New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in March 2018

  • 30 March 2018

New stakes

A new stake was created from the Accra Ghana Adenta and the Accra Ghana Ofankor Stakes. The Accra Ghana Madina Stake, which consists of the Haatso and Legion Branches and the Achimota, Agbogba, Ashaley Botwe, Kwabenya, Madina 1st, and Madina 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Anthony Quaisie, an Area Seventy.

ACCRA GHANA MADINA STAKE (January21, 2018): President—Samuel E. Eghan, 44, chief commercial officer, Forms Capital; wife, Paulina K. A. Eghan. Counselors—Yaw A. Danso, 34, seminaries and institute coordinator; wife, Priscilla Annoh. Edwin K. Ewudzie, 34, quality assurance tester, Ken Auton; wife, Adwa Dansoa T. Ewudzie.

A new stake was created from the American Fork Utah Stake. The American Fork Utah South Stake, which consists of the American Fork 10th, American Fork 16th, American Fork 35th, Harbor 1st, Harbor 2nd, Harbor 3rd, Pacific Drive 1st, and Pacific Drive 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Adilson de Paula Parrella, General Authority Seventy, and Elder James R. Rasband, an Area Seventy.

AMERICAN FORK UTAH SOUTH STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Brian Charles Kane, 64, teacher; wife, Sharolyn Davies Kane. Counselors—Steven B. Vawdrey, 50, salesforce administrator, Twenty Eighty; wife, Jennifer Lynn Carlston Vawdrey. Travis S. Morgan, 49, investment adviser, Cetera Advisor Networks; wife, Chery Winget Morgan.

A new stake was created from the Asamankese Ghana District. The Asamankese Ghana Stake, which consists of the Adeiso, Anum Apapan, Asene, and Yayo Branches and the Asamankese 1st, Asamankese 2nd, Asamanketwa, Kade, Oda 1st, and Oda 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel Yirenya-Tawiah, an Area Seventy.

ASAMANKESE GHANA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Solomon A. Tenadu, 39, teacher; wife, Janet Asabea Kwatiah. Counselors—Richard Adu, 34, key technician, Electoral Commission; wife, Angelique Gomoawa Tawiah Adu. Isaac K. Mensah, 48, product manager; wife, Louisa Bempomaah.

A new stake was created from the Calabar Nigeria Stake. The Calabar Nigeria North Stake, which consists of the Marian Boulevard Branch and the Federal Housing, Ikot Ansa, Ikot Eneobong, Ikot Nkebre, MCC, and Odukpani Wards, was created by Elder Larry S. Kacher, General Authority Seventy, and Elder I. Raymond Egbo, an Area Seventy.

CALABAR NIGERIA NORTH STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Victor O. Bassey, 48, senior lecturer, University of Calabar; wife, Uche N. Bassey. Counselors—Edward A. Elemi, 53, billing officer, PHED; wife, Justina E. Elemi. Walter I. Obeten, 48, assistant director, Cross River Govt.; wife, Jane B. Arikpo.

A new stake was created from the Caldwell Liberia District. The Caldwell Liberia Stake, which consists of the Caldwell and Gulf Community Branches and the Barnersville, Caldwell New Georgia, Garnersville, Logan Town 1st, Logan Town 2nd, New Georgia, and Upper Caldwell Wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder John A. Koranteng, an Area Seventy.

CALDWELL LIBERIA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Dargbe B. Kofa, 39, manager, Liberia Revenue Authority; wife, Norina Eyea Kollie-Kofa. Counselors—Daniel A. McCarthy, 42, teacher; wife, Natacher McCarthy. Arthur Gar-Needelee Smith, 69, accountant, ArtMcgill Inc.; wife, Senyeno Nilla Smith.

A new stake was created from the Huancayo Peru and the Mantaro Peru Stakes. The Huancayo Peru El Valle Stake, which consists of the Chilca, El Tambo, La Libertad, Peñaloza, and San Carlos Wards, was created by Elder Hugo Montoya, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Fernando P. Del Carpio, an Area Seventy.

