New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in August 2017

  • 1 September 2017

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Guatemala City Stake. The Guatemala City Don Justo Stake, which consists of the Arrazola, Don Justo, El Pajón, Fraijanes, Las Flores, and San José Pinula Wards, was created by Elder Kevin R. Duncan, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Pablo H. Chávez, an Area Seventy.

GUATEMALA CITY DON JUSTO STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Héctor David Hernández García, 35, finance manager, LDS Church; wife, Emma Cristina Hernández. Counselors—Ever Oraldo García Godinez, 49, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Irma Leticia García. Hans Daniel Ulises Lucas Eguizabal, 43, lawyer; wife, Ingrid Judith Lucas.

A new stake has been created from the O’Fallon Illinois, St. Louis Missouri North, St. Louis Missouri South, and St. Louis Missouri Stakes. The Hazelwood Missouri Stake, which consists of the San Carlos Branch and the Hazelwood, Maryland Heights, St. Charles, St. Peters, and Weldon Spring Wards, was created by Elder Joaquin E. Costa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Brian L. Rawson, an Area Seventy.

HAZELWOOD MISSOURI STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Aaron Timothy Ott, 39, government account manager, Konica Minolta; wife, Melissa Marie Landon Ott. Counselors—James L. Hendricks, 57, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator, LDS Church; wife, Julie Murdock Hendricks. James Andrew Brown, 47, professor, Washington University; wife, Amy Donnelle Keel Brown.

A new stake has been created from the Kissy Sierra Leone District. The Kissy Sierra Leone Stake, which consists of the Calaba Town Branch and the Grassfield, Kissy 1st, Kissy 2nd, Kontoloh, Wellington 1st, and Wellington 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Idyo Raymond Egbo, an Area Seventy.

KISSY SIERRA LEONE STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Idrissa Turay, 34, vice principal, government of Sierra Leone; wife, Feima Florence Turay. Counselors—James E’ttindolo Diawo, 45, civil service worker; wife, Salamatu Diawo. Augustine Moseray, 40, civil servant; wife, Hawanatu Daula Moseray.

A new stake has been created from the Olongapo Philippines District. The Olongapo Philippines Stake, which consists of the Mabayo and Morong Branches and the Cabalan, Calapacuan, Olongapo 1st, Olongapo 2nd, and Olongapo 3rd Wards, was created by Elder Evan A. Schmutz, a General Authority Seventy, and Elder Tomas S. Merdegia Jr., an Area Seventy.

OLONGAPO PHILIPPINES STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Ricardo Aldez Asur, 51, facilities manager, LDS Church; wife, Irene Oduca Viloria Asur. Counselors—Lex Byron Delos Reyes Magrata, 41, administrative manager, Keppel Subic Shipyard; wife, Maureen Barrun Evangelista Magrata. Richard Biangod Abiera, 48, individual contractor, Lazada; wife, Genevieve Muygatigas Abiera.

A new stake has been created from the East London South Africa Stake. The Mdantsane South Africa Stake, which consists of the East London 2nd, King Williams Town, Mdantsane 1st, Mdantsane 2nd, and Mdantsane 3rd Wards, was created by Elder Kevin S. Hamilton, General Authority Seventy, and Jacques A. Van Reenen, an Area Seventy.

MDANTSANE SOUTH AFRICA STAKE (July 9, 2017): President—Kuviwe Mzubanzi Mahlangabeza, 34, project director, Vikinamix; wife, Thobeka Ntwanambi Mahlangabeza. Counselors—Siphiwe Dinana, 31, director, Singamhla Enterprise; wife, Yanga Busuula Dinana. Dereck Brian Knipe, 47, Gray Security manager; wife, Clarisa Pamela Meinie Knipe.

