New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in October 2016

  • 10 November 2016

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Chiayi Taiwan District. The Chiayi Taiwan Stake, which consists of the Huwei and the Taipo Branches and the Chiayi 1st, Chiayi 2nd, Hsinying, Minhsiung, and Touliu Wards, was created by Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Zeno Chow, an Area Seventy.

CHIAYI TAIWAN STAKE (June 26, 2016): President—Hsien Tsung Hsiao, 53, Cheng Xing Company; wife, Ming Hui Tsai. Counselors—Liang Ming Chung, 56, PM, Fu Mao Company; wife, Huang Mei Miao Liang. Huang Chih Hsien, 51, laundry shop; wife, Mei Ngo Chen.

A new stake has been created from the Meridian Idaho North and the Meridian Idaho Paramount Stakes. The Meridian Idaho Lender Stake, which consists of the Ashbury, Crosby Park, Kingsley Park, Lochsa Falls, Paramount, Silverleaf, and Verona Wards, was created by Elder Enrique R. Falabella, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jeffrey D. Erekson, an Area Seventy.

MERIDIAN IDAHO LINDER STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Tonn Kimball Petersen, 40, attorney; wife, Jami Lee Peterson. Counselors—Joseph Michael Piscione, 50, partner, Helmstar Group; wife, Emily Belnap Piscione. John Douglas Wheeler, 43, partner/CPA, Olsen Wheeler CPAs; wife, Tiffany Nichole Snowder Wheeler.

A new stake has been created from the Phoenix Arizona and Phoenix Arizona West Maricopa Stakes. The Phoenix Arizona South Mountain Stake, which consists of the Gila River, Laveen, Montana Del Sur, South Mountain, Trailside, and Vineyard Wards, was created by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Leonard D. Greer, an Area Seventy.

PHOENIX ARIZONA SOUTH MOUNTAIN STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Jeffrey Kay Porter, 39, quality director, Berry Plastics; wife, Rebecca Taylor Porter. Counselors—Richard Bret Gadberry, 51, senior manager, Honeywell Aerospace; wife, Angela Jo Shaw Gadberry. Andrew Kelly Hoyt, 37, broker/owner, Turf Reality; wife, Stacy Frances King Hoyt.

A new stake has been created from the Queen Creek Arizona North and Queen Creek Arizona West Stakes. The San Tan Valley Arizona North Stake, which consists of the Cambria, Ironwood Crossing 1st, Ironwood Crossing 2nd, Ironwood Crossing 3rd, Ironwood Crossing, and Vineyard Wards, was created by Elder James J. Hamula, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA NORTH STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Ronald Dean Arnson, 53, restaurant owner; succeeding Alyn M. McClure; wife, Michelle Marie Momary Arnson. Counselors—Richard William Andreasen, 49, doctor; wife, Lisa Karene Diehl Andreasen. Brian Todd Higginson, 51, general manager, Allied Wheels Components; wife, Becky Oram Higginson.

A new stake has been created from the São Luís Brazil Stake. The São Luís Brazil East Stake, which consists of the Cidade Operária, Cohatrac, Jardim Tropical, Maiobão, and Pioneiros Wards, was created by Elder W. Mark Bassett, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Aroldo Cavalcante, an Area Seventy.

SÃO LUÍS BRAZIL EAST STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—João Carlos Martins, 57, technician in educational subjects, IFMA; wife, Neilza Ribeiro Borges. Counselors—Jean Ricardo Buás Soares, 37, ship inspector; wife, Joselia Medes da Rocha. Claudiney Costa Correia, 42, maintenance supervisor, Sonic; wife, Maria Pedrolina Barbosa Correia.

A new stake has been created from the Fredericksburg Virginia Stake. The Stafford Virginia Stake, which consists of the Stafford Branch (Spanish) and the Accokeek, Aquia, Garrisonville, Hartwood, King George, Rock Hill, and White Oak Wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Kevin E. Calderwood, an Area Seventy.

FREDERICKSBURG VIRGINIA STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—John Nathan Genho, 37, geneticist; succeeding D. Michael Kitchens; wife, Kaye Lynn Donovan Genho. Counselors—Mark Stephen Hebertson, 57, endodontist; wife, Nicole Luke Hebertson. Eric Ronald Sharp, 49, sales director, Aclara; wife, Ira Lou Arbogast Sharp.

Reorganized stakes

AUCKLAND NEW ZEALAND HENDERSON STAKE (September 4, 2016): President—Aaron Terence Wi Repa, 43, S&I area director, LDS Church; succeeding Mark S. Brunto; wife, Adele Rangi Wirihana Wi Repa. Counselors—Nathan Reece Joseph, 47, general practitioner, Kumela Village Medical Centre; wife, Stephaine Eileen Jones Joseph. Phillip Thomas Parkie Skeen, 41, S&I coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Tanisha Nicole Straws Skeen.

