More Gospel Art Now Available for Home Use

Contributed By Larry Richman, Church News contributor

  • 22 December 2014

The Church is making more gospel artwork and images available for printing and using in the home.

The Church is phasing out the printing of the large 11-by-17-inch printed pictures used in meetinghouse libraries in favor of using the Gospel Art Book and digital pictures online at

However, the Church now provides more options for gospel pictures in the home:

  • Selection of 16-by-20-inch printed pictures, suitable for framing
  • Selection of high-resolution pictures you can download and print on your own
  • Selection of 5-by-7-inch printed pictures
  • Gospel Art Book with 137 pictures, most in 8.5-by-11-inch size

16-by-20-inch Printed Pictures

The Church now offers the following 20 pictures printed in a 16-by-20-inch size, suitable for framing. They sell for $2.50 each at

Christ and the Samaritan Woman, Carl Bloch (item #67086)
Christ with Children, Minerva Teichert (item #67092)
Detail from Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, Heinrich Hofmann (item #67081)
Detail from Christ with Boy, Heinrich Hofmann (item #67080)
Detail from Christ’s Image, Heinrich Hofmann (item #67083)
He Is Risen, Del Parson (item #67084)
Jesus Healing the Blind, Carl Bloch (item #67089)
John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus, Greg Olsen (item #67090)
Joseph Smith Jr., Alvin Gittins (item #67096)
Moroni Burying the Plates, Tom Lovell (item #67097)
Praise to the Man (Joseph Smith), Jon McNaughton (item #67098)
Rescue of the Lost Lamb, Minerva Teichert (item #67091)
Restoration of the Melchizedek Priesthood, Walter Rane (item #67094)
The Angel Moroni Appears to Joseph Smith, Tom Lovell (item #67099)
The Birth of Jesus, Carl Bloch (item #67085)
The Desires of My Heart (First Vision), Walter Rane (item #67095)
The Last Supper, Carl Bloch (item #67087)
The Lord Jesus Christ, Del Parson (item #67082; also in 11-by-17-inch size, 62572 for $1.00)
The Second Coming, Harry Anderson (item #67093)
The Sermon on the Mount, Carl Bloch (item #67088)

High-Resolution Pictures to Download and Print

The Media Library now offers over 160 pictures that you can download in high-resolution so you can print them on your own. This high-resolution size (2,400 by 3,000 pixels at 150 DPI) provides a very nice quality up to a 16-by-20-inch size.

See the collection of high-quality images for print on (You can navigate to this section on by selecting Resources > Media Library in the main menu, then select Images, then choose the category High Quality Images for Print. Or just go and select the category.

5-by-7-inch Printed Pictures

The Church continues to print the following 5-by-7-inch pictures available at

Brother Joseph (item #80878)
Calling of the Fishermen (item #80208)
Christ with Children (item #64002)
Christ and the Children (item #80242)
First Presidency (item #63051)
First Vision (item #80213)
Jesus Christ (item #80938)
Jesus Praying in Gethsemane (item #80612)
John Baptizing Jesus (item #80725)
Joseph Smith, the Prophet (item #80190)
Mary and the Resurrected Lord (item #80210)
Second Coming (item #80722)
The Lord Jesus Christ, Del Parson (item #64001)
Thomas S. Monson (item #06891)

Gospel Art Book

The best resource for pictures in the home is the Gospel Art Book, a spiral-bound book in 8.5-by-11-inch size with 137 color pictures for use in gospel learning and teaching. Most of these pictures are also available online at Learn more about the Gospel Art Book.

Images Online

Before using any of these images, please consult the Rights and Use Information page (link found at the bottom of every page on That page explains the conditions upon which you may view, download, and print material from for your personal use. Note that some images are marked “Do Not Copy.”