A new stake has been created from the Brooklyn New York, East Brunswick New Jersey, Liberty Park New Jersey, New York New York, Plainview New York, Woodside New York, and Yorktown New York Stakes. The New York New York YSA Stake, which consists of the Brooklyn YSA, East Brunswick YSA, Manhattan YSA, Plainview YSA, Queens YSA, Harlem YSA, Hoboken YSA, Lincoln Square YSA, Manhattan YSA, and Waveny Park YSA Wards, was created by Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder David Buckner, an Area Seventy.

NEW YORK NEW YORK YSA STAKE (June 17, 2017): President—Joel Rees Wiest, 62, chief financial officer, IT’SUGAR; wife, Colleen Holbrook Wiest. Counselors—Bradley Dale Pelo, 54, chief executive officer, SAY; wife, Melody Allen Pelo. Keith Joseph Soressi, 57, executive director, Nassau County Bar Association; wife, Janet Ann Gilligan Soressi.

A new stake has been created from the Puebla Mexico Mayorazgo Stake. The Puebla México Arboledas Stake, which consists of the Castillotla, Dieciseis de Septiembre, El Refugio, Loma Bella, San Ramón, and Tres Cerritos Wards, was created by Elder Paul B. Pieper, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Luis Gonzalo Ruiz, an Area Seventy.

PUEBLA MÉXICO ARBOLEDAS STAKE (June 25, 2017): President—Jose Cirino Campos Lopez, 50, accountant; wife, Reyes Silvia Pavon. Counselors—Hugo Bautista Atlixqueno, 35, self-employed; wife, Nallely Tellez Menclez. Victor Anselmo Zepeda Mata, 35, self-employed; wife, Jessica Hernandez.

A new stake has been created from the San Jose del Monte Philippines Stake. The San Jose del Monte Philippines North Stake, which consists of the Francisco Homes, Kaypian, Minuyan, Santo Cristo, and Sapang Palay Wards, was created by Elder Shayne M. Bowen, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Carlos Revillo Jr., an Area Seventy.

SAN JOSE DEL MONTE PHILIPPINES NORTH STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Omer Dailisan Fernandez, 38, area real estate manager, LDS Church; wife, Amalia Faylogna Brosas Fernandez. Counselors—Rey Verzola Aganon, 41, radio engineer; wife, Lailanie Ayellana. Efren Duano Baconawa Jr., 59, teacher; wife, Daisy Victoriano Vea Baconawa.

A new stake has been created from the Santa Cruz Bolivia Equipetrol Stake. The Santa Cruz Bolivia Viru Viru Stake, which consists of the Valle Sanchez Branch and the Pentaguazu, Satélite, Universitario, Viru Viru, and Warnes Wards, was created by Elder Carlos A. Godoy, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Hernando Camargo, an Area Seventy.

SANTA CRUZ BOLIVIA VIRU VIRU STAKE (July 23, 2017): President—Jaime Osvaldo Diez Salinas, 34, systems operator, National Bank of Bolivia; wife, Amicamys Olga Mustafa Céspedes. Counselors—Lucío Rojas Solano, 49, technical adviser, SMC Bolivia; wife, Gladis Cruz Toledo. Bonifacio Mostacedo Calatayud, 48, assistant dean, Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University; wife, Ynés Verónica Uslar Justiniano.

A new stake has been created from the Senahú Guatemala District. The Senahú Guatemala Stake, which consists of the Chijolom, Seamay 1st, Semarac, and Seriquiche Branches and the Providencia, Santiaguila, Seamay 2nd, Vega, and Yalijux Wards, was created by Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Kevin R. Duncan, a General Authority Seventy.

SENAHÚ GUATEMALA STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Alvaro Cuz Quileb Blas, 28, credit official, Cooperativa Coban; wife, Griselda Coy Quib Miriam. Counselors—Uretru Rogoberto Bol Chub, 29, general cashier; wife, Yaquelines Melgar Mayra. Alberto Coy Ical, 40, financial counselor; wife, Rosa Maria Cuz Quilelo.