DOVER DELAWARE STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Christopher Frank Smith, 62, recreation manager, U.S. Air Force; succeeding Howard B. Long; wife, Regina Ann Forsythe Smith. Counselors—Robert William Webster, 47, dentist; wife, Stacey Bren Robinson Webster. Darrin Edward Gordan, 51, general manager, Lewis Board of Public Works; wife, Marcie Udall Gordon.

ESCONDIDO CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Robert Todd McMaster, 50, dentist; succeeding David F. Wilkinson; wife, Deon Dow McMaster. Counselors—John Demeron Skouson, 57, program manager, Northop Grumman; wife, Memri Rochelle Heywood Skouson. Michael Keith Morasco, 61, physical therapist; wife, Pamela Marler Morasco.

FALLON NEVADA SOUTH STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Aaron John Sorensen, 42, manager, Cottonwood Dairy; succeeding W. Arundell Williams; wife, Kimberly Garner Sorensen. Counselors—William Bruce Lewis, 54, dairy farmer; wife, Barbara Dean Stark Lewis. Troy M. Smith, 46, funeral director; wife, Melodee Elaine Amdal Smith.

IONA IDAHO STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Bradley Scott Bateman, 36, chief executive officer, Dome Technology; succeeding Brad C. Norby; wife, Michelle Lynn Hyde Bateman; Counselors—Kory Dwight Bingham, 46, pediatric dentist; wife, Collette Ogzewalla Bingham. Robert Del Bodily, 56, media services manager, Eastern Idaho Technical College; wife, Renee Davies Bodily.

LACEY WASHINGTON STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Shane Wilson Esquibel, 41, chief deputy attorney general; succeeding Eric P. Coppin; wife, Ann Anderson Esquibel. Counselors—Dale Anthony Ostler, 56, audiologist, U.S. Army; wife, Julie Ann Brockman Ostler. Carter James Hyatt, 47, vocational counselor; wife, Marjorie Ellen Black Hyatt.

LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Michael Ray Durham, 60, chief financial officer, Majestic Reality Co.; succeeding Victory C. Thompson; wife, Vicky Lynn Brooks. Counselors—Donald Gilbert Presley, 65, retired; wife, Lynda Jean Pehrson Presley. Sione Siuai Laufou, 51, physician billing support associate, Cedars Sinai; wife, Taumaoe Fetu Tuimaseve Satupaitea.

MCKINNEY TEXAS STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Tod Kent Richardson, 52, assistant vice president—tax, Torchmark Corporation; succeeding Meredith H. Packard; wife, Cynthia Marie Thrap Richardson. Counselors—Damob Kalani Nahoolewa, 54, alliance director, Level 3; wife, Teri Triptow Nahoolewa. Ellsworth Wayne McLaws Jr., 36, sales representative, Wound Care Specialists; wife, Brooke Elaine Jarman McLaws.

ORANGE TEXAS STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Daniel Lee Harris, 44, owner, Coastal Pain Care; succeeding Rendell B. Newton; wife, Patrice Long Harris. Counselors—William Arthur Fawcett V, 49, professional pharmaceutical sales, Novo Nordisk, Inc.; wife, Cherise Nicole Briggs Fawcett. Aaron Bryce Young, 44, landscaper; wife, Lynetta Joan Barnett Young.

PAGE ARIZONA STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—James Michael Skaggs, 55, account manager, Hillyard Floor Care; succeeding Mack D. McAllister; wife, Brend Kae Heaton Skaggs. Counselors—Thomas Bryant, 59, superintendent, Cholla Managing Group; wife, Marilyn Ann Secody. Charles James Cocker, 50, director of operations/pilot, Classic Aviation; wife, Michelle H. Harris Cocker.

PHOENIX ARIZONA STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Steven Howard Johnston, 57, owner, Johnston Financial; succeeding Jeffrey K. Porter; wife, Becky Sue Tober Johnston. Counselors—Steven Paul Collins, 45, vice president of equipment maintenance, Knight Transportation; wife, Wendy Michelle Forsberg Collins. Andrew Lavritz Morris Brown, 44, manager—pharmacy IT, Dignity Health; wife, Glory Veronica Miller Brown.

POWAY CALIFORNIA STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Robert Hal Walton, 54, vice president of packaging, Liberty Diversified International; succeeding Todd P. Clyde; wife, Staci Lynne Harward Walton. Counselors—H. Troy Romero, 52, attorney/president, Romero Park P.S.; wife, Kimberly Jean Wirrick Romero. Gerald Mark Mendenhall, 46, real estate agent; wife, Laura Johnson Mendenhall.