HUANCAYO PERU EL VALLE STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Willy A. Baltazar Segura, 44, neurosurgeon; wife, Loysi L. Trigoso Moreno. Counselors—Walter I. Cruz Carrillo, 47, pharmaceutical representative, Abbott Laboratories; wife, Luz C. Ortega Mora. Jesus D. Mendoza Garcia, 45, CES coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Doris M. Solano Quispe.

A new stake was created from the Paynesville Liberia District. The Paynesville Liberia Stake, which consists of the Boys Town and Morris Farm Branches and the Paynesville 1st, Paynesville 2nd, Paynesville 3rd, Soul Clinic, and Thinker Village Wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder John A. Koranteng, an Area Seventy.

PAYNESVILLE LIBERIA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Togar W. Okai, 39, project administrator, Mission Builders International; wife, Saybioh H. Johnson Okai. Counselors—Stephen G. Peters, 38, principal, Borto Academy; wife, Denise Nelson Peters. Gibson K. Deckor, 28, self-employed; wife, Fait Flomee Decker.

A new stake was created from the Benoni South Africa and the Centurion South Africa Stakes. The Springs South Africa Stake, which consists of the Secunda Branch and the Boksburg, Kwa Thema, Selcourt, Springs, and Tsakane Wards, was created by Elder Kevin S. Hamilton, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Mervyn C. Giddey, an Area Seventy.

SPRINGS SOUTH AFRICA STAKE (February 11, 2018): President—Luis Fernando C. Braganca, 41, area ICS manager, LDS Church; wife, Candice K. A. Braganca. Counselors—Thembinkosi H. Mkhize, 43, human resource manager, LDS Church; wife, Simphiwe N. M. Mkhize. Eldridge M. Matane, 64, educator, Guateng Education deparment; wife, Grace D. K. Matane.

A new stake was created from the Queen Creek Arizona East Stake. The Queen Creek Arizona Ocotillo Stake, which consists of the Castlegate 1st, Castlegate 2nd, Castlegate 3rd, Creekside, Laredo Ranch, and Morningside Wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jay B. Jones, an Area Seventy.

QUEEN CREEK ARIZONA OCOTILLO STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Randon H. Riffey, 57, procurement manager, Pinal County; wife, Sheri L. G. Riffey. Counselors—David S. Butler, 40, budget coordinator, City of Mesa; wife, Erin E. M. Butler. Douglas S. Tanner, 33, vice president of product development, Hurdman Inc.; wife, Kendra D. B. Tanner.

Reorganized stakes

ABA NIGERIA SOUTH STAKE (December 17, 2017): President—Noukwo Geoffrey Chukwuemeka, 46, self-employed; succeeding Sabastine Okon Edem; wife, Eunice Chidinma Chukwuemeka. Counselors—Geoffrey Eme Okatta, 64, self-employed; wife, Florence N. Okatta. Joseph Izuchukwu Okafor, 34, self-employed; wife, Maureen Chidiebeve Okafor.

ACCRA GHANA ADENTA STAKE (January 21, 2018): President—Michel D. Avegnon, 48, CEO at Smave Company Ltd.; succeeding Daniel Kabason; wife, Suana Avegnon. Counselors—James B. Yeri, 40, human resources specialist, LDS Church; wife, Peace E. Yeri. Richard P. Dadzie, 46, instructor, Leso Computers; wife, Ida A. Dadzie.

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO EAST STAKE (January 7, 2018): President—Chad E. Hjorth, 47, industrial hygenist; succeeding Brett L. Redmund; wife, Mee V. Hjorth. Counselors—Shawn L. Pearce, 44, territory business manager, Alkermes; wife, Amber D. D. Pearce. Jason A. Payne, 41, department manager, Sandia National Laboratories; wife, Joy J. Payne.

AMARILLO TEXAS STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Brock C. Blaser, 39, professor; succeeding Kyle A. Vest; wife, Jessica L. W. Blaser. Counselors—Stanley T. Neel, 57, senior engineering specialist, Pantex; wife, Valene S. Neel. Bryan J. Guymon, 37, attorney; wife, Janelle A. H. Guymon.

