New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in June 2017

  • 30 June 2017

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Arizona Flagstaff Stake. The Arizona Flagstaff East Stake, which consists of the Sawmill Branch and the Flagstaff YSA 1st, Linda Vista, Mount Elden, Switzer Canyon, and Walnut Canyon Wards, was created by Elder Larry J. Echo Hawk, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Maxsimo C. Torres, an Area Seventy.

ARIZONA FLAGSTAFF EAST STAKE (May 7, 2017): President—Leslie Davis Seaman, 62, dentist; wife, Linda Marie Frost Seaman. Counselors—Terrance Richard Rice, 63, service coordinator, Goodman Electric; wife, Sandra Eileen Ethington Rice. Samuel Wayne Fisher, 55, senior manager, Hinton Burdick PLLC; wife, Jolene Hansen Fisher.

A new stake has been created from the College Station Texas, Spring Texas, and The Woodlands Texas Stakes. The Conroe Texas Stake, which consists of the Crockett, Heritage YSA, Huntsville 2nd, and Madisonville Branches and the Conroe 1st, Conroe 2nd, Crighton, Huntsville 1st, and Montgomery Wards, was created by Elder Bradley D. Foster, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Raymond S. Heyman, an Area Seventy.

CONROE TEXAS STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Robert Maurice Goodman Jr., 58, general manager, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co.; wife, Sharon Hill Goodman. Counselors—Wayne Lawrence Johns, 60, senior specialist representative; wife, Debra Rae White Johns. Russell Lynn Carruth, 65, founder, T S Upset and Thread; wife, Laura Craig Tuffli Carruth.

A new stake has been created from the La Ceiba Honduras Stake. The La Ceiba Honduras Miramar Stake, which consists of the La Másica Branch and the Buenos Aires, El Confite, Las Colinas, Miramar, and Montecristo Wards, was created by Elder José L. Alonso, General Authority Seventy, and Elder A. Moroni Pérez, an Area Seventy.

LA CEIBA HONDURAS MIRAMAR STAKE (December 4, 2016): President—Ricardo Antonio Diaz Alcerro, 47, branch manager, BAC Honduras; wife, Olga Raquel Cáceres Galindo. Counselors—Fabricio René Lozano Guerrero, 42, manager, Seaffi; wife, Rossana Martinez Rivera; Milton Enrique Howell Matute, 41, owner, Inversiones Diversas Sión; wife, Zulma Janneth Murillo Padilla.

A new stake has been created from the Las Vegas Nevada South Stake. The Las Vegas Nevada Blue Diamond Stake, which consists of the Charleston Park, Coronado, Desert Hill, Homestead, Manse Springs, Painted Mountain, Sierra Vista, and Southern Hills Wards, was created by Elder Kevin W. Pearson, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Todd S. Larkin, an Area Seventy.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA BLUE DIAMOND STAKE (January 8, 2017): President—David Vance Walker, 60, CFO, Elan Office Systems; wife, Peggy Ann Zobrist Walker. Counselors—Joshua Ryan Dobbins, 39, CFO, Brady Industries; wife, Alicia Lynn Nobbs Dobbins. William David Rencher, 54, director of operations, University of Nevada School of Medicine; wife, Janet Colleen Morriss Rencher.

A new stake has been created from the Monrovia Liberia District. The Monrovia Liberia Stake, which consists of the Congo Town 1st Branch and the Central Monrovia, Congo Town 2nd, Doe Community, Matadi, and Sinkor Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Anthony Quaisie, an Area Seventy.

MONROVIA LIBERIA STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Augustine Sallyboy Geedeh, 34, teacher; wife, Rose Handful Geedeh. Counselors—Emmanuel Sokan Tarpeh, 46, MLU Analyst, LDS Church; wife, Silime Brandy Nyepan Tarpeh. Franklin Amoh Kemokai, 34, visa consular, Embassy of Egypt; wife, Kaisandra Maibel Gray Kemdkai.

A new stake has been created from the Nairobi Kenya Stake. The Nairobi Kenya West Stake, which consists of the Kitengela and Langata Branches and the Athi River, Mountain View, Ongata Rongai, Riruta, and Upper Hill Wards, was created by Elder Carl B. Cook, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Daniel P. Hall, an Area Seventy.

NAIROBI KENYA WEST STAKE (March 20, 2016): President—George Katembo Njogu Munene, 40, managing consultant, Sabeo Technologies; wife, Sarah Anintter Abunge Kocko Katembo. Counselors—Prince Henry Omondi, 43, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Linda Akingi Omondi Arigi. Darius Nyariki Mobe, 39, business developer, Lelgoi Group; wife, Mesgana Tamru Assefa.

