LDS Missionary Dies in Taiwan

  • 15 April 2016

Elder David Smith Hampton, right, died in a bicycle accident April 12 while serving in the Taiwan Taichung Mission.  Photo courtesy Taiwan Taichung Mission blog.

A young missionary who died Tuesday, April 12, in Taiwan ended every letter home with the phrase “It is not about you.”

Elder David Smith Hampton’s parents, Steve and Cyndi Hampton, said in a statement to the media that they have chosen to live by that saying as they mourn his loss.

“In each of his letters, he expressed his pleasure to be on a mission,” they said. “It was hard work, but it was a blessing for him and for us. And we know it will continue to be a blessing for us.”

Elder Hampton, age 18, died from injuries he received when he was struck by a car while riding his bicycle in the Taiwan Taichung Mission.

His parents reported to KSL-TV that their son’s foot slipped off the pedal and tipped his bike into traffic. He was transported to a local hospital but died due to head trauma and other injuries.

The accident was nobody’s fault, his parents said, and they expressed their gratitude for their son’s service.

“People might think it’s so sad his life has been cut short, his life has been ruined,” Sister Hampton said. “His life hasn’t been ruined. He had a great life here on earth, and he’s going to have a great life in the afterlife. God’s in charge, and we just need to trust Him and He will bring us home.”

Elder Hampton was an Eagle Scout and was close to his four sisters, one of whom serves as a missionary in Tahiti.

Elder David Smith Hampton, third from right, was killed April 12 after his bicycle tipped into traffic; he was serving in the Taiwan Taichung Mission. Photo courtesy Taiwan Taichung Mission blog.