PRICE UTAH NORTH STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Curtis Mark Page, 44, Carbon County engineer, succeeding Larry G. Jensen; wife, Rhondalyn Palmer Page. Counselors—Bradley Jay Crompton, 47, wildlife biologist; wife, Gina Rae Honey Crompton. Tyler Jeff Atwood, 39, CFO, Tony Basso Group of Companies; wife, Hayley Bird Atwood.

REDMOND OREGON STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Mitchell Don Wilcox, 49, owner, Fast Patch Drywall; succeeding H. Derek Palmer; wife, Leah Gaye Wilson Wilcox. Counselors—Christopher Stephen Earnest, 36, director of finance, Northview Hotel Group; wife, Julie Amadori Earnest. Robert Carl Cox, 49, owner, Prineville Body & Paint; wife, Suzanna Lee Nelson Cox.

SALT LAKE MILLCREEK STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Ammon Hyrum Harris, 45, designer, LDS Church; succeeding Gregory D. Marchant; wife, Petra Höffler Harris. Counselors—Zerin Dixon Brewler, 38, dev ops lead, Navitaire; wife, Jillyn Dalton. Brian Lee Nessen, 43, director of operations, Vanguard Cleaning Systems; wife, Eunice Macias Nessen.

SAN TAN VALLEY ARIZONA NORTH STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Edward Ole Nevitt II, 61, manager, LDS Church farm; wife, Brenda Lee Blau Nevitt. Counselors—Sheldon Lee Loar, 53, management training, Emerge Leadership Group; wife, Sherry Lynn Phillips Loar. Theron Dale Lovell, 50, accounting consultant, Silverware, Inc.; wife, Kimberly Blake Reeder Lovell.

SÃO LUÍS BRAZIL STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Marcos Aurélio Silva, 46, superintendent, State Secretarieat of Education; succeeding Paulo César Soares Saldanha; wife, Edilene Maria Barros Silva. Counselors—Marcos Serpa Leite, 46, military firefighter; wife, Meire Diana Silva de Mesquita. José Orlanda da Silva Moura, 50, mechanic; wife, Vera Lúcia Barros Gomes.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL CAMPO LIMPO STAKE (June 26, 2016): President—Thiago de Souza Ponder, 31, facilities manager, LDS Church; succeeding Jorge de Castro Alves; wife, Romissinaia Artemis Rezende Ponder. Counselors—Valdir Gomes Soares, 47, self-employed; wife, Maria Evaneida Almeida Duarte. Maurício Miguel da Silva, 37, sales coordinator; wife, Emmanoelle Patriota Miguel da Silva.

SÃO PAULO BRAZIL MOGI DAS CRUZES STAKE (June 5, 2016): President—Thiago Godofredo Reis Lacerda, 33, security supervisor, São Paulo Metro; succeeding Antonio Bernando da Silva; wife, Juliana Moreira. Counselors—José Claudio de Oliveria, 56, painter; wife, Nelva Martins Vegido. Julio Cesar Ramos Albuquerque, 46, administrative manager, BBA Engenharia; wife, Maria José Santos.

SATELITE HONDURAS STAKE (June 26, 2016): President—Carlos Manuel Medina Ardón, 35, self-reliance manager; succeeding Marvin I. Palomo Marmol; wife, María Desire Suazo Medina. Counselors—Eduardo Valerio Arzú, 50, regional manager, Hanes; wife, Nely Wardina Damas. Oscar Enrique Portillo Castro, 48, dealer, Econored Honduras; wife, Silvia Pilar Serrano Hernández.

SETÚBAL PORTUGAL STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Luis Pedro dos Santos Birrento Cordeiro, 45, manager/architect, KolobSado; succeeding José Amaro Carrihlo da Graça; wife, Maria de Fátima Amado Jerónimo Cordeiro. Counselors—Rogério Fernando Almeida, 48, manager, Rogério Almeida Ltda; wife, Carla Alexandra E. A. Barros Almeida. Nouzalter Teixeira Viegas de Abreu, 36, personal trainer; wife, Milene Viegas de Sousa Abreu.

SIMI VALLEY CALIFORNIA STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Scott Benjamin Moberly, 46, vice president/CFO, Ventura Pest Control; succeeding Craig A. Sheranian; wife, Pamela Jane Gray. Counselors—Charles Allen Newberry, 45, chief financial officer and partner, The Suremark Company; wife, Karalee Ann Jessop Newberry. David Irvin Stevens, 60, CEO, Mobil Sense Technologies; wife, Tammi Lynn Woltmon Stevens.