A new stake has been created from the Mount Vernon Washington and Everett Washington Stakes. The Oak Harbor Washington Stake, which consists of the Eastsound, Friday Harbor and Lopez Branches and the Anacortes, Mount Erie, Mount Vernon YSA, Oak Harbor 1st, Oak Harbor 2nd, Penn Cove, and South Whidbey Island Wards, was created by Elder Mervyn B. Arnold, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Michael R. Murray, an Area Seventy.

OAK HARBOR WASHINGTON STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Randall D. Dickson, 48, high school teacher; wife, Lisa Paige Dickson. Counselors—William Francis Weaver, 66, CEO, Canyon Creek Cabinet Company; wife, Elaine Janet Hogg Weaver. Jason Gregory Hogge, 42, family physician; wife, Bobbilyn K. Hogge.

A new stake has been created from the Port Harcourt Nigeria East and the Port Harcourt Nigeria West Stakes. The Port Harcourt Nigeria North Stake, which consists of the Isiodu and Rumuji Branches and the Choba, Emohua, Eneka, Igwuruta, Omoku, Rukpokwu, and Rumuodumaya Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Declan O. Madu, an Area Seventy.

PORT HARCOURT NIGERIA NORTH STAKE (November 27, 2016): President—Fredrick Ndah Igweh, 43, manager, Hadex Computers; wife, Evelyn Maluk Benjamin. Counselors—Sancho Nwobuisi Chukwu, 51, lecturer; wife, Victoria Chizia Wikpe Chukwu. Obiesia Lucky John-Jaja, 35, administrative officer, Rivers State Government; wife, Blessing Aimienroubiye Ekhuborohan.

A new stake has been created from the St. George Utah Washington Fields Stake. The St. George Utah Washington Fields North Stake, which consists of the Washington Fields 5th, Washington Fields 9th, Washington Fields 11th, Washington Fields 12th, Washington Fields 13th, Washington Fields 14th, and Washington Fields 15th Wards, was created by Elder Randall K. Bennett, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Eric J. Schmutz, an Area Seventy.

ST. GEORGE UTAH WASHINGTON FIELDS NORTH STAKE (January 29, 2017): President—Spencer Richards Swift, 39, owner, Boulevard Motors; wife, Katrina Mariea Cox Swift. Counselors—Steven Eugene Swinson, 50, owner, Hydrologistics; wife, Yvonne Leigh Wells Swinson. Burkely Ralph Staheli, 54, elementary principal, Washington County School District; wife, Lonette Rasband Staheli.

A new stake has been created from the Tegucigalpa Honduras Loarque Stake. The Tegucigalpa Honduras Roble West Stake, which consists of the Jardines de Toncontín, Las Amerícas, Las Casitas, Pedregal, Roble Oeste, and Villeda Wards, was created by Elder Kevin R. Duncan, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Sam M. Galvez, an Area Seventy.

TEGULCIGALPA HONDURAS ROBLE WEST STAKE (January 29, 2017): President—Alberto Elías Sierra Zeitun, 39, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Gina Rebeca Ocampo Sierra. Counselors—Nahún Antonio García Pérez, 35, meterologist; wife, Vivian Marlene Valladares García. Luis Armando Gallo Ríos, 35, record assistant, Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple; wife, Vanessa Jaqueline Aceituno Gallo.

Reorganized stakes

ACCRA GHANA CHRISTIANSBORG STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Dennis Kabuetteh Ocansey, 36, regional facilities manager, LDS Church; succeeding Anthony Quaisie; wife, Rita Darianaah Ocansey. Counselors—Ernest Gyampoh, 31, administrative assistant, LDS Church; wife, Sarah Eshun. Augustine Gyawu Adjei, 30, senior software engineer, SMS GH; wife, Susuan Aiswei Adjei.

AMERICAN FORK UTAH NORTH STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Jeffrey Harry Abram, 52, physician assistant; succeeding Stephen M. Jones; wife, Jean Renee Melton Abram. Counselors—Norman William Gardner, 51, curriculum writer, seminaries and institutes of religion, LDS Church; wife, Natalie Jean Yardley Gardner. Samuel Gunn Beeson, 45, teacher; wife, Sarah Lyn Worden Beeson.

