Appearance, Menus to Evolve Over Time

Contributed By Camille West, Church News

  • 22 January 2015

An updated look and other upcoming changes are the first in a series of improvements that will make more personalized and easy to use.

Article Highlights

  • Ever-changing technology and Church needs mean will need to evolve over time.
  • Improvements include an updated appearance; menu and navigation changes will come later.

“We are always striving to make more intuitive and easy to use.” —Jeff Isom, director of is getting a new look in a release scheduled for early February, the first in a series of improvements meant to make the official Church website more personalized and easy to use.

According to Jeff Isom, director of, the Church’s approach for adapting to meet the needs of members “is one of evolution, not revolution. This means we will make regular small improvements to the site instead of less frequent, large changes,” he said.

All of the resources and tools visitors are accustomed to using on will continue to be available. For now, the menu and navigation will remain the same, but the evolution of changes will eventually culminate in a new navigation menu structure and user experience, similar to that found in the Gospel Library mobile application.

“We recognize that any change can be frustrating for regular site visitors who have learned to find a resource in a certain location. However, with a site as large and complex as, change is necessary to stay current with Church needs and technology changes. We are always striving to make more intuitive and easy to use.”

Those who work on the website regularly review user feedback, conduct research, and seek direction from Church leaders to identify what should change on, he said.
The changes will affect all language sites andcountry communication pages (country websites).
After the February release, visitors to will see the following new features:

  • Appearance changes
  • New My Account and Ward selector
  • New Country and Language selector
  • Addition of menu navigation and search options to country communication pages

Appearance Changes
In an effort to provide visual consistency, better readability and user experience, and an updated design across the site, some visual elements will change. The most noticeable change will be the background color changing from blue to white.

Some upcoming changes to include changing the background color from blue to white.

New My Account and Ward Selector

This selector found at the top of the all pages on the website will replace the Sign-In/Tools link and will feature content options in an easier-to-read, more mobile-friendly drop-down menu.

The new My Account and Ward selector makes it easy for visitors to find personalized information.

New Country and Language Selector
This selector, also found at the top of the website, will replace the language selector, making it easier for members to find local content for their area on their country communication pages.

The new Country and Language selector helps visitors to select their language and find local content for their area.

Addition of Menu and Search Options to Country and Area Communication Pages
Country communication pages will now include the same navigation menus found on (Scriptures, Teachings, Resources, and News). This means when members visit their country communication page for local content, they can also easily access Church resources without needing to open If they do navigate to, they can easily return.
In addition, users will be able to choose between site-specific search options (whether to search their local content only, or all of content).

The addition of the menu structure to local pages means visitors don’t have to leave local pages to access scriptures and other resources.

Feedback Requested
As with all attempts to improve online resources and experiences for members, Church designers and developers encourage patience and flexibility throughout the process. To help ensure these and other upcoming changes are meeting members’ needs, users are invited to provide feedback. Simply scroll to the bottom of and selectFeedback.

Visitors to can help improve the site by submitting feedback.