New Easter Web Page Focuses on Resurrection

  • 27 March 2013

Browse the Easter Gospel Topics page for videos, images, talks, and other resources for teaching and learning about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

In the April conference of 1986, President Howard W. Hunter said that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most fundamental and crucial doctrine in the Christian religion. He explained that it cannot be overemphasized or disregarded. The Church has launched a new Easter web page with the Resurrection message at its core at It is filled with resources that bear witness of the importance of this miraculous event.

The purpose of the new page is to invite families to understand the Resurrection and sacred mission of the Savior Jesus Christ through prophetic messages, videos, music, quotes, and scriptures. For example, on the Easter website homepage, a message from President Thomas S. Monson declares the divinity of the Savior and testifies of His life and ministry.

Families will enjoy learning and studying together from the many sources brought together in one place about the role of the Savior. The content is also easy to share with friends and individuals who are not members of the Church. For example, the page features many inspired Bible videos produced by the Church that can be enjoyed and shared with others through email and links.

The resource will remain online and be updated periodically with new content. It can also be accessed in Gospel Topics under the Teachings tab on or at under the keyword “Easter.”