New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in September 2016

  • 30 September 2016

The following new and reorganized stakes have been announced:

New stakes

Ten new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Apucarana Brazil District. The Apucarana Brazil Stake, which consists of the Alvorada, Apucarana, and Eldorado Branches and the América and Sarandi Wards, was created by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Osvaldo R. Dias, an Area Seventy.

APUCARANA BRAZIL STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Cleber Turim Alves, 30, salesman, Bonfim Paints; wife, Naiara Cristina Iensen. Counselors—Claudinei Geraldo, 34, software developer and coordinator; wife, Reni Mendes dos Santos Geraldo. Deivid Luciano Mota, 35, self-employed; wife, Sandra de Oliveira Mariano.

A new stake has been created from the Satelite Honduras and the San Pedro Sula Honduras Stakes. The El Carmen Honduras Stake, which consists of the San Juan Branch and the Calpules, El Carmen, La Aldea, Las Lomas, and Ocotillo Wards, was created by Elder José L. Alonso, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jared R. Ocampo, an Area Seventy.

EL CARMEN HONDURAS STAKE (June 26, 2016): President—Marvin Ivan Palomo Marmol, 36, self-employed; wife, Basilia Inestroza Garcia. Counselors—Miller Euceda Orellana, 45, sales adviser; wife, Yadira del Socorro Zamora Gómez. Noel David Valladares Alvarado, 40, self-employed; wife, Denia Suyapa Alvarenga Cardona.

A new stake has been created from the Mapleton Utah North, Mapleton Utah, Spanish Fork Utah Canyon View, and Spanish Fork Utah Maple Mountain Stakes. The Mapleton Utah West Stake, which consists of the Legacy Farms, Maple Highlands, Mapleton 10th, Mapleton 12th, Mapleton 17th, Mapleton 19th, Mapleton 22nd, and Spanish Highlands 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Douglas L. Dance.

MAPLETON UTAH WEST STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Kelend Ivan Mills, 50, director of training, Missionary Department; wife, Katherine Goates Mills. Counselors—David Clark Funk, 45, administrator, Plum Healthcare Group; wife, Rebecca Lambert Funk. Joseph Nemelka, 47, president/COO, MVSC; wife, Christy Leigh Warren Nemelka.

A new stake has been created from the Mesa Arizona Kimball East and the Mesa Arizona Skyline Stakes. The Mesa Arizona Clearview Stake, which consists of the Baywood, Brimhall, Century Gardens, Desert Vista, Ellsworth, and Hampton Wards, was created by Elder Kim B. Clark, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder C. Dale Willis Jr., an Area Seventy.

MESA ARIZONA CLEARVIEW STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Merrill David Kennedy, 41, labor estimator, Boeing; wife, Jackie Suzanne Flowers Kennedy. Counselors—David King Udall, 55, superior court judge; wife, Susan Whetten Udall. Silas Treck Norton, 50, self-employed; wife, Tami Goodman Norton.

A new stake has been created from the Takoradi Ghana Stake. The Mpinstin Ghana Stake, which consists of the Daboase, Eshiem, Essipon, and Shama Branches and the Kojokrom, Mpinstin 1st, Mpinstin 2nd, Nketsiakrom, and Sofokrom Wards, was created by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles; Elder Terence M. Vinson, a General Authority Seventy; and Elder Matthew Thomas Ben Davis, an Area Seventy.

MPINTSIN GHANA STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Peter Tetteh Dzikpe, 51, manager; wife, Pervi Esi Edwards Dzikpe. Counselors—Richard Lawrence Osei, 56, assistant director, Ghana Education Service; wife, Ocran Janet Amissah. John Panyin Bissue, 40, chief executive officer, Reamen Const. Comp; wife, Esther Adams Bissue.

