Church Materials Now Published in EPUB Format

  • 1 June 2011

Article Highlights

  • Church materials have been made available through EPUB formatting.
  • Materials in EPUB format have approval for translation.

Electronic reading device users can now access Church materials through the EPUB format.

EPUB, or electronic publishing, is a format that allows text to be read on electronic reading devices such as Nook, iBook, and Sony Reader.

“The purpose is to make the Church materials more accessible to the members of the Church who prefer to use electronic reading devices,” Rob Jex, scriptures coordination director, said.

Manuals, scriptures, study helps, and general conference talks are now available in EPUB format.  Find materials available in EPUB format.

Currently the Church’s existing EPUB materials are in English, but Brother Jex said that plans for translation have been approved. “The goal is to publish key reference materials in this format in many languages,” he said.