Find Helpful Temple Information in Latest Version of LDS Tools Mobile App  

Contributed By Camille West, Church News

  • 1 April 2017

The newest version the LDS Tools mobile app makes it easier for you to attend the temple, with new features like reminding you when your recommend is about to expire.

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  • The lastest version of the LDS Tools app now includes helpful temple information.

If you've used the LDS Tools mobile app, you know it is a handy way to contact people in your ward and stake. But did you know the latest version of LDS Tools also makes it easier for you to attend the temple?
New features in version 3.2.0 of LDS Tools for iOS and Android let you see what temple you're assigned to, find the five nearest temples, contact a temple or learn when it is scheduled to close, and be reminded before your recommend expires.
See what temple you're assigned to

Each time you access the Temples section, it defaults to your assigned temple. See a photo and its address, phone number, email address, ordinances schedule, scheduled closures, offered services, and important milestones. For iOS devices, select More > Temples > My Temple; for Android devices, select Menu > Temples > Mine.
Find the five nearest temples

If the temple you are assigned to is closed for cleaning or renovations, or you're on the road traveling, LDS Tools identifies five temples nearest your current location. Simply select “Nearest” from the menu at the top of the temple screen.

The latest version of LDS Tools lets you view helpful information about your assigned temple, the temples nearest your current location, or any temple around the world.

The LDS Tools app provides information about all of the Church’s more than 150 operating temples, so if you're traveling, you can learn about upcoming sessions and other helpful information.

Contact any temple or learn when it is scheduled to close
The LDS Tools app provides all the information you need about the Church’s more than 150 operating temples.

If you need the phone number or address of a temple you plan to visit, see when the temple is scheduled to close, or learn whether you can rent temple clothing, simply select “All temples” from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen and pick which temple you want to know more about.
Be reminded before your recommend expires
Eliminate last-minute stress over an expired recommend. If your recommend is active, the first time you access the Temples section in the LDS Tools app, you'll be asked if you want to be reminded to renew your recommend before it expires.

At any time you can go to Settings and select your preferred reminder time period (between 2 to 8 weeks). (If your recommend has expired, you won't see this prompt.)

Other features

In addition to ward and stake directories and temple information, LDS Tools provides access to event calendars and maps for locating Church meetinghouses. If you're a leader, you can can use the app to access membership information and reports to help you do your calling.

For Android devices, download LDS Tools in the Play Store. For iOS devices, download the app from the App Store.