Liahona, Friend Share Stories from the Prophet’s Life

Contributed By By Carolyn Carter, Church News and Events

  • 16 August 2012

During 2012 and 2013, the Liahona and Friend magazines will feature stories about President Thomas S. Monson's childhood.

Article Highlights

  • The Liahona and Friend began publishing stories about President Monson's life this month.
  • The stories include meaningful lessons President Monson learned as a boy.
  • Issues of the magazines are also available online at

During 2012 and 2013, the Liahona and Friend magazines will feature several stories written by Heidi S. Swinton about President Thomas S. Monson’s boyhood years. The “Follow the Prophet” stories teach gospel lessons through short biographical pieces from President Monson’s life, quotes from President Monson, and interactive games.

The first story was published this month in the Liahona and Friend, commemorating President Monson’s August 21 birthday. “Learning to Serve Others” relates several experiences where President Monson, as a young boy, learned how to be a good friend and neighbor.

The stories illustrate meaningful lessons “Tommy” learned during his boyhood years about prayer, service, and priesthood duties. The underlying theme connecting each story is that Heavenly Father uses His children to reach out and help those in need.

Sister Swinton has commented that President Monson, who is known for his storytelling ability, is not simply entertaining people when he shares experiences—he’s inviting people everywhere to do and become something.

“[President Monson] doesn’t call them ‘stories’ anyway,” Sister Swinton said. “They’re ‘true experiences’ or ‘true accounts.’ And what he’s teaching us [through these accounts] is that in every corner of our lives, in every interaction with others, there is an opportunity to make a difference.”

Parents and Primary leaders can read the series beginning this month. Audio and/or text versions of the Liahona are available at Find issues of the Friend online at Extra copies of the Liahona are available in 48 languages through the Online Store, Distribution Centers, or local priesthood leaders (item number 10488).