Church Magazines to Publish “Ministering Principles”

  • 1 June 2018

A ministering sister visits with her friend.

Beginning in June 2018, the Ensign and Liahona will present a ministering principle each month to strengthen members in their ministering efforts.

The new Ministering Principles feature in the magazines is designed to help members grow in their efforts to minister to each other. The June issue, for example, teaches “Five Things Good Listeners Do,” and the July issue discusses how to “Reach Out in Compassion.”

A new principle will be published each month, easily accessed in the printed magazinesonline, and in the Gospel Library app. Find all principles in one place online.

First Presidency and visiting teaching messages, which were closely associated with the home and visiting teaching programs, were discontinued in connection with President Russell M. Nelson’s announcement during the April 2018 general conference that ministering was replacing home and visiting teaching. Ministering Principles supports the new, unified program.

Messages from the First Presidency and other leaders will continue to be included in the magazines and in other Church channels, such as The First Presidency, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and other general leaders and officers of the Church communicate with members worldwide using many methods, including live events, social media, email, Church websites, Church News, and Church magazines, in addition to frequent travel to meet with members in person.

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