New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in May 2016

  • 31 May 2016

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Puyallup Washington and the Graham Washington Stakes. The Enumclaw Washington Stake, which consists of the Mount Peak Branch and the Buckley 1st, Buckley 2nd, Enumclaw 1st, Enumclaw 2nd, Enumclaw 3rd, Orting, and Victor Falls Wards, was created by Elder Michael T. Ringwood, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Ruben Acosta, an Area Seventy.

ENUMCLAW WASHINGTON STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Frank Carmen Rodarte Jr., 46, owner, Rodarte Construction Inc.; wife, Melissa Suzanne Reimer Rodarte. Counselors—McKay Alma Kunz, 54, research engineer, Boeing; wife, Linda Thompson Kunz. Robert Timothy Jay, 52, CFO, Lee Johnson Auto; wife, Sherri June Latvenas Jay.

A new stake has been created from the Wasilla Alaska Stake. The Palmer Alaska Stake, which consists of the Colony, Cottonwood, Fishhook, Lazy Mountain, Matanuska, Palmer, Pioneer Peak, and Valdez Wards, was created by Elder Daniel L. Johnson, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Robert M. Call, an Area Seventy.

PALMER ALASKA STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—William Todd Pace, 56, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Chris Ann Atwood Pace. Counselor—Michael Ray Owens, 54, contractor; wife, Kris T Meyer Owens. Nathan Clay Dahl, 37, administrator, Colony Manor; wife, Cami Sue Pence Dahl.

A new stake has been created from the Ipswich Australia Stake. The Ipswich Australia West Stake, which consists of the Brassall, Darling Heights, Karana Downs, Somerset, Toowoomba, and the Warwick Wards, was created by Elder O. Vincent Haleck, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Keith P. Walker, an Area Seventy.

IPSWICH AUSTRALIA WEST STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Mark Robert McNamee, 51, managing director, Marellen Consulting; wife, Ellen Mae McNamee. Counselors—Aaron Daniel Thayer, 39, social worker; wife, Kamyra Nellie Rachel Cooke Thayer. Sitalelu Toevalu Makaafi, 39, medical imaging assistant; wife, Kaylene Margaret Makaafi.

A new stake has been created from the Maracanaú Brazil Stake. The Maracanaú Brazil North Stake, which consists of the Jereissati 2nd, Maracanaú 1st, Novo Maracanaú, Novo Oriente 1st, and Novo Oriente 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Jario Mazzagardi, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder João R. Grahl, an Area Seventy.

MARACANAÚ BRAZIL NORTH STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira Arcenio, 36, assistant, Vicunha Textil; wife, Rita Ferreira Arcenio. Counselors—Luiz Fagner Ferreira do Nascimento, 37, third sergeant, military police; wife, Rita Maria Alves do Nascimento. Luiz Carlos Andrade Diniz, 27, sales supervisor; wife, Eliene Mendes Pereira Diniz.

A new stake has been created from the Reno Nevada Stake. The Reno Nevada Mount Rose Stake, which consists of the Sierra Branch and the Foothill, Galena, Lakeside, Mount Rose, South Meadows, and Washoe Valley Wards, was created by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Alin Spannaus, an Area Seventy.

RENO NEVADA MOUNT ROSE STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Brent Rayn Farr, 45, president, Farr West Engineering; wife, Jennifer Ann Orton Farr. Counselors—Ralph Alan Welton, 56, vice president, Capital Group; wife, Amber Dawn Thomas Welton. Jeremy Aaron Steimle, 43, director of tax, Connor Group; wife, Juli Kae Christensen Steimle.

A new stake has been created from the San Antonio Texas Hill Country and San Antonio Texas West Stakes. The San Antonio Texas La Cantera Stake, which consists of the Balcones Branch and the Boerne, Fair Oaks, Kerrville, Leon Springs, Leon Valley, Parkwood, and San Antonio 9th Wards, was created by Elder Eduardo Gavarret, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

SAN ANTONIO TEXAS LA CANTERA STAKE (January 24, 2016): President—Lisle Chandler Updike, 39, director, Rackspace; wife, MaryAnn Barton Updike. Counselors—Daniel Grant Hull, 41, VP construction, NRP Group; wife, Gabriela Alejandra Panduro Hull. Gregory Robert Packer, 36, general counsel, Howard Energy Partners; wife, Lauren Ann Packer.

