Kyiv Ukraine Temple Dedicatory Prayer Excerpts

  • 2 September 2010

Kyiv Ukraine Temple


“We dedicate unto Thee and unto Thy Son this, the Kyiv Ukraine Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

“We are grateful for the completion of this beautiful temple, Thy holy house. We ask that Thou wilt bless all who have made possible its building—the officers of the government, the architects and the builders, and all who have contributed to this glorious day of dedication, including faithful members here and throughout the world who have imparted their tithes.

“We offer profound gratitude that Thou sent to this earth Thine Only Begotten Son, who gave His life as our Savior and our Redeemer. The Atonement brought about by Thy Son gives purpose to our being and turns our thoughts heavenward. . . .

“The plan of salvation, taught in the temple with simplicity yet power, will be as a neverfailing beacon of divine light to guide our footsteps and keep them constantly on the pathway to eternal life.

“We seek to be like Thee; we seek to pattern our lives after the life of Thy Son; we desire righteousness for ourselves and our children and our children’s children. We plead with Thee to make us worthy to inherit the fulness of those blessings found only in Thy holy temples—even those blessings which grow out of a continuation of the family unit forever.

“We seek Thy help, Father, to make our homes havens of peace and safety and happiness. In our families, may we pray with purpose and study Thy gospel with determination. . . .

“We dedicate unto Thee and unto Thy Son this, the Kyiv Ukraine Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. We dedicate it as a house of baptism, a house of endowment, a house of sealing, a house of righteousness for the living and for the dead. . . .

“May this house provide a spirit of peace to all who observe its majesty and especially to those who enter for their own sacred ordinances and to perform the work for their loved ones beyond the veil. Let them feel of Thy divine love and mercy.

“As we dedicate this sacred edifice, we rededicate our very lives to Thee and to Thy work.”