A new stake has been created from the Tegucigalpa Honduras Guaymuras, Tegucigalpa Honduras La Esperanza, and Tegucigalpa Honduras Uyuca Stakes. The Tegucigalpa Honduras Villa Olímpica Stake, which consists of the La Travesía, Prados Universitarios, Treinta de Julio, Universidad, Valencia, and Villa Olímpica Wards, was created by Elder Adrián Ochoa, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Johnny Ruiz, an Area Seventy.

TEGUCIGALPA HONDURAS VILLAS OLÍMPICA STAKE (June 25, 2017): President—Guillermo Escoto Rodríguez, 33, project manager, LDS Church; wife, Yessille Christell Mejía Ruiz. Counselors—Evans Reynel Varela Amador, 51, division manager, Hondutel; wife, Lidia Zunilda Mejía. Manuel Odiseo Cerrato Martínez, 51, facilities manager, LDS Church; wife, Guisela Lizeth Carrasco Ponce.

Reorganized stakes

ALTOONA PENNSYLVANIA STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Matthew Bryce Parkinson, 44, engineering professor; succeeding T. Michael Price; wife, Marcia Anne Geertsen Parkinson. Counselors—Robin Quillon, 57, senior vice president and publisher, CNHI Media; wife, Mary Cynthia Wigginton Quillon. Charles William Holland, 58, scientist, Pennsylvania State University; wife, Lacreta Faye Larsen Holland.

ASHTON IDAHO STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Shawn Ronald Dye, 50, self-employed in construction; succeeding G. Hal Harrigfeld; wife, Randa Kay Dye. Counselors—James Acil Hawkes, 58, farm owner; wife, Kathryn Griffeth Hawkes. Jared Douglas Morrison, 43, farmer and counselor; wife, Monica Morrison.

BARCELONA VENEZUELA STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Kevin Eduardo Palmero Villegas, 27, dentist; succeeding Jean Carlos Paz Yance; wife, Yenilyn Josefina Rodriguez Padilla. Counselors—Luis Angel Rodriguez Perez, 34, director, Ministry of Education; wife, Astudy Osmary Careos Itriago. Cesar Augusto Rincones Gamboa, 43, sales supervisor, Actualidad Escolar; wife, Yusmary del Valle Cumana.

BELEM BRAZIL CIDADE NOVA STAKE (October 22, 2016): President—Fábio de Sousa Barbosa, 30, commercial representative, Portal Cargas; succeeding Joaquim dos Anjos Oliveira; wife, Karina Queiroz Pereira. Counselors—Joao Gabriel Andrades da Costa, 28, banker; wife, Elaine Souza dos Santos. Raphael Alves Oliveira, 27, researcher; wife, Sulema Mufarrej Oliveira.

CARTAGENA COLOMBIA LOS ALPES STAKE (July 2, 2017): President—Miguel Antonio Periñan Quintana, 46, operations director, Intership Agency; succeeding Walter Ciro Calderon Revelo; wife, Shirley Paola Camargo Vitoria. Counselors—Juan Carlos Caicedo Castro, 50, self-employed; wife, Lilia Isabel Jinete Alvarez. Antonio Gomez Gonzalez, 45, inventory head engineer, Malteria Tropical; wife, Carla Fabiola Gomez Heade.

CHINANDEGA NICARAGUA STAKE (May 28, 2017): President—Aristóteles Arnoldo Chamorro, 37, contractor, Chamorro Ingeniería; succeeding Joavier R. Guido; wife, Kenia Margoth Ramos Santos de Chamorro. Counselors—Yairon Antonio Avendaño Chamorro, 34, business owner; wife, Marlin Damaris García Murillo. Wilbert Gerald Narvaez Tercero, 42, facilities manager, LDS Church; wife, Fanny del Socorro Zapata Centeno.

CIUDAD VICTORIA MEXICO STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Ernesto Villarreal Mezo, 42, school coordinator, education secretary; succeeding Jose G. Avarez Hernandez; wife, Tapia Wendolin Hernandez. Counselors—Jorge Rangel Garcia, 48, teacher/counselor; wife, Olga Lidia Camacho Castillo. Jose Luis Perales Lopez, 52, counselor, Municipal Presidency; wife, Silvia Castillo Camacho.

DARTMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Joel Daniel Glanfield, 39, mobile application developer, Mindsea Development; succeeding David G. Evans; wife, Heidi Lynn Sykes Glanfield. Counselors—Jonathan Leonard Spinney, 40, multi-program supervisor, Canadian Food Inspection Agency; wife, Andrea Georgina Trembelas Spinney. Bradly Thomas Johnson, 45, director of training, Dexter Construction; wife, Letitia Winegar Johnson.

DENTON TEXAS STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Calvin Griffin, 58, pharmaceutical product manager, McKesson Corp; succeeding Steven B. Petersen; wife, Avemaria Champagne Griffin. Counselors—Jason Lee Labrum, 44, real estate agent; wife, Kimberly Martino Labrum. Michael Brett Stolle, 43, controller, Porter Investments; wife, Elise Linton Stolle.

ENTERPRISE UTAH STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Mark Gayle Evans, 60, manager, Evans Beefmasters; succeeding David N. Barlow; wife, Tamra Lynn Evans. Counselors—Melvin Scott Schill, 54, operations director, Red Cliff Ascent; wife, Jill Murdock Schill. George Kurt Gardner, 52, building official, Washington County; wife, Ramona Wiltshire Gardner.

FEDERAL WAY WASHINGTON STAKE (November 20, 2016): President—Todd Gordon Keeney, 50, chief operating officer, Federal Way Asset Management; succeeding Randal L. Nicholls; wife, Melanie Lynne Stoker Keeney, Counselors—Donald Lynn Blackner, 59, accountant; wife, Marcelle Wells Blackner. Kevin Porter Dueck, 40, IT director, Weyerhauser; wife, Nanci Mae Jacobs Dueck.

FERRON UTAH STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Randy Vaun O’Neil, 58, journeyman maintenance operator, Pacificorp; succeeding David L. Bennion; wife, Lori Ann O’Neil. Counselors—Derri Jim Jewkes, 55, small business owner; wife, Stacey Lou Jewkes. Douglas Eugene Parrish, 60, journeyman operator, Utah Power; wife, Janene Patrick Parrish.

GUATEMALA CITY STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Herman Ernesto Lang Velásquez, 35, owner, LANGCO; succeeding Roberto Gonzalez Santos; wife, Ligia Elena Lang. Counselors—Abner Dodanim Franco Garcia, 30, employed by Corporación Amarillo S. A.; wife, Stephanie Abigail Franco. Juan Pablo Estrada Monroy, 28, pharmaceutical salesman; wife, Alejandra Eugenia Estrada.

HERRIMAN UTAH STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Paige Michael Patterick, 45, pharmacy coordinator; succeeding Gregory K. Ollis; wife, Cameon Marie Patterick. Counselors—Mark Nelson Asay, 59, senior system administrator, AT&T; wife, Deborah Simm Asay. Nathan Lee Garnson, 47, service manager, Doug Smith Autoplex; wife, Trish Peterson Garnson.

HUANCAYO PERU STAKE (June 25, 2017): President—Raúl Skinner Tumialán Huaroc, 32, credit adviser; succeeding Juan J. Prieto Hormaza; wife, Deisy Jakeli Huaman Lara. Counselors—Victor Rodolfo Sierra Puente, 47, legal representative; wife, Yessenia Luz Moreno Maldonado. Edgar Jesús Espinoza Davirán, 42, dentist; wife, Mara Giovana Gutierrez Rojas.

INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Gary Bingham Fuller, 52, global marketing manager, Elanco Animal Health; succeeding N. Strait Hill; wife, Katherine Moon Fuller. Counselors—Robert Mark Baldridge, 54, regional marketing manager, Eli Lilly & Co.; wife, Deborah Lynn Baldridge. Ranson Wallace Weston, 48, software manager, Cummins Inc.; wife, Amanda LaDawn Weston.