SPARKS NEVADA EAST STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Danny Vic Sommers, 54, senior project manager, Farr West Engineering; succeeding Joseph E. Johnson; wife, Robin Deann Ross Sommers. Counselors—Brent James Roelofs, 43, chiropractic physician; wife, Rebecca Lynn Heilmann Roelofs. Jeffrey Frank Brasher, 44, general manager, KAR/Adessa Auction Group; wife, Angela Turley Brasher.

SOBRAL BRAZIL STAKE (August 14, 2016): President—Ângelo Bruno Lucas De Oliveira, 30, university professor; succeeding Jose Silvestre Guimaraes Coelho; wife, Maria Alcântara Melo Manoela. Counselors—Antonio Filomgno Rodrigues do Nascimento, 50, research assistant, EMBRAPA; wife, Maria Claudemir Nascimento Rodrigues. Marcos Anto Alves Silva, 41, attorney; wife, Ana Karina Vasconcelos Alves.

SPOKANE WASHINGTON VALLEY STAKE (June 19, 2016): President—Geoffrey Garrison Julian, 50, physician; succeeding Brian L. Pitcher; wife, Stacy Patricia Julian. Counselors—Kevin Q. Daines, 45, vice president, Ciena; wife, Heather Blythe Romney Daines. Brett Raymond Larsen, 43, CFO, Key Tronic Corporation; wife, Mary Caroline Gillespie Larsen.

ST. GALLEN SWITZERLAND STAKE (May 29, 2016): President—Christian Bolt, 44, owner, Ars Bolt Gmbh; succeeding Curndin Conrad; wife, Dominique Nachine Krāhenbūhl. Counselors—Thomas Manuel René Ottiker, 40, head of department, Zurich Canton Police; wife, Evylyne Bader Ottiker. Guido Uchtdorf, 46, real estate fund project manager, UBS; wife, Carolyn Barbara Waldner Uchtdorf.

STAFFORD VIRGINIA STAKE (August 21, 2016): President—Bradley Murray Sant, 56, senior vice president of safety and education, American Road & Transportation Builders Association; wife, Denise Stratford. Counselors—Larry Ladd Edwards, 55, program manager, Survice Engineering; wife, Cynthia Paige Edwards. Paul Shon Brodie, 52, head of USMC seabasing, Department of Navy; wife, Theresa Ann Moure Brodie.

TARAWA KIRIBATI EAST STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Banririe Benati Nenebwati, 37, principal, Moroni High School; succeeding Sam N. Maunga; wife, Aotai Benuakai Nenebwati. Counselors—Lefulefu Venu Kelese, 60, supervisor, Moroni High School; wife, Bwebwennang Kelese. Taohai Eiba, 44, manager, Kiribati Police Service; wife, Bcuzereia Tamoa.

TUCUMÁN ARGENTINA STAKE (June 12, 2016): President—Javier Quiroga Diego, 36, seller, Alumino 25 de Mayo; succeeding Juan Jose Artonuccio; wife, Nancy Navarro Valeria. Counselors—Damian Jaime Alberto, 36, traveling salesman; wife, Lucia Briga Jamie Rina. Gerardo José Marranzino, 28, manager, criminal prosecution instructor of the Fifth Branch; wife, Erika Natalia Leal.

VALE DO ITAJAÍ BRAZIL STAKE (June 26, 2016): President—José Rodrigues Jr., 35, industrial mechanic; succeeding Julian Pierre Da Silva; wife, Jossimara Ferreira da Silva. Counselors—Danilo dos Santos Carreira, 51, electronic technician; wife, Rosangela Oliveira dos Santos Carreira. Edson Ilson Gerber, 49, locksmith; wife, Manistena Reis.

VERNAL UTAH STAKE (August 28, 2016): President—Keith Allan Despain, 44, office manager, CRS Engineer; succeeding Gordon A. Seitz; wife, Pamela Ann Turner Despain. Counselors—Paul Milton Searle, 75, self-employed; wife, Nancy Ellen Pierce Searle. David Andrew Bestenlehner, 49, director of pharmacy, Ashley Regional; wife, Tami Beatrice Yorgason Bestenlehner.

YORKTOWN NEW YORK STAKE (June 5, 2016): President—Todd Delton Herget, 47, portfolio manager, Columbia Threadneedle; succeding David W. Checketts; wife, Nancy Bryant Herget. Counselors—Brett Alyn Keller, 48, CEO,; wife, Marcie Moss Keller. David Scott Higbee, 43, senior managing director, GoldPoint Partners; wife, Melinda Giles Higbee.