Church Announces Presidents of New and Reorganized Stakes

  • 28 January 2015

The Church announced in January 2015 the recently called presidents of new and many reorganized stakes throughout the world.

Article Highlights

  • Stake presidents have been called to preside over new and several reorganized stakes throughout the world.


A new stake has been created from the Fort Smith Arkansas, Springdale Arkansas, Tulsa Oklahoma East, and Tulsa Oklahoma Stakes. The Bartlesville Oklahoma Stake, which includes the Pawhuska and Skiatook Branches and Bartlesville 1st, Bartlesville 2nd, Bartlesville 3rd, Claremore, Cleveland, Elm Creek, Independence, Owasso, and Ranch Creek Wards, was created by Elder Allan F. Packer of the Seventy and Elder Michael L. Southward, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Huehuetenango Guatemala Calvario Stake and Huehuetenango Guatemala Zaculeu Stake. The Huehuetenango Guatemala El Centro Stake, which includes the Malacatancito and Tojocas Branches and the Cerrito del Maiz, El Centro, El Prado, La Viña, and Las Flores Wards, was created by Elder Carlos H. Amado of the Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Ipatinga Brazil District. The Ipatinga Brazil Stake, which includes the Caratinga and Coronel Fabriciano Branches and the Bethânia, Esperança, Governador Valadares, Ipatinga, and João Monlevade Wards, was created by Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis of the Seventy and Elder Luiz M. Leal, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Orlando Florida Stake. The Lake Mary Florida Stake, which includes College Park YSA, Lake Mary, Longwood, Oviedo, Sanford, and Tuskawilla Wards, was created by Elder Don R. Clarke of the Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Lubbock Texas and Roswell New Mexico Stakes. The Lubbock Texas North Stake, which includes the El Llano, Plainview, and Quaker Heights Branches and the Clovis, Frenship Mesa, Heritage, Portales, and Shadow Hills Wards, was created by Elder Michael John Teh of the Seventy and Elder J. Romeo Villarreal, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Houston Texas North, Klein Texas, and Spring Texas Stakes. The Woodlands Texas Stake, which includes the College Park, Glen Loch, Magnolia 2nd, Montgomery, Sam Houston YSA 1st, Spring, The Woodlands 1st, and The Woodlands 2nd Wards, was created by Elder Gregory Schwitzer of the Seventy and Elder Michael L. Southward, an Area Seventy.

BARTLESVILLE OKLAHOMA STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Matthew Lane Bell, 38, managing director of SRS, LLC; wife, Jennifer Dawn Gentry Bell. Counselors—Craig Thompson Barker, 61, director of Phillips 66; wife, Maurine Pearl Later Barker. Gary Michael Mawby, 49, supply chain vice president at BAMA Co.; wife, Monique Renee Payne Mawby.

IPATINGA BRAZIL STAKE (Aug. 31, 2014): President—Hériton Santos Campos, 33, mechanical technician; wife, Lucirley Gonzalves Ferreira Campos. Counselors—Bruno Magalhaes Lima, 25, owner of Wizard; wife, Gabriela Do Arado Porais Pires Lima. Luiz Henrique Franca, 42, commercial supervisor at Nortel; wife, Tania Augusta de Almeida.

HUEHUETENANGO GUATEMALA EL CENTRO STAKE (March 9, 2014): President—Hector Humberto Garcia López, 35, legal aide; wife, Mirna Vanessa López Ruano. Counselors—Froilan Otilio Herrera Velasquez, 53, CES coordinator; wife, Marta Elizabeth Mota Catux. Fredy Leopoldo Vásquez Garcia, 26, project supervisor for the Church; wife, Evelyn Carolina Garcia Vásquez.

LAKE MARY FLORIDA STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Brent Richins Holladay, 60, chief deputy clerk/chief information officer at the Lake County Clerk of Courts; wife, Dana Vorwaller Holladay. Counselors—Kenneth Howard Roberson, 49, senior vice president, client adviser at Seaside National; wife, Tiffany L. Nagel Roberson. John Davis Amos, 53, engineering director at Siemens; wife, Michelle Evette Wright Amos.

LUBBOCK TEXAS NORTH STAKE (Sept. 14, 2014): President—Thomas Griff Kimball, 44, associate professor at Texas Tech University; wife, Melissa Richins Kimball. Counselors—Jeffrey Heber Cluff, 43, attorney; wife, Nicole Yardley Cluff. George M. Chappell, 38, president of Southwest Cheese Co.; wife, Holly Marie Malmgren Chappell.