AMERICAN FORK HILLCREST STAKE (February 4, 2018): President—Shane J. Farnsworth, 50, director of secondary schools, Alpine School District; succeeding Scott W. Miller; wife, MeriAnn J. Farnsworth. Counselors—Jordan Fong, 54, teacher; wife, Dana Ann W. Fong. Lane A. Walters, 51, software engineer, Sorenson Communications; wife, Andrea B. Walters.

AMERICAN FORK UTAH STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Geoffrey Kendall Dean, 48, infrastructure specialist, Rocky Mountain Power; succeeding Brian C. Kane; wife, Karol Jeanne Dean. Counselors—Stanley Gene Kitchen, 61, research botanist; wife, Christine Miller Kitchen. David Orion Litchford, 62, professor; wife, Kenna Kowallis Litchford.

BAGO PHILIPPINES STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Jofee P. Navarra, 45, teacher; succeeding Ramon G. Aldea; wife, Annabel Dela Peña Garreon Navarra. Counselors—Mario G. Oller, 64, retired; wife, Nelly M. Oller. Egino M. Carmona, 56, truck driver; wife, Vivian P. Carmona Villanueva.

BARRIGADA GUAM STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Fredivic N. Nicerio, 49, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; succeeding Arther B. Clark; wife, Stephanie Gines Soliman Nicerio. Counselors—Ronald E. Roberts, 59, mechanics supervisor, United Airlines; wife, Tina Marie Tavares Roberts. Diego M. Sablan, 50, CEO, Pacific DMA Testing LLC; wife, Elaine S. D. Sablan.

BEAVER UTAH STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Lance C. Smith, 41, physician; succeeding B. Scott Robinson; wife, Jamie Lynn C. Smith. Counselors—David C. Roberts, 52, self-employed; wife, Sheila B. Roberts. Nathan L. Robinson, 43, self-employed; wife, Kimberly P. Robinson.

BRAZIL CURITIBA PORTÃO STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Celli A. Filho, 48, self-employed insurance broker; succeeding Cesar Schmeil; wife, Carina S. Celli. Counselors—Sílvio Hernâni Quoos, 48, police investigator; wife, Marilis G. Quoos. Guilherme N. Mourão, 36, temple engineer, LDS Church; wife, Grace Kelly T. Mourão.

BRIGHAM CITY UTAH WEST STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Keith M. Mecham, 50, principal, Box Elder School District; succeeding John Y. Ferry; wife, Robyn K. S. Mecham. Counselors—Douglas D. Brown, 57, senior architect, Orbital ATK; wife, Lori A. H. Brown. Bruce W. Hubbard, 58, farmer; wife, Cindy C. Hubbard.

CALABAR NIGERIA STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Alex E. Nkoro, 33, immigration assistant, Nigeria Immigration Service; succeeding Victor O. Bassey; wife, Nkechinyere V. C. Nkoro. Counselors—Bassey N. Obongha, 29, manager, Basnic Resources; wife, Nancy B. Obongha. Samuel C. Okpok, 32, security guard; wife, Lucia C. Tweh.

CARROLLTON TEXAS STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Brian John Willey, 41, VP and co-general counsel, Matador Resources Company; succeeding David B. Blake; wife, Kathryn Elaine Cary Willey. Counselors—Christopher Taylor Strong, 42, CEO, JDC Healthcare; wife, Rebecca Broadbent Strong. Dayton Robert Judd, 46, owner, Sudbury Capital; wife, Jennifer Lynn Cole Judd.

CENTERVILLE UTAH SOUTH STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Scott N. Archibald, 44, chief financial officer, O.C. Tanner; succeeding John C. Hollingshead; wife, Lorrianne H. Archibald. Counselors—Dale L. Jones, 57, director, Mormon Newsroom; wife, Joyce H. Jones. Tyler K. Jeppsen, 47, self-employed; wife, Anne F. Jeppsen.

DARU PAPUA NEW GUINEA STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Daniel Jerry, 34, shop assistant, New Century Inn; succeeding Mario Amoni; wife, Tom Mirriam Jerry. Counselors—Aboi G. Omai, 33, security guard, LDS Church; wife, Bebeua G. Omai. Ali Kisau, 32, security supervisor, LDS Church; wife, Rutha N. Kisau.

