Church Releases First Video in New Book of Mormon Videos Series

Contributed By Danielle Christensen, Church News staff writer

  • 20 September 2019

Book of Mormon Videos, 1 Nephi 1–2, Season 1, Episode 8, depicts Lehi's family as they sail to the promised land on the ship built by Nephi (Lehi's son) and his brothers (Laman, Lemuel and Sam).

“It is our hope that these videos will lead to increased study and understanding of the teachings of the Book of Mormon.” —The First Presidency

The first episode in the Book of Mormon video series has been released.

Opening with a scene of Jerusalem set at about 600 B.C., the video shows the first and second chapters from the first book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. In these chapters, the prophet Lehi receives a vision that the city of Jerusalem will be destroyed because of their wickedness.

Although Lehi attempts to warn the people, he is mocked for his teachings and is directed by the Lord to flee to the wilderness with his family.

The Book of Mormon videos will available on, in the Gospel Library app, and on the new Book of Mormon Videos YouTube channel, which includes an option to subscribe. Shorter video segments of each episode will also be provided. Still photography from the production will be released with each episode.

The filming of the video series has taken place at the Church’s Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, and at the “Jerusalem Movie Set” in Goshen, Utah. The Church is currently shooting the third season of Book of Mormon videos, which includes content from King Benjamin to the time of Alma the Younger. (See related story.)

President Russell M. Nelson tweeted about the Book of Mormon video series on September 20, and how he hopes that they will support members’ studies of the scripture—in 2020, the Come, Follow Me curriculum will focus on the Book of Mormon.

I am happy to share with you information about the release of the new Book of Mormon Videos series.

Our desire is that these videos will not replace your scripture study but rather support and enhance your personal and family study of the Book of Mormon.

— Russell M. Nelson (@NelsonRussellM) September 20, 2019

The First Presidency in a September 20 letter encourages Latter-day Saints to use the videos at home and at church and to use them to introduce others to the gospel.

“It is our hope that these videos will lead to increased study and understanding of the teachings of the Book of Mormon,“ they stated. “The videos should support but not replace personal study of the Book of Mormon. . . .

“As we use and share this video series, our faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be strengthened and we will find ourselves participating more fully in the gathering of Israel in and through the Book of Mormon.”

In a Church News article, Sister Reyna I Aburto, Second Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency and a member of the video project’s steering committee, spoke of how the new series of videos will help people have a closer connection with the Book of Mormon.

“This is going to make such a big difference in so many lives, because the truths that are contained can change lives. These videos are going to help with the process, because they hopefully are going to bring people to the book,” she said.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 2, 1 Nephi 3–5 illustrates when Lehi sends his sons (Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi) to Jerusalem to obtain sacred records. They miraculously succeed despite challenges and internal conflict.

According to Newsroom, the release dates of subsequent Book of Mormon videos will be the following:

  • September 27: Nephi Is Led by the Spirit to Obtain the Plates of Brass |1 Nephi 3–5
  • October 4: Ishmael’s Household Joins Lehi’s Family | 1 Nephi 7
  • October 11: Lehi Sees a Vision of the Tree of Life | 1 Nephi 8
  • October 18: The Lord Guides Lehi’s Journey | 1 Nephi 16
  • October 25: The Lord Commands Nephi to Build a Ship | 1 Nephi 17–18
  • November 1: Lehi’s Family Sails to the Promised Land | 1 Nephi 18
  • November 8: Lehi Gives His Family a Final Blessing | 2 Nephi 1–4
  • November 15: The Nephites Separate from the Lamanites | 2 Nephi 5
  • November 22: Jacob Teaches of the Atonement of Jesus Christ | 2 Nephi 6–10
  • November 29: Nephi Teaches the Doctrine of Christ | 2 Nephi 31–32
  • December 6: Nephi Records His Final Testimony | 2 Nephi 33
  • December 13: Jacob Teaches about Pride and Chastity | Jacob 2–3
  • December 20: Sherem Denies Christ | Jacob 7
  • December 27: Enos Prays Mightily | Enos 1

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 1, 1 Nephi 1–2 depicts how the Lord directs Lehi (a prophet) to flee Jerusalem with his wife, Sariah, and his four sons—Laman, Lemuel, Sam and Nephi.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 3, 1 Nephi 7 depicts when Ishmael's family joins Lehi's sons. Laman and Lemuel (Nephi's brothers) bind Nephi, whose faith saves him. All is forgiven, and the journey continues.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 4, 1 Nephi 8, depicts when Lehi (a prophet) has a vision filled with symbolism. Central to his vision is the tree of life and the eating of its fruit.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 6, 1 Nephi 16, depicts the families of Lehi (a prophet) and Ishmael (Lehi's loyal friend) as they continue their journey through the wilderness and are guided by the Lord in faith.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 1, Episode 7, 1 Nephi 17–18 shows Nephi (a prophet) following the Lord's commandment to build a ship despite persecution from his elder brothers (Laman and Lemuel).

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 1, Nephi 1–4, depicts Lehi teaching that Jesus Christ is central to God’s plan of salvation and that those who follow the Savior and keep His commandments will be blessed.

Book of Mormon Videos Seasons 2, Episode 2, 2 Nephi 5, illustrates when Nephi’s older brothers (Laman and Lemuel) are angry with him and desire to kill him. The Lord warns Nephi (a prophet) and his people to leave and settle in a new land.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 3, 2 Nephi 6–10, depicts Jacob, a Book of Mormon prophet, rejoicing in the wisdom of God in providing a Savior for mankind.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 4, 2 Nephi 31–32, shows Nephi (a prophet) teaching his people about baptism and Jesus Christ. He explains that they must press forward in following Christ, with perfect hope in Him; love God and all people; and feast upon the words of Christ.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 5, depicts 2 Nephi 33 in the Book of Mormon. This chapter explains that the scriptures contain the words of Jesus Christ and teach us to do good. If we truly believe in Christ, we will believe the scriptures’ words.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 6, Jacob 2–3 shows when Jacob (a prophet) warns the people about their pride and asks them to seek the kingdom of God.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 7, Jacob 7, depicts when Sherem preaches against the doctrine of Christ and demands a sign. He is smitten by the power of God and dies after confessing his sins to the people.

Book of Mormon Videos Season 2, Episode 8, Enos 1, shows when Enos (a prophet) prays to God and is forgiven of his sins. He also prays for his people the Nephites, then for the Lamanites. Finally he asks the Lord to protect the records of his people.