Moment: A Cycle of Service

  • 26 February 2015

Oftentimes when people give, in time they reap the blessings of receiving. 

Article Highlights

  • Jay, who helped a woman out in her time of need, is blessed when she is the one to return his lost toolbox.

Jay Kennedy is a plumber by trade. He is an honest, diligent worker. He is kind and caring and a loving husband and father. When someone is in need, he is readily available. His wife, Kristi, stands by his side, supporting his generous acts of giving.

While he was attending church, an announcement was made from the pulpit that a young boy had passed away and the family needed help.

Kristi leaned over to Jay, “Give the biggest bill you have in your wallet,” she suggested. And he did.

They both recognized the name of the family as members of their stake. They weren’t personally acquainted with them, however. Nevertheless—without hesitation—Jay contributed. He and Kristi later learned that the contributions were helpful and appreciated by the family.

Not long after, Jay was driving through a nearby town. Unbeknownst to him, as he drove over a hill his toolbox slid out of the back of his truck. He continued on.

When Jay discovered his loss, he was devastated. Plumbing was his livelihood and the income he had to support his wife and seven children. He wasn’t financially able to replace the tools immediately. They were valuable and expensive. His search and backtracking was unsuccessful, and his equipment was gone.

Eventually, two women discovered the toolbox on the side of the road. They decided to attempt to locate the owner. Jay’s daughter’s name was written on the tool case, making the search successful.

The women delivered the tools to Jay. Naturally, he was relieved and most appreciative. After further discussion—and learning the women’s names—he realized one of the women was the mother of the boy who had lost his life.

Jay had contributed to the woman in her time of need, and she had unintentionally repaid him by returning his work provisions. Often when people give they—in time—reap the rewards of receiving.

—Dawna Reynolds, Highland Hills Ward, Tacoma Washington Stake