DRAPER UTAH STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Jeffrey Keith Rupp, 43, pediatric dentist; succeeding Michael T. Fenton; wife, Julie Ann Capener Rupp. Counselors—Cody Andrews Felts, 41, commercial real estate, Pentad Properties; wife, Ann Tracy Liljenquist. David Matthew Davis, 47, general counsel, Maceys; wife, Kerri Ann Macey Davis.

EAGLE IDAHO STAKE (January 7, 2018): President—Laren R. Walker, 49, self-employed; succeeding T. Martin Stafford; wife, Caralee H. Walker. Counselors—John M. Stellmon, 52, president, Regence Blue Shield; wife, DonnLee P. Stellmon. Richard D. Osguthorpe, 45, professor; wife, Gwen M. J. Osguthorpe.

ESCALANTE UTAH STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Gayle L. Pollock, 54, director and CEO, Bryce Canyon Association; succeeding Klin R. Chynoweth; wife, Adella Marie Cottrell Pollock. Counselors—Link M. Chynoweth, 56, rancher; wife, Donna Sherrie Brinkerhoff Chynoweth. Eric D. Syrett, 53, general manager, Bryce Canyon Grand Hotel; wife, Tracy Lynn Tuckett Syrett.

FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Kenneth Pamby, 39, SRS/PEF manager, LDS Church; succeeding Soloman K. Agbo; wife, Susan Jitta Pamby Kangoma. Counselors—Mark Ngegba, 35, magistrate; wife, Kumba Mamsaray Ngegba. Christopher E. Nyalopo, 38, roving supervisor, Web Security Company LTD; wife, Jestina Mummy Tucker Nyalopo.

GILBERT ARIZONA YSA STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—David P. Montgomery, 58, technical draftsman, HD Supply; succeeding Christopher J. Brady; wife, Tamara Cluff Montgomery. Counselors—Jeffery C. McMullin, 58, partner, Mansperger Patterson and McMullin; wife, Jill Whatcott McMullin. Rodney C. Tilley, 52, self-employed; wife, Shannon Brady Tilley.

GLOBE ARIZONA STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Preston L. Pollock, 39, chief people and technology officer, Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center; succeeding Jefferson R. Dalton; wife, Melanie D. L. Pollock. Counselors—Bryan B. Chambers, 52, superior court judge; wife, Martha Ann F. Chambers. Ladd C. Peery, 53, registered nurse; wife, Joy L. H. Peery.

HERRIMAN UTAH BUTTERFIELD CANYON STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Lee Bowen, 42, senior vice president, Young Living; succeeding Tracey B. Jones; wife, Tricia A. L. Bowen. Counselors—Mark E. Chalk, 37, assistant general manager, Taylorsville Bennion Improvement District; wife, Shelley R. P. Chalk. John P. Kemp, 41, construction executive, Big-D; wife, Shelly W. Kemp.

HOUSTON TEXAS SUMMERWOOD STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Arthur Rascon, 55, reporter/anchor; succeeding James C. Banks; wife, Patti Thomas Rascon. Counselors—Howard Joshua Hales, 49, aviation manager, Marathon Oil Company; wife, Jennifer Hawkes Hales. Brenton Lee Scott, 42, president, Pulmotect; wife, Hillary Rodet Scott.

IKOT EKPENE NIGERIA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Emmanuel I. Okon, 37, supervisor, Ronesans Const. Ltd.; succeeding Kufre O. Etim; wife, Veronica A. Udoh. Counselors—Anieran S. Esiere, 61, hospital administrator; wife, Grace A. Esiere. Nse-Abasi A. Lido, 49, self-employed; wife, Gloria B. Etukarpan.

KAMPALA UGANDA NORTH STAKE (January 21, 2018): President—Powell L. Oketa, 34, junior mechanic; succeeding Jimmy Carter Okot; wife, Lucia R. Phoga. Counselors—Fredrick A. Kyambadde, 38, managing director, Loyal Group Security LTD; wife, Christina L. N. Kyambadde. Wayne D. Cook, 33, Head Business Banking, Stanbic Bank; wife, Irene A. Cook.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA TULE SPRINGS STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Blain Roland Hansen, 44, orthodontist; succeeding Daren B. Richards; wife, Kathryn Linsey Hansen. Counselors—Andrew Frank Dixon, 42, attorney; wife, Heidi Watts Dixon. Taylor Joseph Prince, 40, self-employed; wife, Kira Roberts Prince.

