Church Video Reminds Mothers “You Are Enough”

Contributed By Eliza Smith-Driggs, Church News staff writer

  • 8 May 2020

“If children are enough exactly the way they are, then you are enough exactly the way you are” is the message of a Church video appropriate for Mother’s Day.

As Mother’s Day approaches, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints promoted a video reminding mothers and women all around the world that “you are enough.”

“We recognize women everywhere who put in mental, emotional, and spiritual work to strengthen relationships, care for others, and hear God’s voice. You are enough. #HearHim #MothersDay,” a recent post said.

The 60-second video depicts mothers taking care of their children inside the home—laughing and crying with them—as well as mothers and women working outside the home.

Phrases of acknowledgment, validation, and encouragement that first seem to be directed to the children in turn quickly apply to the women—of varying ages and circumstances—featured in the video.

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