ANTIOCH CALIFORNIA STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Joseph Robert Daynes, 51, president, Mercer; succeeding Paul A. Westover; wife, Susan Hollingshaus Daynes. Counselors—David William Hull, 51, regional vice president, Bosch Rexroth; wife, Maria Mecham Hull. Geoffrey Ryan Fowler, 42, religious educator, Church Educational System, LDS Church; wife, Roseanna Croasdale Fowler.

BARRANQUILLA COLOMBIA EL CARMEN STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Luis Enrique Jimenez Lopez, 42, coordinator, Ufinet Colombia; succeeding Yuri Z. Gil Toro; wife, Iisis Maria Bonett Arrieta. Counselors—Armando Ignacio Cuberos Delaytz, 54, commercial director, Tu Sim Distribution; wife, Yajaira Del Duca Osorio. Jeffrey Andres Viloria Arcon, 29, treasurer, Coopmulvital; wife, Loraine De Moya Noriega.

BUCARAMANGA COLOMBIA TERRAZAS STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Edinson Jesus Parra Hernandez, 43, accounting assistant; succeeding Simon Sandoval Quintero; wife, Marisol Chavez Lopez. Counselors—Edinson Andres Alfonso Alfonso, 29, tax reviewer; wife, Blanca Luz Claro Arevalo. Mario Alberto Mantilla Vargas, 53, operations consultant, ITAU Bank; wife, Dorys Yaneth Forero.

BUENA VISTA VIRGINIA YSA STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Scott Young Doxey, 55, managing director of student life, Knod; succeeding W. Todd Brotherson; wife, Annelle Olsen Doxey. Counselors—David Allen Moss, 52, institute director, LDS Church; wife, Heidi Lee Slack Moss. William Douglas Braddy, 52, director of institutional advisment, Southern Virginia University; wife, Elizabeth Turner Weaver Braddy.

CANDON PHILIPPINES STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Dante de Guzman Dacquel, 37, statistical analyst; succeeding Rodel T. Adviento; wife, Luzyiminda Camposo Sere Dacquel. Counselors—Edvardson Arellano Tacuban, 47, owner, FAF Computing Solution; wife, Normita Divina Sangalang Tacuban. Jessie Daniel, 49, maintenance personnel, Babia BMS; wife, Rubina Ellorin De la Cruz.

CARDSTON ALBERTA WEST STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Michael James Ferguson, 48, registered nurse; succeeding D. Brian Low; wife, Delia Joanne Ferguson. Counselors—Robert Douglas Quinton, 50, painter; wife, Renee Marie Leavitt Quinton. Austin John Nunn, 43, principal, Cardston High School; wife, Kaylynn Waite Nunn.

CARMICHAEL CALIFORNIA STAKE (May 7, 2017): President—Todd Lewis Johnson, 47, dentist; succeeding Stephen B. Taylor; wife, Rachel Elizabeth Bringhurst Johnson. Counselors—Michael Ray Childs, 49, surgeon; wife, Kristin Leigh Trump Childs. Scott Michael Wigginton, 64, general internal medicine; wife, Laura Sue Newton Wigginton.

CATARMAN PHILIPPINES STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Amado Ebdane Estonanto Jr., 43, resetter, Arcos; succeeding Jimmy D. Pedrola; wife, Melina Lectana Madronio Estonanto. Counselors—Milben Balberan Corsino, 38, teacher; wife, Lilia Tiballa Dalupan Corsino. Oliver Dapulag Capangpangan, 38, teacher; wife, Luzviminda Eulin Galaroza Capangpangan.

DRIGGS IDAHO STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Stanton Lee Marshall, 42, president and CEO, Headwaters Construction; succeeding Ryan M. Kunz; wife, Connie Browning Marshall. Counselors—Zane Myron Calderwood, 57, seminary principal, LDS Church; wife, Betsy Green Calderwood. Wade L. Treasure, 57, application programming director, Acclara Solutions; wife, Trudy Louise Green Treasure.

EDMONTON ALBERTA BONNIE DOON STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Kevin Grant Hatch, 46, therapist, LDS Family Services; succeeding Robert W. Mendenhall; wife, Katherine Beth Burgess. Counselors—Jamie Calvin Stewart, 56, learning consultant, University of Alberta; wife, Melonee Gaegh McGuire Stewart. Paul Douglas Greep, 41, lawyer; wife, Holly Janine Anderson Greep.