LAGOS NIGERIA FESTAC STAKE (June 25, 2017): President—Vincent Chukwuka Inbinedion, 55, executive director; succeeding Emeka David Amajali; wife, Mary Osaru Inbinedion. Counselors—Herbert Member, 49, employed at Topfield; wife, Angela Ifeoma Member. Ueochukwu Benniah Nwaelele, 30, director, Clarionttech Services LTD; wife, Ifeanyichukwu Petra Nwaelele.

LIPA PHILIPPINES STAKE (May 28, 2017): President—Val Umbal Alvez, 47, head of ancillary services, St. Cabrini Medical Center; succeeding Norberto A. Remirez; wife, Alicia Arenas Sabs Alvez. Counselors—Joseph Ramos Balboa, 40, operations supervisor, The Results Companies; wife, Cherie Amoure Ajon Entrolezo Balboa. Jon Patrick Reyes, 33, self-employed; wife, Calixta Clarice Atienza Reyes.

LOGAN UTAH MOUNT LOGAN STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Konrad Stacey Lee, 57, professor, USU; succeeding Paul D. Parkinson; wife, Diane Rae Lee. Counselors—Marvin Wight Fairbourn, 56, engineer/program manager, Orbital ATK; wife, Dana Wilson Fairbourn. Michael Keith Child, 53, business development officer, Lewiston State Bank; wife, Cherie Louise Child.

MASAYA NICARAGUA STAKE (July 9, 2017): President—Juan Bautista Hernández Durán, 30, credit promoter, Oporticredit; succeeding Jose A. Cerda Lopez; wife, Jeylind Jazhira Dávila Cuadra. Counselors—Jonathan Alejandro Masias Delgadillo, 33, project manager, Cause for Hope; wife, Glenda Madelina Chavarria Uriarte. Edwin José López Contreras, 34, zone manager, Cargill de Nicaragua; wife, Arélika Elizabeth Castro Pérez.

MIDVALE UTAH UNION FORT STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Bradley Alan Sheneman, 42, principal, American Preparatory Academy; succeeding Michael J. Suhaka; wife, Elizabeth Cain. Counselors—Craig Wyn Stephens, 63, administrator, Salt Lake Orthopedic; wife, Robin Stephens. William Andrew Baer, 51, controller, Sportsman’s Warehouse; wife, Lesley Colleen Turner Baer.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA MATAHU STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Siosiua Moa Latu, 27, principal environmental officer, Meidecc; succeeding Sosaia M. Neiufi; wife, Adi Asinate Iketau Latu. Counselors—Sione Mohulamu Vaenuku, 41, cleaner, Tonga Service Center; wife, Likitá Vaenuku. Maika Mo’unga, 43, farmer; wife, Eleva Lingikoni Eukaliti Mo’unga.

PARANAGUÁ BRAZIL STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Cristiano Bukarewicz, 39, logistical manager, Grupo Tlog; succeeding Maxwell Davis de Oliveira; wife, Alessandra Mara de Jesus Bukarewicz. Counselors—Ricardo Alves De Lima, 38, employee at Ship Safety—Marine Services; wife, Karine Cristina Cunha Nascimento De Lima. Pablo Alonso Teixeira da Silva, 37, tax analyst; wife, Nadja César dos Santos.

RANCHO CUCAMONGA CALIFORNIA STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Marc Budge Smith, 53, vice president, Ontario Mills; succeeding Charles C. Rich; wife, Gwen Marie Smith. Counselors—Joel Hamilton Wilson, 39, teacher; wife, Darci Yolanda Wilson. Sean Joseph Lanier, 45, special education adviser; wife, Amber Leigh Francis Lanier.

REXBURG IDAHO NORTH STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—John Thomas Zenger, 54, professor, BYU–Idaho; succeeding Christopher W. Moore; wife, Abby Louise West Zenger. Counselors—David Vaughn Hinck, 52, music educator, Madison School District; wife, Julie Anne Thompson Hinck. David Raymond Peck, 44, religion instructor, BYU–Idaho; wife, Catherine Noelle Pendleton Peck.