Reorganized stakes

BLOOMFIELD NEW MEXICO STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Stephen Michael Elsbury, 54, superintendent control systems, Westmoreland Coal; succeeding T. LeRoy Dugger; wife, Kathleen Kay Kennedy Elsbury. Counselors—Loyd Glen Lillywhite, 65, veterinarian; wife, Jaynann Bench Lillywhite. Heber Cecil Henke, 37, self-employed; wife, Boston Hatch Henke.

BOISE IDAHO YSA STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Frank William Muir, 60, president/CEO, Idaho Potato Commission; succeeding Robert L. Phillips; wife, Cynthia Booth Muir. Counselors—Daniel Ray Cambron, 54, solutions architect, Internet Truckstop; wife, Kirsten Smith Cambron. Marc Patten Grow, 42, physical therapist; wife, Cynthia Carol Christensen Grow.

BOUNTIFUL UTAH YSA STAKE (April 17, 2016): President—Mark Harold Bouchard, 61, senior managing director, CBRE; succeeding Jacob L. Boyer; wife, Karen Elaine Robbins Bouchard. Counselors—Bradford James Brower, 60, self-employed; wife, Tammara Ballard Brower. Clark Leon Whitworth, 57, CEO, LHM Group; wife, Jennifer Rasmussen Whitworth.

CEDAR CITY UTAH WEST STAKE (April 17, 2016): President—Michael Wallace Heap, 49, institute teacher, LDS Church; succeeding Eric J. Schmutz; wife, Connie Barton Heap. Counselors—Vance J. Whetman, 56, loan officer, Southwest Community College; wife, Eileen Franke Whetman. Thomas Folland Bryson Jr., 54, journeyman lineman, Rocky Mountain Power; wife, Sharon Heaton Bryson.

CINCINNATI OHIO NORTH STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Wesley John Foister, 39, BI developer, Anthem BCBS; succeeding Glenn E. Schrecengost; wife, Anna Marie Flake Foister. Counselors—Phillip Asa Drake, 54, senior scientist, Procter and Gamble; wife, Kathleen Lynn Richmond Drake. Donald Leroy Wilke, 62, principal scientist, Procter and Gamble; wife, LaDeana Marie Carn Wilke.

DAET PHILIPPINES STAKE (April 17, 2016): President—Larievic Ortiz De Guzman, 41, electrician assistant; succeeding Gregorio Sy Abao; wife, Joanna Marie Del Castillo McPherson De Guzman. Counselors—Nicolas Villafuerte Balce, 46, teacher; wife, Narissa Elep Camara Balce. Wilfredo Ramos Villegas Jr., 51, self-employed; wife, Mary Ann Quinito Villegas.

EPHRAIM UTAH STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Troy Cottle Birch, 52, director of seminaries and institutes, LDS Church; succeeding Kim C. Averett; wife, Lori Ann McAllister Birch. Counselors—John Austin Thomas, 48, elementary school principal; wife, Sarah Jane Hafen Thomas. Kenneth Myron Barber, 57, seminary and institute instructor, LDS Church; wife, Cynthia Rae Jensen Barber.

EPHRAIM UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE (April 17, 2016): President—Jason Greg Maylett, 47, CEO, Empire Builders Inc.; succeeding Jay D. Olsen; wife, Cindalyn Hill Maylett. Counselors—John Nathan Gillett, 50, assistant principal, South Sanpete School District; wife, Jennifer June Penhallegon Gillett. Merrill Ray Ogden, 63, managing vice president, D Land Title; wife, Diane Sally Luty Ogden.

GISBORNE NEW ZEALAND STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Maui Ta'aroa Isaia Aben, 53, senior police sergeant; succeeding Jody K. Walters; wife, Valerie Gay Aben. Loni Shane Lardelli, 59, vineyard operations; wife, Hanekino Julliet Brown. Henry Robin Tahuri, 42, schoolteacher; wife, Venus Ngaronoa Lloyd Tahuri.

GRAND BLANC MICHIGAN STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Justin George Cook, 45, partner, PWC; succeeding James R. Clough; wife, April Carmen Richards Cook. Counselors—Marcelino Sanchez, 45, consultant, Smart Change; wife, Kelly Suzanne Smith Sanchez. Robert Harold Skouson, 46, chiropractor; wife, Samantha Diane Nelson Skouson.

