Church Releases iPad Version of November 2013 Ensign

Contributed By Camille West, News and Events

  • 1 November 2013

The Church is encouraging iPad users to download the interactive version of the November 2013 Ensign magazine.

Article Highlights

  • A digital, interactive version of the November 2013 Ensign is available for iPad.
  • The interactive magazine is easy to navigate and includes audio, video, and more.
  • Download the app from the Apple App Store and provide feedback.

The Church has released a digital version of the November 2013 conference issue of the Ensign magazine for iPad users.

The issue is free as part of the LDS Ensign app from Apple’s App Store. To find and download the free app, use this direct link, or search for “LDS Ensign” and look for the magazine cover shown above. Those who have previously downloaded the app will receive the most recent content.

In December of 2011 the Church released the first prototype of the magazine app based on the November 2011 conference issue of the Ensign.

The latest release is part of the Church’s ongoing efforts to assess the digital publishing platform. Users’ feedback based on their experiences using the interactive magazine on their tablet are welcome and helpful for the Church to determine how it will use digital publishing with Church magazines and other products, as well as for other operating systems. To comment, please use the link available at the top of the issue’s contents page.

The interactive Ensign includes easy navigation, audio and video clips, additional images and photographs not available in the printed version, and links to related content on

For example, improved navigation allows you to easily find and access content using a thumbnail view of each page and a miniature table of contents. Tap on a portrait of a Church leader in the organizational chart of Church leaders and the biography of that leader will appear. Jump to a specific talk or enlarge a photo with the touch of a finger. Watch a video, or listen to an entire talk while you read it.

Once you’ve downloaded the issue, you don’t need Internet connection to play the embedded audio files. If you are connected, you can play videos and link back to pages on, such asgeneral conference,, or