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and Indonesia, from November 15 to November 22.

    In the countries to be visited, there are approximately 30,000 Latter-day Saints, four missions and one recently announced temple in Cambodia.

    President Nelson and Elder Christofferson will speak at member meetings with Latter-day Saints and friends of the faith. They will also meet with government and religious leaders of these countries.

    This will be the first visit to Vietnam and Cambodia by a Church president in more than 20 years. President Gordon B. Hinckley visited Vietnam and Cambodia in 1996, and Singapore and Indonesia in 2000. No other president of the Church has visited these countries.

    President Nelson visited Singapore and Indonesia as an apostle in February 2010. His return in November will mark celebrations of the Church’s 50th anniversaries in these countries.

    Sunday, November 17–Monday, November 18

    Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    President Nelson is scheduled to meet with Latter-day Saints in an evening devotional in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, Sunday, November 17, following a VIP reception. On Monday, November 18, a VIP reception and devotional will be held in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is a country where presence of the Church is relatively new and growing.

    Tuesday, November 19

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    President Nelson will travel to Cambodia to hold an evening devotional. The event will be transmitted for live viewing by all congregations in Cambodia.

    In Cambodia, there are about 15,000 Latter-day Saints in 29 congregations and one mission. The Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple was announced by President Nelson in October 2018 during general conference.

    Wednesday, November 20


    President and Sister Nelson, along with Elder and Sister Christofferson, will travel to Singapore for a member meeting in the evening. The meeting will be translated and transmitted for live viewing by all congregations in Malaysia. About 14,000 members of the Church, in 43 congregations, reside in Singapore and Malaysia. The Church is celebrating 50 years in Singapore this year.

    Thursday, November 21

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    The final stop on the Asia ministry is Jakarta, Indonesia, where the senior Church leaders will host a reception and speak at a devotional that will be transmitted for live viewing by all congregations in the country.

    About 7,500 Latter-day Saints, in 24 congregations, live in Indonesia, and there is one mission. The Church is celebrating 50 years in Indonesia this year.