A new stake has been created from the Hartford Connecticut, New Haven Connecticut, and Providence Rhode Island Stakes. The New London Connecticut Stake, which consists of the Quaker Hill and Westerly Branches and the Ashford, Cromwell, Groton, Madison, Norwich, and Waterford Stakes, was created by Elder Anthony D. Perkins, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Grant C. Bennett, an Area Seventy.

NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Richard Scott Hutchins, 49, senior director of pharmaceutical sciences, Pfizer; wife, Kelly Diane Schrum Hutchins. Counselors—Kevin Manning Bell, 54, engineer; wife, Terry Christensen Bell. Mark Anthony Malcarne, 52, sales, Tremco Inc.; wife, Cathleen O’Gwin Malcarne.

A new stake has been created from the Onitsha Nigeria District. The Onitsha Nigeria Stake, which consists of the Awka 1st, Awka 2nd, Inland, Obosi 1st, Obosi 2nd, Odekpe, Okpuno, Omogba, and Onitsha Branches, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Declan O. Madu, an Area Seventy.

ONITSHA NIGERIA STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Peter Chukwukadibia Ezeigwe, 42, managing director, Eurew Construction; wife, Peace Chinenye Okoh Ezeigwe. Counselors—Johnny Nebolisa Nzegwu, 45, computer instructor, Nephi Computers; wife, Kate Onyema Njaka Nzegwu. Chibuike Godspower Onwukaeze, 52, director, Chribros Engineering Company; wife, Salome Wloma Nweze Onwukaeze.

A new stake has been created from the Reno Nevada North and the Sparks Nevada Stakes. The Sparks Nevada West Stake, which consists of Vista Branch and the Eagle Canyon, El Rancho, Highland, Marina, Royal Heights, Sun Valley, and Vintage Hills Wards, was created by Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Evan A. Schmutz, a General Authority Seventy.

SPARKS NEVADA WEST STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Martin Lyel Mueller, 51, director of technology, Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority; wife, Jane Elaine Thatcher Mueller. Counselors—Clinton Brooks Robinson, 40, account manager, UPS; wife, Angela Noel Abbott Robinson. Alberto G. Jimenez, 54, IT project manager, State of Nevada; wife, Lulu M. Cruz Jimenez.

A new stake has been created from the Spokane Washington, Spokane Washington North, and Spokane Washington Valley Stakes. The Spokane Washington Mount Spokane Stake, which consists of the Friendship Park Branch and the Beacon Hill, Foothills, Greenbluff, Shiloh Hills, and West Valley Wards, was created by Elder Von G. Keetch, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Marc C. Davis, an Area Seventy.

SPOKANE WASHINGTON MOUNT SPOKANE STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Jed David McKinlay, 55, self-employed; wife, Deborah G. McKinlay. Counselors—Matthew Morrison Borders, 36, financial adviser; wife, Rachel Susan Vermillion Borders. Darin Wayne Christensen, 47, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Inland Northwest; wife, Jennifer Mary Shawen Christensen.

A new stake has been created from the Mahina Tahiti and the Papeari Tahiti Stakes. The Taravoa Tahiti Stake, which consists of the Hitiaa, Taravao 1st, Taravao 2nd, Tautira, Toahotu, and Vairao Wards, was created by Elder O. Vincent Haleck, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Benjamin T. Sinjoux, an Area Seventy.

TARAVAO TAHITI STAKE (July 17, 2016): President—Rupe Parker, 37, Govt Housing Dept; wife, Christina Hotutea Parker. Counselors—Henry Marere Perry, 44, community library manager; wife, Beatrice Moe Perry. Nicholas Tefaarere Temahuki Maihota, 49, logistics manager; wife, Francesca Mere Maihota.

Reorganized stakes

GREAT FALLS MONTANA STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Richard Boyd Swensen, 59, CPA; succeeding Mark J. Lies; wife, Sarah Christine Smith Swensen. Counselors—Michael Jay Banks, 42, area sales manager, Rocky Mountain Bank; wife, Stephanie Suzanne Limb Banks. Stephen Lee Rowley, 57, vice president, Rowley Trucking; wife, Terri Lee Rasmussen Rowley.