ROXAS CAPIZ PHILIPPINES STAKE (February 12, 2017): President—Johnny Dogelio Dariagan, 56, associate professor, Capiz State University; succeeding Jesus C. Olivare Jr.; wife, Marylou Cordenillo Bulahan Dariagan. Counselors—Igmedio Valderrama Esmolo, 51, school principal; wife, Tarhata Ballon Baclas Esmolo. John Albert Garcia Burgos Sr., 49, self-employed; wife, Susan Agas Fuentes.

SALT LAKE GRANGER STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Jeffrey Lee Hill, 59, transportation supervisor, Granite School District; succeeding David L. Barker; wife, Sandra Lee Kyle Hill. Counselors—Robert Charles Bentley, 43, instructional designer, Utah Education Network; wife, Jeanette Ann Larsen Bentley. Blake Ray Dalton, 39, seminary teacher, LDS Church; wife, Hillary Liddle Dalton.

SANDY UTAH MIDVALLEY STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—David Roy McDonough, 42, orthodontist; succeeding Kenneth B. Moss; wife, Jennifer Tranter McDonough. Counselors—Rodney Martin Boogaard, 60, assistant director, Utah State Tax Commission; wife, Stephanie Jean Sly Boogaard. Gilbert Tavita, 55, employed by Central Transportation; wife, Ginger Tavita.

SAN JOSE DEL MONTE PHILIPPINES STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Marcos Garcia Alido, 51, operations manager, Universal Steel Smelting Company; succeeding Omer Dailisan Fernandez; wife, Carolyn Baquiran Casiprang. Counselors—Noli Calipayan Angeles, 46, manager, Selegna Graphics; wife, Bernadette Malarato Gervacio Angeles. Edward Aquino Sabio, 35, sales manager, Exxel International Trading; wife, Analyn Cangas Sabio.

SAN SALVADOR EL SALVADOR STAKE (June 18, 2017): President—Hugo Oswaldo Panameño, 38, facilities manager, LDS Church; succeeding Carlos A. Flores Gonzalez; wife, Claudia Rocio Castañeda Vásquez. Counselors—William Ernesto Hernandez Panameño, 49, accountant auditor; wife, Claudia María Alvarado Alvarado. Sergio Augusto Molina Cruz, 29, distribution supervisor, LDS Church; wife, Perlita Yanira Lucha Gerra.

SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA EAST STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Brian Joseph Asbury, 35, orthodontist; succeeding Clark R. Hendrickson; wife, Jacy Dyan Elm Asbury. Counselors—David Earl Hurdsman, 42, electrical engineer; wife, Jennifer Ward Hurdsman. Richard Scott Herrod, 58, dentist; wife, Deanna May Herrod.

SENDAI JAPAN STAKE (July 30, 2017): President—Hideo Migita, 52, Seminaries and Institutes coordinator, LDS Church; succeeding Seiichiro Sugawara; wife, Ykiko Migita. Counselors—Shinya Furukawa, 53, administrative assistant, LDS Church; wife, Reiko Sasaki Furukawa. Satoru Oonuma, 44, office manager, Zija Japan LLC; wife, Mitsuko Oonuma.

SOUTH JORDAN UTAH PARKWAY STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Bryan Jay Hansen, 39, vice president of operations, National Welding Corporation; succeeding Russell C. Neilson; wife, Lindsay Heaps Hansen. Counselors—Ronald Scott Forsyth, 58, reports manager, Church Education Services, LDS Church; wife, Teri Lynn Janss Forsyth. Robert Todd Goates, 55, president, Solutionreach Inc.; wife, Cynthia Ann Young Goates.