LEHI UTAH WEST STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Richard T. Welker, 43, senior program manager, LDS Church; succeeding A. Lynn Meek; wife, Amberly B. Welker. Counselors—Kelly G. Owens, 60, senior accountant, Ivanti Inc.; wife, Laurel H. Owens. Robert G. Lund, 46, territory manager, Lifetouch National School Studios; wife, Shalene A. Lund.

LINDAVISTA MEXICO CITY STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Humberto Elizalde Mendoza, 44, self-employed; succeeding Rodolfo Gomes Moran; wife, Raquel Morales Aponte. Counselors—Moses Daniel Diaz, 29, planning analyst, LDS Church; wife, Amel Cassandra Rocha Galindo. Alvaro Trujillo Tellez, 46, business owner; wife, Alma Alicia Motes Santiago.

MADERO MEXICO STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—Victor David Esparza Vargas, 38, CFE employee; succeeding Hyrum Esquer Alcaraz; wife, Abril Adriana Ramos Basurto. Counselors—Orlando Sanagun Hernandez, 38, mechanical operator, PEMEX; wife, Sylvia Cristal Camacho Gonzalez. Alberto Benjamin Vigueras Calderon, 34, self-reliance services manager, LDS Church; wife, Rocio Maturano Salazar.

MESA ARIZONA YSA EAST STAKE (December 3, 2017): President—John Robert Heap, 64, owner, R and K Building Supplies; succeeding Paul R. Sandstrom; wife, Deena Elizabeth Riggs Heap. Counselors—Larry Duane Lesueur, 56, partner, Cornerstone Property Services; wife, Adele Nelson Lesueur. Randy R. Hatch, 63, chief of sales and marketing, Dental Solutions; wife, Nancy Louise Teeples Hatch.

MESA ARIZONA YSA WEST STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Jon Fredrick Nielson, 56, partner, PRI Graphics; succeeding Barry M. Smith; wife, Pamela Harmon Nielson. Counselors—Kody Lynn Thurston, 58, senior vice president of purchasing, KDI, LLC.; wife, Wendy Jo Lambert Thurston. Jerald Huch Lewis, 61, assistant superintendent, Edkey Inc.; wife, Janet Merkley Lewis.

MEXICO BENITO JUAREZ STAKE (January 21, 2018): President—Jorge U. Ramirez Cardenas, 49, self-employed; succeeding Fernano Hernandez Balderas; wife, Martha H. Sifuentes Castillo. Counselors—Israel Hernandez Balderas, 37, support manager, FamilySearch; wife, Jessica J. Quiñoes Yep. Arturo Escobedo Gallegos, 30, CFE, Eventual; wife, Abish Gutierres Torres.

MIDVALE UTAH STAKE (January 7, 2018): President—L. Garth Bruner, 48, senior designer, Deseret Digital Media; succeeding Russell J. Morley; wife, Jennifer A. H. Bruner. Counselors—Everett K. Ika, 54, courier, FedEx; wife, Lavinia T. A. Ika. David L. Dean, 36, senior preservation technician, Corporation of the President of the Church; wife, Melissa M. M. Dean.

MILILANI HAWAII STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Isileli M. Nau Jr., 37, partner, Nau Investments; succeeding Owen H. Matsunaga; wife, Deseret K. M. Nau. Counselors—Val J. Umphress, 54, self-employed; wife, Sabrina T. L. Umphress. Tursamau E. Alailima, 59, superintendent, MEI Corp.; wife, Diane G. D. Alailima.

MORGAN HILL CALIFORNIA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Loren Brent Dickson, 50, vice president of sales and marketing, Lucas Signatone Corp.; succeeding Steven C. Merrell; wife, Annette Davis Dickson. Counselors—Jay Dee Hanson, 52, director of accounting, Vivas Inc.; wife, Camilyn Adams Hanson. Leif Erik Nordstrom, 43, dentist; wife, Christina Faye Cook Nordstrom.