THE WOODLANDS TEXAS STAKE (Nov. 10, 2014): President—Ernest Kent Richter, 58, human resource manager at ExxonMobil; wife, Jane Ann VanderStek Richter. Counselors—Howard Lloyd Stutz, 53, general manager at Anadarko Petroleum Co.; wife, Lee Ann Trapp Stutz. Alton Craig Sorensen, 48, oil and gas manager at Brenntag; wife, Melanie Graff Sorensen.


CLEARFIELD UTAH NORTH STAKE (Dec. 7, 2014): President—Hal Daniel Gardner, 45, co-owner of Oil-Well, Inc.; succeeding Grant E. Johnson; wife, Deanna Lyn Hadfield Gardner. Counselors—Douglas Wayne Carter, 50, data operations supervisor with the U.S. Air Force; wife, Pamela Kaye Carpenter Carter. Karl Louis Anderson, 52, vice president of operations at RC Willey; wife, Lesle Pratt Anderson.

COCHABAMBA BOLIVIA LOS ALAMOS STAKE (Oct. 19, 2014): President—Elvis Eladio Castro López, 42, literature teacher; succeeding Jose Luis Fernandez Oliva; wife, Norka Rocha Castro. Counselors—Jorgg Benedicto Mollinedo Bacarroza, 52, education counselor; wife, Martha Pimontel Velasquez. Angel Gustavo Lareo Soria, 34, English systems at UNITEPC; wife, Carla Aurora Romero Navio.

DECLO IDAHO STAKE (Nov. 22, 2014): President—Jeffrey Craig Johnson, 56, farmer; succeeding Gary B. Harper; wife, Jeanette Spencer Johnson. Counselors—Jared Chapman Johnson, 52, dentist; wife, Nanette Beck Johnson. Neil M. Harper, 56, president of River Valley Manufacturing; wife, Laura Dedrickson Harper.

EL CENTRO CALIFORNIA IMPERIAL VALLEY STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Keith Robert Smith Sr., 63, teacher; succeeding Jimmie A. Sanders; wife, Lynn Burnette Smith. Counselors—David Lewis Despain, 71, facilities manager for the Church; wife, Sandra B. Bingham Despain. Jacinto Cruz Jiminez, 70, insurance agency owner; wife, Virginia Alicia Borgetti Armenta.

GRAHAM WASHINGTON STAKE (Nov. 23, 2014): President—Daniel W. Wells, 38, doctor; succeeding John R. Almond; wife, Kirsten Ann Sorensen Wells. Counselors—Neil Bruce Gardner, 63, owner of Gardner Dental Lab; wife, Valerie Richards Gardner. Robert Timothy Jay, 51, chief financial officer at Lee Johnson Auto; wife, Sherri June Latvenas Jay.

GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA EAST STAKE (Nov. 23, 2014): President—Michael Ray McClellan, 44, succeeding J. Benoit Duquette; wife, Tasi Lynn Dever McClellan. Counselors—David William Coltrin, 40, product marketing senior director at Denny’s Inc.; wife, Lisa Stevens Coltrin. Bryan James Fore, 48, vice president at Fresenius; wife, Terry Lynn Christopher Fore.

HUEHUETENANGO GUATEMALA CALVARIO STAKE (July 6, 2014): President—Élder Eduardo Vásquez Garcia, 43, electrician; succeeding Oscar A. Gutierrez Tomas; wife, Marlene Lissette Sosa Vásquez. Counselors—Luis Arturo Gonzalez Villatorio, 38, business owner; wife, Ana Lucrecia Gordillo González. Juan Carlos Méndez Garcia, 37, accountant; wife, Ana Maria Escobedo Méndez.

HUEHUETENANGO GUATEMALA ZACULEU STAKE (July 6, 2014): President—Carlos Adolfo López Rivas, 34, school principal; succeeding Héctor H. García López; wife, Claudia Maribel Gutiérrez López. Counselors—Wilmer Humberto Gutiérrez Galindo, 44, lawyer; wife, Liliana Elizabeth Rodriguez Gutiérrez. Enio Isau Estrada López, 41, sales adviser at Imerca; wife, Rosa Amanda Vidal Estrada.