EPHRAIM YSA 1ST STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Ryan Wells Robison, 47, chief nursing officer, Intermountain Hospital; succeeding Tomas F. Bailey; wife, Paula Sue Walker Robison. Counselors—Matthew Dean Mitchell, 46, purchasing and shipping manager, CO Building Systems; wife, Sarah Lynn Brinkerhoff Mitchell. Gary Monroe Cole, 49, physician; wife, Shawna Ripplinger Cole.

FAIRBANKS ALASKA STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—James Ryan Boland, 40, manager, Social Security Administration; succeeding Shane R. Duval; wife, Jennifer Ruth Mealey Boland. Counselor—Daniel Fielding Reynolds, 43, physician; wife, Christie Lee Baird Reynolds. Jeffrey Dirk May, 41, faculty, University of Alaska; wife, Lora Dawn Fleming May.

FESITRANH HONDURAS STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Luis Gerardo Mineros Jácome, 39, manager, Hanes Brand Inc.; succeeding Jose Hernandez; wife, Verónica Raquel Medina Alas. Counselors—Harold Exequiel Padilla Paniagua, 31, mechanic; wife, María Sagrario Gamez Amaya. Victor Manuel Herrera Moncada, 30, engineer; wife, Cybill Ivana Palacios Jiménez.

HENDERSON NEVADA ELDORADO STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Steven Leigh Morris, 46, attorney; succeeding Russell T. Peterson; wife, Lisa Christine Ricks Morris. Counselors—Steven Glade Walton, 54, pilot, Grand Canyon Airlines; wife, Darlene Louise Smith Walton. Steven Wayne Killian, 47, division chief financial officer; wife, Wendy Revill Killian.

HOLLADAY UTAH YSA STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Bruce Young Newton, 55, physician; succeeding J. Scott Featherson; wife, Julie Sloan Newton. Counselors—Benson Lewis Hathaway Jr., 60, lawyer; wife, Laurie Swenson Hathaway. Robert Thatcher Gardiner, 52, CEO, Grandeur Peak Global; wife, Susanne Maria Barth Gardiner.

KUMAMOTO JAPAN STAKE (April 30, 2017): President—Taizo Takahashi, 62, director, Aoba Hospital; succeeding Akitomo Fujita; wife, Miharu Takahashi. Counselors—Wataru Shibata, 58, subsection chief, Kirii Construction Materials Co., Ltd.; wife, Yuko Shibata. Norihiko Semba, 37, employed at Recruit R & D Staffing Co., Ltd.; wife, Mari Fukumoto Semba.

LIMA PERU VILLA SALVADOR STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Martin Roberto Tello Sotil, 45, teacher; succeeding Lorenzo Morocho Castillo; wife, Isabel Cristina Vasquez Jimenez. Counselors—Elebi Tocto Soberon, 42, cook; wife, Hermelinda Jara Casazola. Walter Cesar Salazar Marcelo, 45, commercial consultant; wife, Delia Zapata Castillo.

MEXICO CITY PANTITLÁN STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Mario Alberto García Salas, 39, distributor; succeeding Ricardo Terron Piña; wife, Xochitl Campa Pérez. Counselors—Mario Rosales Valdez, 29, technical support; wife, Joana Lizbeth Sandoval Olivera. Silverio Ortiz Bernal, 47, sales representative; wife, Margarita De la Chica León.

MEXICO CITY TLALNEPANTLA MEXICO STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Guillermo Xan Tinoco Ramirez, 39, logistics manager, Monopark; succeeding Kylar G. Dominguez Zuleta; wife, Karen Gallegos Garcia. Counselors—Carlos Aguilar Alvarez, 56, English teacher; wife, Sandra Angelica Aguilar Arias. Ernesto Vazquez Patino, 39, sales, Calzado Kompressor; wife, Claudia Ivone Segura Gonzalez.

MONTPELIER IDAHO STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Steven Dilworth Hammond, 48, dentist; succeeding Darin S. Dransfield; wife, Julie Anne Scott Hammond. Counselors—Reed Parley Peterson, 70, retired; wife, Ralonna Lee Furniss Peterson. Luke Malcolm Kelsey, 45, principal; wife, Angela Lynn Johnson Kelsey.

MOUNT VERNON WASHINGTON STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—David Alan Flake, 49, seminaries and institutes coordinator, LDS Church; succeeding Randal D. Dickson; wife, Sherilyn Flake. Counselors—Justin Lee Wright, 39, physician; wife, Kellyanne Wright. Benjamin Reynolds McKay, software architect; wife, Jennifer Elizabeth Frazier McKay.