LIMA PERU COMAS STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Virgilio Romani Barrientos, 44, attorney; succeeding David J. Soto Espinoza; wife, Sara Isabel Astete Llanos. Counselors—Jorge Antonio Espinoza Echenique, 48, clinical lab assistant; wife, Yrma Condori Ticacala. Luis Alberto Flores León, 45, CPA; wife, Rosa Jackeline Ángulo Chávez.

NAUSORI FIJI STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Lote Kama Qoroya, 38, facilities manager, LDS Church; succeeding Alipate Tagidugu; wife, Venina Ucunibaravi. Counselors—Ernest Bastian Vitinavulagi, 71, teacher; wife, Timaima Reveni Vavaloa Vitinavulagi. Richard Ravinesh Gounder, 36, lawyer; wife, Ana Nawaqa Vavaloa Gounder.

PASADENA CALIFORNIA STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Patrick Thierry Perkins, 51, vice president/senior I.P. counsel, Warner Bros.; succeeding Ronald K. Nelson; wife, Luise Michelle Tanner Perkins. Counselors—Marc Jeffrey Goettel, 60, acting CFO, Jet Propulsion Lab; wife, LeAnn Wright Goettel. John-Thomas C Ngo, 51, chief scientist, Lumin.AI; wife, Erika Matkin Ngo.

PORTLAND OREGON STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Kevin Grant Dickey, 45, managing director, Iberdrola; succeeding Bryce R. Anderson; wife, Stephanie Ranae Stringer Dickey. Counselors—Robert Virgil Ellison, 55, principal consultant, Linea Solutions; wife, Jillane Faye Snyder Ellison. Jeffrey Clyde Kersten, 41, director, Lam Research; wife, Chelsea Rae Stuart Kersten.

PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Walter Vlademar Rehon Jr., 57, CFO, Laser Star Technologies; succeeding Richard S. Hutchins; wife, Shauna Kam Lan Au-Yeung Rehon. Counselors—Kelly MacArthur Coates, 57, senior vice president, Carpionato Group; wife, Jennifer Matthiessen Bell Coates. Matthew Aaron Davidson, 49, woodturner; wife, Janet Loise Botelno Davidson.

COALVILLE UTAH STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Jeffrey Vern Young, 49, manager, Ensign Ranches of Utah; succeeding Kenneth G. Stephens; wife, Kathern Barton Young. Counselors—Don Crittenden Donaldson, 54, vice president, Clean Energy; wife, Frankie J. Chappell Donaldson. Preston Critchfield Tholen, 53, self-employed; wife, Calee Dee Goddard Tholen.

GILBERT ARIZONA STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Bradley Allen Tinker, 51, self-employed; succeeding Kevin M. Ballard; wife, Marnie Lynn VanderBeek Tinker. Counselors—John Troy Johnson, 50, manager, Avnet; wife, Shelley Ann Gale Johnson. Albert Stephen Farnsworth, 60, general counsel; wife, Tami Nan Tew Farnsworth.

BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Eric John Bascom, 36, self-employed; succeeding Val D. Riggs; wife, Amy Elizabeth Richardson Bascom. Counselors—Deric Anthony Masten, 49, corporate materials and corrosion engineer; wife, Andrea Lee Masten. Seth Bernard Richardson, 37, financial adviser; wife, Courtney Gae Carlson Richardson.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA TUNJUELITO STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Marco Aurelio Montenegro Sanzate, 36, resident engineer, G-Vial; succeeding Tito L. Chavarro Ardila; wife, Johanna Marinez Prieto. Counselors—Edwin Alberto Serpa Plata, 46, independent contractor; wife, Flor de Maria Mongollón. Luis Alberto Gutiérrez Rina, 29, financial analyst; wife, Ruby Andrea Romero Rincón.

