Get Personalized, Printable Pass-Along Cards on

Contributed By By Sonja Carlson, Church News staff writer

  • 30 January 2014

You can create your own personalized pass-along cards through your profile.  Photo by Larry Richman.

Article Highlights

  • Church members who have a account can now print off personalized pass-along cards.
  • Personalized pass-along cards allow for an exchange of information and a greater chance something will come out of the exchange.
  • Another way to share the gospel is by sharing profiles on social media sites.

Church members who have accounts with can now print off pass-along cards personalized with their profile information to hand out to people with whom they wish to share the gospel.

“Personalized printed pass-along cards in English and Spanish were added to the site in November 2013,” said Ron Wilson, senior manager of Internet and advertising for the Church.

Members and missionaries alike are now using either the feature or something similar to spread the gospel.

In a recent blog post on, Larry Richman, director of product awareness and evaluation for the Church, explained how to create the cards.

Users can simply log into their profile and click “Share This Profile” and “Print Card,” Brother Richman said in his post.

The Canada Halifax Mission is working to implement a “personalized pass-along card movement” with the tool.

The mission had been working on the movement even before launched the personalized pass-along card feature and had been using the “I’m a Mormon” pass-along cards the Church offers.

“We don’t have a big mission, but in the last three months we’ve given out 40,000 ‘I’m a Mormon’ pass-along cards,” said Canada Halifax Mission President Brian Leavitt.

The mission plans on extending the movement to include the personalized pass-along card feature.

President Leavitt said that giving someone a personalized pass-along card leaves room for an exchange of information (such as email addresses) and a greater chance that something will come out of such an exchange.

Lee Lovell, ward mission leader for the South Bay Young Single Adult Ward in the Torrance California Stake, presented a similar idea to his ward.

“I was looking at the ‘I’m a Mormon’ cards one day and thought it would be awesome to get one custom printed with my name on it,” he said. “That is when I thought of the idea. It is simple: print a simple message on an address label that links to a person’s profile and stick it on the back of the card. This way, members of our ward can have a simple and non-pushy way of leaving a pass-along card. There is also space for a phone number if the member chooses to leave it.”

Brother Wilson said that the new, personalized pass-along cards offer members a simple way to share their beliefs.

“A member could print a card and then share it with a friend,” he said. “What could be more simple than handing the card to a friend with the following approach: ‘I’ve shared some personal thoughts on a website and I value your opinion; would you check it out and let me know what you think?’”

Brother Wilson said other ways to utilize for missionary work include sharing profiles with social media and blog buttons, which can also be found at