Church Sends Supplies to Tonga after a Devastating Cyclone

  • 22 January 2014

The 14 Latter-day Saint stakes on the island of Tongatapu, Tonga, donated flour, rice, sugar, clothing, and drinking water for the relief of the heavily damaged Ha'apai Islands. Here Church members are loading the supplies onto the MV Pulupaki for immediate shipment.

The Church rushed emergency supplies from Tongatapu to the Tongan island of Ha’apai on Monday, January 13, following a devastating cyclone.

A boat from Nuku’alofa arrived in Ha’apai, carrying water donated by the Church, as well as food, chain saws, water filters, generators, and other emergency supplies.

Latter-day Saints on Tongatapu also gathered from their homes large amounts of food, clothing, blankets, and other items, which were added to the Church’s aid shipment and sent to Ha’apai overnight.

“The cyclone that has wreaked havoc on Tonga has now cleared the Pacific nation after causing one death and damage to buildings and power and communication systems,” according to a report in the New Zealand Herald.

Some of the emergency supplies donated by Latter-day Saints and others on Tongatapu, shipped to communities on Ha'apai after Cyclone Ian, January 2014. Photos from Mormon Newsroom Pacific.