GLENDIVE MONTANA STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Jerry L. Parker, 57, manager, Bakken Beds; succeeding Brig S. Skoy; wife, Cyndee May Ward Parker. Counselors—Kevin Allen Ross, 42, physician; wife, Tiffany Price Ross. Charles Arthur Phipps, 51, transportation director, Glendive Public Schools; wife, Mary Ann Reynolds Phipps.

LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Kimberly Clayton Hakes, 67, retired; succeeding Jay H. Robb; wife, Melisa Diane McCuistion. Counselors—Robert Tipton Curnutt, 43, director of staff resource management; Cognosante; wife, Kristin Anne Taylor. David I. Knapp, 57, research meteorologist; wife, Elizabeth Renee Sapp Knapp.

LIMA PERU SAN MARTIN STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Mauro Filomeno Andrade Farfan, 51, textile area manager; succeeding Ricardo Saldaña Mendoza; wife, Beatriz Quinte Rojas. Counselors—Felix Marcial Lloaalla Rendondez, 47, civil-technical construction worker; wife, Marilu Candelaria Flores Castilla.Bernardo Reynaldo Espejo Pocomino, 51, technical adviser, Biocon; wife, Norma Tito.

LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Jared Adam Dixon, 35, physician; succeeding Michael V. Beheshti; wife, Emberlee Ann Ferguson Dixon. Counselors—Douglas Dwight Smith, 54, owner, Apex Machining; wife, Tracy LaVon Brady Smith. Kimball Alan Palmer, 57, self-employed; wife, Brenda Lee Davis Palmer.

MEXICO CITY ANAHUAC STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Luis Fernando Huezo Lopez, 35, construction manager; succeeding Ismael Cifuentes Rodriguez; wife, Karrla Daniela Perez Mendoza. Counselors—Marcelo Vazquez Maldonado, 38, merchant; wife, Leticia Martinez Medina. Daniel Granados Gutierrez, 48, toy manufacturer; wife, Angelica Maria Perez Garcia.

MOSES LAKE WASHINGTON STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Michael Ryan Tolley, 47, family medicine physician; succeeding Reid T. Baker; wife, Yvonne Monique Eagar Tolley. Counselors—Mitchell Jay Heaps, 41, attorney; wife, Melissa Krogh Heaps. Eric Edward Stones, 56, seminaries and institutes director, LDS Church; wife, Cindy Lou Kirby Stones.

AMECAMECA MEXICO STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Ezequiel Genaro Quinto Martinez, 35, administration, Autobuses de Amecameca; succeeding Efren Gomez Rivera; wife, Vianey Hernandez Martinez. Counselors—Rogelio Rivera Conde, 41, construction worker; wife, Agustina Zoco Macario. Lucas Alvaro Martinez Tamariz, 60, management; wife, Natalia Pineda Tomaz.

BANGOR MAINE STAKE (July 31, 2016): President—Hans Samuel Peterson, 47, partner, Rudman Winchell Law Firm; succeeding Hazen E. Martin; wife, Andrea Jo Haggerty Peterson. Counselors—David Wallace Jackson Jr., 57, executive director, state board of licensure for professional engineers; wife, Susan Erminnie Hardwicke Jackson. Christopher Glen Kilgour, 48, CEO, C&L Aerospace; wife, Kym Margaret Johnson Kilgour.

CADIZ PHILIPPINES STAKE (July 17, 2016): President—Ricardo Portilla Sombilla Jr., 49, laboratory technician; succeeding Eugene M. Amarante; wife, Villaruel Besa Sombilla Jesusa. Counselors—Eric Mercado Guillermo, 41, jail officer; wife, Doris Mae Alarcon Manzon Guillermo. Doloyas Sipe Renato, 49, privet; wife, Roselyn Bones Solera Sipe.