SULLANA PERU STAKE (May 28, 2017): President—Juan Manuel Arroyo Riojas, 38, pharmaceutical chemist, Nortfarma S.A.C.; succeeding Christian Roy Inga Dalda; wife, Lady Diana Alama Cruz. Counselors—Jhon Miguel Reyes Sanchez, 33, business owner; wife, Cinthia Mercedes Machero Viera. Jose Frank Sauceda Tume, 27, service consultant, Integral Health Insurance; wife, Sully Maribel Castillo Sanchez.

TOKYO JAPAN STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Noritaka Murakami, 35, manager, Fujitsu Systems Web Technology; succeeding Yoshikazu Yokoyama; wife, Aki Sato Murakami. Counselors—Phillip Mark Dobberfuhl, 44, diplomat, U.S. Embassy Tokyo; wife, Yukiyo Murakami Dobberfuhl. Masahiko Shio, 41, business planner, NuSkin Japan Enterprises; wife, Rieko Enami Shio.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Stanley Matthew Bower, 47, director of operations, The Vancouver Clinic; succeeding Bruce A. Nashif; wife, Susan Elisa Petrie Bower. Counselors—Steven Clyde Ard, 56, senior director, Ontario Systems; wife, Mary Ann Hansen Ard. Steven Lynne Nicholson, 47, sales director, Matheson Tri-Gas; wife, Lynelle Barrowes Nicholson.

VERONA ITALY STAKE (May 28, 2017): President—Andrea Cordani, 41, Italy Prime and Delivery Exp. leader, Amazon; succeeding Massimo Botta; wife, Danielle Shumway Cordani. Counselors—Ether Simoncini, 39, self-reliance manager, LDS Church; wife, Alessia Farinazzo Simoncini. Luciano Giacomo Benigni, 54, freelance credit collector in legal cases; wife, Daniela Benigni di Bella.

VOLTA REDONDA BRAZIL STAKE (June 4, 2017): President—Irineu Ribeiro Francisco, 33, commercial manager, Mais Telecom; succeeding Jose Benedito da Sa; wife, Tatiana de Faria Lustosa Francisco. Counselors—Ericson Akhenaton da Silveira, 40, process engineer, Racing Automotive; wife, Carine Nogueira Rocha Silveira. André Luis Lopes de Oliveira, 33, lawyer; wife, Thuany Oliveira Reboucas.

WASHINGTON UTAH EAST STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Steven Robert Searle, 50, self-employed, real estate finance; succeeding R. Brant Jones; wife, Tonie LuAnn Crippen Searle. Counselors—Jonathan Merl Prince, 61, CEO, Data Smart Solutions; wife, Joni Clement Prince. Jared Bradley Bowler, 43, real estate agent; wife, Amy Louise Perry Bowler.

WAYNESBORO VIRGINIA STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Jeffry Dee Waite, 62, general manager, Wal-Mart; succeeding C. Thomas Carter; wife, Sherrie Tuckett Waite. Counselors—Michael Roy McCleve, 55, associate director of leadership, James Madison University; wife, Connie Marie McCue McCleve. Jason Aaron Papin, 41, professor, University of Virginia; wife, Sarah LeAnne Swaner Papin.

WEST JORDAN UTAH EAST STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Patrick Kevin Lewis, 32, senior research and development engineer, Varian/Varex Imaging; succeeding Randy H. Bowler; wife, Dixie Lee Chisholm Lewis. Counselors—Wayne Dickerson Southwick, 64, property insurance claims, State Farm Insurance; wife, Janene Ellen Berrier Southwick. Phillip Lance Todd, 47, product manager, DMBA; wife, Brigitte Sue Bowers Todd.

WEST JORDAN UTAH WELBY STAKE (June 11, 2017): President—Richard Glenn Law, 49, probation officer; succeeding Michael J. Chappell; wife, Marci Lyn Bowcutt Law. Counselors—Darin Mark Dickson, 53, director of end-user computing, Intermountain Healthcare; wife, Tiffany Holt Dickson. Lance M. Pearson, 43, project manager, T-Mobile; wife, Lisa Pearson.