OGDEN UTAH ROCK CLIFF STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Tyler L. Kunzler, 45, seminary teacher; succeeding David H. Christiansen; wife, Kathy Marie L. Kunzler. Counselors—Kevin D. Garner, 62, CEO, CSU Commercial Self-Service Unlimited Inc.; wife, Shauna H. Garner. Dane J. Allred, 58, engineer, Autoliv; wife, Wendy R. Allred.

RAYMOND ALBERTA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Richard Arvin Wilde, 54, farmer; succeeding Carlos L. Jensen; wife, Tessa Measom Wilde. Counselors—Craig Arlo Palmer, 52, farmer; wife, Carolyn Janet Dennis Palmer. Jeffrey Tyler Nielson, 52, optometrist; wife, Sandra Jean Bennett Nielson.

RENO NEVADA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Ryan Eric Dobbs, 47, orthopedic surgeon; succeeding David W. Challis; wife, Kathrine Jannette Snow Dobbs. Counselors—Paul Scott Keele, 60, electrical contractor; wife, Jill Freeland Keele. Sean Gibson Jolley, 40, special agent, FBI; wife, Molly Brock Jolley.

SALT LAKE MOUNT OLYMPUS STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Mark A. Young, 64, self-employed; succeeding Dennis L. Phillips; wife, Sue A. Young. Counselors—Thomas G. Bennett, 64, attorney-partner, Ballard Spahr LLP; wife, Maureen A. L. Bennett. Steven S. Haymond, 58, chief financial officer, Inetz Media Group; wife, Angela M. Y. Haymond.

SAN FRANCISCO VENEZUELA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Roger E. Parra Espina, 35, president, La Marqueza Soccer; succeeding Jose G. Canizales; wife, Perina Rocio Del Valle Marquez. Counselors—Luis O. Morales, 37, merchandise and sales, Pepsi Cola; wife, Yanexy Judisela Morales Guanipa. Luis M. Marrero Utrera, 45, refrigeration technician; wife, Rosa Isela Morales de Marrero.

SAN JOSE CALIFORNIA SOUTH STAKE (January 14, 2018): President—Matthew K. Stepan, 44, principal investments, Comprehensive Financial Management; succeeding Lee. D. Green; wife, Wendy A. B. Stepan. Counselors—Steven T. Hayden, 52, human resources, Apple Inc.; wife, Anne H. Hayden. Justin R. Spencer, 46, CFO, Vocera Communications; wife, Kristin V. Spencer.

SANTOS BRAZIL STAKE (January 28, 2018): President—Marcos Orfila Ikeda, 50, commercial manager, AIDC Tecnologia Ltd.; succeeding Luiz L. Junho; wife, Mara da Gloria Gonsaga. Counselors—Cesar Michel Pereira Safuan, 42, institute director, LDS Church; wife, Wilma Rocio Flor Recalde. Roberto J. Andreazza Filho, 54, director, Poruario Locação; wife, Adriane C. Andreazza.

TAYLORSVILLE UTAH VALLEY PARK STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Wesley Paul Walker, 65, physical therapist; suceeding, Paul R. Schulte; wife, Christine Wieght Walker. Counselors—Ramirez Salomon Cano, 40, systems admin, Deseret First Credit Union; wife, Vanessa Danielle Wirfs Cano. David Moyle VanCott, 35, owner, Landerby’s; wife, Calee Jo Balmforth VanCott.

UPOLU SAMOA TAFUAUPOLU STAKE (January 21, 2018): President—Farani A. Loto, 53, self-employed; succeeding Harry Fa’afeu Finau; wife, Faafetai T. Loto. Counselors—Ropeti Tiafau, 35, dental therapist; wife, Taavale Tiafau. Tauati Lutelu, 44, electrician; wife, Anasitasia Lutelu.

WINSTON-SALEM NORTH CAROLINA STAKE (December 10, 2017): President—Gregory Alan Scott, 51, lawyer; succeeding John T. Marsh; wife, Ginger Dee Scott. Counselors—Scott L. Snow, 43; wife, Stephanie Alexis Morgan Snow. Paul Kevin Hiatt, 59, diagnostic radiologist; wife, Christina Beth Smith Hiatt.