NEW YORK NEW YORK STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Colin Lawrence Cropper, 44, managing director, RBC Capital Markets; succeeding Yoshiya Yamada; wife, Julie Burningham Cropper. Counselors—Norman Lajean Merritt Jr., 46, entrepreneur; wife, Armenay Faye Ouzounian Merritt. Richard Adam Lindsay, 39, founder, Powell Anderson Capital Partners; wife, Katherine Skidmore Daines Lindsay.

OREM UTAH LAKEVIEW STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Steven Morris Glover, 53, professor and associate dean, Brigham Young University; succeeding Brent W. Roberts; wife, Tina Rene Hickman Glover. Counselors—Gary Ray Broderick, 58, owner, Broderick & Henderson Construction; wife, Rebecca Maree Downy Broderick. Daniel Joseph Van Cott, 48, real-estate developer; wife, Emily Morrey Van Cott.

PLEASANT GROVE UTAH GARDEN STAKE (April 16, 2017): President—Brian Wayne Morgan, 40, owner-agent, Farmers Insurance; succeeding Brian D. Bowen; wife, Holly Anna Barbakos Morgan. Counselors—Samuel Robert Lee, 43, program manager, Utah Department of Health; wife, Valerie Adams Lee. Michiel Morse Anderson II, 52, chief software architect, Security Metrics; wife, Kelly Sue Heaps Anderson.

POMALCA PERU STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Ronald Alejandro Sánchez Castañeda, 67, retired; succeeding Anibal Vasquez Sanchez; wife, Martha Maritza Mantilla Villar. Counselors—Segundo Adolfo Gamonal Torres, 50, construction foreman; wife, Rosana Guevara Tinoco. Isaías Víctor Ignacio Valcarcel, 45, payment collector, Avvon; wife, Mirian del Pilar Flores Cotrina.

PORTSMOUTH ENGLAND STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—James Edward Robert Grant, 41, consulting orthodontist; succeeding Mark A. Gilmour; wife, Alison Ruth Tango Grant. Counselors—Steven Mark Taylor, 30, consultant, PA Consulting; wife, Ashton Brynn Curgenven Taylor. Lee Wendel Wilkey, 56, consultant; wife, Julia Miriam Grice Wilkey.

PROVO UTAH MARRIED STUDENT 3RD STAKE (February 19, 2017): President—Gale Joseph Skousen, 56, physician; succeeding Kenneth J. Swenson; wife, Theresa Denise Packard Skousen. Counselors—Dale C. Allred, 61, vice president of operations, Cornaby’s LLC; wife, DeVonne Allred. Sam Joel Coates, 58, psychiatrist; wife, Marina Less Daniel Coates.

RENO NEVADA NORTH STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—David Dean Baggett, 47, owner, North Hills Vet Clinic; succeeding Ren S. Johnson; wife, Kenya Bogart Baggett. Counselors—Bryce Leland Rader, 45, lawyer; wife, Rebecca Lynn Bjornson Rader. Justin Martin Krum, 42, software engineer; wife, Kjerstina Vail Murphy Krum.

SALINA KANSAS STAKE (April 9, 2017): President—Glade LeGrand Topham, 43, associate professor, Kansas State University; succeeding Sterling G. Knapp; wife, Rebecca Dawn Techmeyer Topham. Counselors—Bret Allen Somers, 59, teacher; wife, Juana Juliata Hernandez Somers. John Russell Ruberson, 58, professor, Kansas State University; wife, Mary Lucia Hyde Ruberson.

SANDY UTAH HIDDEN VALLEY STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Charles Louis Cutler, 53, principal/partner, The Insight Group; succeeding L. Todd Budge; wife, Michelle Maxfield Cutler. Counselors—Joseph J. Joyce, 58, attorney; wife, Leslie Susan Taylor Joyce. Douglas Kenneth Smart, 55, owner, Smart Millworks; wife, Koni Kae Esplin Smart.

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA PRAIRIEWOOD STAKE (April 23, 2017): President—Andrew John Manousso, 38, learning and development officer, Department of Corrective Services; succeeding Andrew G. Shum; wife, Maria Karamell Schwenke Manousso. Counselors—Maunaloa Faivakimoana, 54, driver, TNT Express Australia; wife, Siu Ite Vava Taufa Faivakimoana. Ephraim Quentin Katieli, 35, corrective service officer, NSW; wife, Iemaima Katieli.