CALI COLOMBIA SAN FERNANDO STAKE (July 17, 2016): President—Harold Truque Guerrero, 50, attorney; succeeding Mauricio E. Camacho; wife, Adriana María Mosquera Daraviña. Counselors—Ángel Joaquín Chacón Riascos, 53, teacher; wife, Ana Patricia Revuelo Viveros. Remy Calero Bonilla, 30, cofounder/manager, 3LIM2000 SAS; wife, Lina Marcela Martínez López.

COEUR DALENE IDAHO STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Tyler Scofield Morton, 38, office manager, Access Endo; succeeding J. Aaron Nicholes; wife, Mikin Lee Gatten Morton. Counselors—Bradley Scott Moss, 36, director, Remote Odysseys Worldwide; wife, Jeanne Sharee Demars Moss. Benjamin Nephi Gaby, 37, chief operative officer, Heritage Health; wife, Jessica Shirley Eames Gaby.

IDAHO FALLS SOUTH STAKE (August 7, 2016): President—John Jacob Strobel, 54, radiologist; succeeding Robert J. Meek; wife, Jan Tucker Strobel. Counselors—Bradley Jackson Backman, 56, dental business advisor; wife, Suanne Lossee Backman. Todd Robert Erikson, 52, attorney; wife, Kathryn Raybould Erikson.

MANTA ECUADOR STAKE (July 3, 2016): President—Christian Leonardo Alonzo Indarte, 27, secondary school teacher; succeeding Franklin O. Romero Echeverria; wife, Rose Estefania Mero Landa Alonzo. Counselors—Rodolfo Rod Rodriguez Palandines, 42, tennis instructor; wife, Mercedes Catalina Zambrano Parraga. Pedro José Morales Morales, 48, dental lab technician; wife, Ana Rosa Martinez Figueroa.

MEXICO CITY INDUSTRIAL STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Christian Moctezuma Meza, 38, gynecologist/oncologist; succeeding Alfredo A. Vargas Hernandez; wife, Sara Noemi Paz Rodriguez. Counselors—Carlos Alberto Ramirez Obregon, 43, comptroller, Walmart; wife, Alma Laura Paniasoia Diaz. Caleb Salvador Aguirre Soto, 36, director of trade, Veagn Corp; wife, Miriam Ortiz Cruz.

PENASQUITOS CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Todd Peterson Clyde, 48, COO, HME; succeeding Kenneth A. Ellsworth; wife, Christine Lee Brown Clyde. Counselors—Del Richardson Stapley, 55, business development manager, Ferguson; wife, Shelley Lynne Westover Stapley. Christopher Joseph Bahr, 48, patent attorney/engineer, Qualcomm; wife, Cassandra Flores Bahr.

PUNAAUIA TAHITI STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Steeve Raiarii Tchan, 45, satellite broadcast manager; succeeding Ahyn C. Nauta; wife, Patricia Temataua. Counselors—Glenn Brodien, 42, employee, SAT NVI Transit; wife, Kathy Hana Brodien. Michel Teurua, 43, freight manager, LDS Center; wife, Muriel Maeva Teurua.

REXBURG IDAHO MARRIED STUDENT 3RD STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Lorry Jay Pitcher, 61, team leader, Rabo Agrifinance; succeeding Michael M. Packer; wife, Patricia Lynn Cahoon Pitcher. Counselors—Kelly J Bennion, 55, owner, Challenger Pallet; wife, Debra D. Hegsted Bennion. Eric Elmer Barton, 56, physician; wife, Terri Joyce Lynn Barton.

SALT LAKE MONUMENT PARK STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Jeffrey Keeler Wetzel, 57, self-employed; succeeding Douglas E. Grant; wife, Marian Adelaide Warner Wetzel. Counselors—William Bennion McKean, 58, attorney; wife, Diane Bartholomew. Jonathan Winget Richards, 58, shareholder/owner, Workman Nydegger; wife, Jennifer Davidson Richards.