GUATEMALA CITY PALMITA STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Bryon Leonel López Castillo, 63, self-employed; succeeding Gumermo A. Alvarez Monzon; wife, Leda Greer Ramos Lopez. Counselors—Limbano Rolando Chávez, 51, risk manager; wife, Marta Consuelo Itzep Palma. David Fernando Echeverría Abularach, 33, mathematics teacher; wife, Priscila Emperatriz Sagastume Echeverría.

HESPERIA CALIFORNIA STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Darrel P Nickolaisen, 59, director of K-12 programs, Hesperia Unified Schools; succeeding Dennis R. Saunders; wife, Cynthia Ann Fox Nickolaisen. Counselors—David Blaine Moore, 58, chief of maintenance, National Park Service; wife, Delerie Hess Moore. William David Kirby Jr., 63, self-employed; wife, Dixie Helen Perkes Kirby.

HUNTINGTON PARK CALIFORNIA STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Dean Nelson Michael, 57, president, Osterbauer; succeeding Larry J. Larsen; wife, Martha Joann Gleason Michael. Counselors—Elvin Humberto Galindo, 52, chief transportation investigator, City of Los Angeles; wife, Rosa Alicia Alamillo Galindo. Abraham Tonatiuh Lopez Zuńigo, 39, agricultural specialist; wife, Paola Crystal Ramirez Lopez Zuńigo.

IPSWICH AUSTRALIA STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Paoláaita Siaea Salanoa, 52, youth worker and juvenile attorney general; succeeding Mark R. McNamee; wife, Lucy Vailigi Salanoa. Counselors—Northam Tusa Jr., 34, tutor/trainer, Evolla College; wife, Silipa Foua Tusa. Faamanuîa Ama, 53, laboror, LDS Church; wife, Maria Toimoana Jese.

KINGSPORT TENNESSEE STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Jeffrey Lee Bauserman, 52, senior IT director, Alpha Natural Resources; succeeding Sean S. McMurray; wife, Laurel Ann Simons Bauserman. Counselors—Brent Brigham Young, 47, litigation attorney; wife, Anna Marie Serr Young. David Bruce Carter, 46, training and development, Eastman Chemical Co.; wife, Danette Alane Dickson Carter.

KUNA IDAHO STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Gregory Vaughn Hunter, 46, customer support manager, ASML; succeeding Shane Beus; wife, Christie Marie Ambrosek Hunter. Counselors—Michael Dean Leavitt, 49, engineering manager, Micron Technology; wife, Kelli Anne Provost Leavitt. Dennis J Durrant, 48, owner, Big D Builders; wife, Marci L Wilde Durrant.

LAYTON UTAH WEST STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Gary William Mangum, 48, product VP, Franklin Covey; succeeding Michael A. Thompson; wife, Candice Kleinman Mangum. Counselors—Robert Charles Ormsby, 39, claims adjuster, Amica; wife, Michelle Braegger Ormsby. Zack Roger Brown, 42, SVP and CIO, First National Bank of Layton; wife, Stacey Ann Simmons Brown.

LIMA PERU CANTO GRANDE STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Ernesto Flavio Sotomayor Vicente, 42, taxi driver; suceeding Fernando R. Garcia Carrion; wife, Deidania Camacho Chavez. Counselors—Willar Pepe Vega Mendez, 46, tailor; wife, Maribel Tomas Almendares. Gaspas Edinzon Vega Mendez, 32, administrator; wife, Hermelinda Zavala de Vega.

LOA UTAH STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Shane H. Brian, 44, self-employed; succeeding Paul W. Pace; wife Natasha Graham Brian. Counselors—Dwight P. Brinkerhoff, 58, self-employed; wife, Laura Blackburn Brinkerhoff. Ryan G. Rees, 46, owner, Harward and Rees; wife, Sarah Janette Harward Rees.

OREGON CITY OREGON STAKE (April 10, 2016): President—Matthew Jeremy Leptich, 44, vice president, ILP Corporation; succeeding Karl R. Brady; wife, Shelley Leann Heyer Leptich. Counselors—Randall Francis Glenn, 40, dentist; wife, Brook Elaine Powell Glenn. David Kent Pederson, 42, CEO, Financial Reserve; wife, Krystal Baird Pederson.

MADERO MEXICO AMPLIACIÓN STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Mario Tovar Juarez, 43, manager of cost control, McDermott; succeeding Felix A. Martinez Decuir; wife, Georgina Blakeley Esparza. Counselors—Luis Escamilla Araujo, 41, electronic commerce; wife, Sandra Lorena Santisbon Luque. Jose Esteban Arano Salomon, 45, self-employed; wife, Saray Lara Nocelo.

MAPLE VALLEY WASHINGTON STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Thomas Ray Nead, 59, account management director, Convergys; succeeding Frank C. Rodarte; wife, Pamela Jewett Nead. Counselors—Jeffrey Hales Cannon, 57, mission analyst, Blue Origin; wife, Suzanne Follett Cannon. Glenn Gaylin Fuller, 52, senior counsel, Boeing; wife, Colleen Faye Ockey Fuller.

ROCKFORD ILLINOIS STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Marc André Stewart, 40, purchasing manager, Honeywell; succeeding Michael J. Evans; wife, Karrie Lynn Shaw Stewart. Counselors—Brian Lynn Webb, 47, senior manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific; wife, Julia Mae Hamilton Webb. Daniel Stoddard McConkie Jr., 38, assistant professor, Northern Illinois University; wife, Adrienne Elizabeth Criddle McConkie.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL PERDIZES STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Tarcísio Brugnerotto Malaquias, 40, project manager, LDS Church; succeeding Marcelo Saito; wife, Priscila Leme de Oliveira. Counselors—Luis Rogério de Moraes Gonçalves, 47, salesman, Sol Comércio; wife, Eloisa Helena Rosi de Gonçalves. Felipe da Silva Dallagnese, 33, senior manager, Atento Brasil; wife, Alyni Brandão Cavalcante.

SAO VICENTE BRAZIL SERRA DO MAR STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Sílvio Roberto Barra Sol, 43, manager, Todesavi; succeeding Luiz Fernando Tavares; wife, Vilma Ribeiro da Silva Sol. Counselors—Adalto Paulino Barbosa, 46, coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture; wife, Eva Patrícia Oliveira de Azevedo Barbosa. Manoel Dantas dos Santos, 65, master builder; wife, Silvana Cândido.

TAKORADI GHANA STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Justice Odro Mensah, 48, managing proprietor, Jomra Electricals; succeeding Peter Tetteh Dzikpe; wife, Rosemond Odro Ansah Mensah. Counselors—Peter Atta Aidoo, 57, production manager, Government of Ghana; wife, Josephine Hammond Aidoo. Lawrence Ackon, 49, managing director, Westech Telecom; wife, Elizabeth Gyan Ackon.

TERESÓPOLIS BRAZIL STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—Maicon Rodrigues de Freitas, 34, entrepreneur; succeeding Antonio de Olivera; wife, Keila de Oliveira Pereira Freitas. Counselors—Leandro Oliveira do Amaral, 31, administration coordinator, SENAC Rio; wife, Aline Ferreira de Oliveira. Sílvio Pirílo dos Santos Jr., 46, professor, SENAC Rio; wife, Mônica Hottum dos Santos.

SYRACUSE UTAH STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Larry Scott Nussbaum, 43, engineering manager; succeeding James R. Brandt; wife, Natalie Pressett Nussbaum. Counselors—Dean H. Garrett, 51, president, Morgan Pavement; wife, Angela Jean Hill Garrett. Theron Reed Leishman, 59, QA manager, OST; wife, Jana Mitchell Leishman.

WEATHERFORD TEXAS STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—Jon-Paul Harmer, 47, owner, Lone Star Pain Medicine; succeeding Thomas J. Carver; wife, Kimberly Kay Harmer. Counselors—Matthew Kent Stutz, 44, principal, Weaver Consultants Group; wife, Melissa Anne Mayberry Stutz. Matthew Boyd Rix, 38, engineering manager, Lockheed Martin; wife, Natalie Laura Martinez Rix.

WINCHESTER VIRGINIA STAKE (February 28, 2016): President—Michael Dean Groll, 49, managing director, Franklin Covey; succeeding Randall G. Bartlett; wife, Tanya Joy Pyper Groll. Counselors—John Beresford Van Vliet, 53, VP construction, Duke Realty; wife, Jennifer Lynn Thomas Van Vliet. Carter Lee Knapp, 67, IT director, Realogy Corporation; wife, Carolyn Yvonne Smith Knapp.

WOODLAND CALIFORNIA STAKE (March 13, 2016): President—John Royce Bringhurst, 60, physician; succeeding B. Corey Cuvelier; wife, Betty Lynn Farnsworth Bringhurst. Counselors—Travis James Lybbert, 42, professor, UC Davis; wife, Heather Hansen Lybbert. Matthew John Baker, 41, high school teacher; wife, Amy Elizabeth Brown Baker.