KINGWOOD TEXAS STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Lars Peter Neilson Jr., 57, vice president of marketing at Harbor America; succeeding Allen L. Paulsen; wife, Michelle Moffat Neilson. Counselors—Steven Vance Goodman, 49, North America energy leader at Egon Zehnder; wife, Leslie Andrea Xanos Goodman. Chin-Yo Lin, 45, professor at the University of Houston; wife, Heidi W. Doust Lin.

LA PAZ BOLIVIA CALACOTO STAKE (Aug. 10, 2014): President—Héctor Kenny Quintanilla Morodias, 48, institute instructor; succeeding Juan C. Pozo Uria; wife, Neith Santa Cruz Leon Quintanilla. Counselors—Cesar Alfonso Gregorio Navia Gutierrez, 46, properties administrator; wife, Ivone Ligia Pereyra Escobar. Felix Gonzilo Bendeja Taboada, 61, manager of a soccer school; wife, Isabel Céspedes Machicado.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA REDROCK STAKE (Nov. 16, 2014): President—Mitchell Carl McClellan, 53, broker at Southern Highland Realty; succeeding R. Jeffrey Parker; wife, Mary Lou Young McClellan. Counselors—John Thomas Steffan, 53, partner at Hutchison & Steffen; wife, Stephanie Heaton Steffen. Jon Sydney James, 59, podiatric surgeon; wife, Susan Lorraine Erickson James.

LAYTON UTAH KAYS CREEK STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Eric Clinton Lillywhite, 55, program manager at Northrop Grumman; succeeding Allen G. Webb; wife, Lorene Karen Wright. Counselors—Grant E Whitesides, 62, retired project manager; wife, Terri A. Bradshaw Whitesides. Erik Brown Cooley, 58, chief operating officer at Equity Real Estate; wife, Judy Bowles Cooley.

LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Steven M. Rudd, 52, attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; succeeding Mark A. Bragg; wife, Jennifer Lew Fong Rudd. Counselors—Ian Anthony Puente, 40, general counsel at Samuel Goldwyn Films; wife, Melissa Devon Schneider Puente. Nephy Gerardo Nuñez, 50, manager at Alpine Signs; wife, Ismelda Madrid.

OSHAWA ONTARIO STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—David Guy LaFrance, 46, managing partner of Traverse Financial Corp.; succeeding Marcelo V. Ulloa; wife, Lori Dawn King LaFrance. Counselors—Domenic Mario Maglioli, 46, teacher; wife, Connie Teresa Bazin Maglioli. Alex Iain Walcer, 37, teacher; wife, Keri-Ellen Boerstra Walcer.

OTTAWA ONTARIO STAKE (Oct. 19, 2014): President—Terry Stephen Nemeth, 54, vice president of the public sector at Terus Communications; succeeding Dennis A. McAteer; wife, Roxanne Gay Kubota Nemeth. Counselors—Robert Michael Graham, 44, director at Service Canada; wife, Lesley Carol Strachan Graham. George Lincoln Piper, 55, owner of Rockcliffe Wealth Advisors Inc.; wife, Cathrine Mae Lee Piper.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA STAKE (Nov. 16, 2014): President—Richard Cameron Walker, 62, real estate salesman with ReMax; succeeding Stephen J. Klenk; wife, Patricia Clinger Walker. Counselors—Paul Stephen Modrell, 61, sergeant in Los Angeles Police Department; wife, Lynda Ann Ashmore Modrell. Salvatore Emanuele Palilla, 56, owner of Santoro’s Sub Sandwich; wife, Penny Gay Jones Palilla.

ORLANDO FLORIDA STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Robin Ray Smith, 57, manager of business development at AAR Airlift; succeeding Brent R. Holladay; wife, April Rebecca Conner Smith. Counselors—Michael Jason Hawkes, 52, pilot for Southwest Airlines; wife, Cynthia Denise Lodholm Hawkes. Kerry Clyde Tait, 36, insurance agent; wife, Stacy Jensen Tait.

REXBURG IDAHO SOUTH STAKE (Nov. 23, 2014): President—William Bryan Teuscher, 55, civil engineer; succeeding Randall D. Sutton; wife, Nancy Lyn Clark Teuscher. Counselors—Darrell Selwyn Cheney, 66, insurance salesman; wife, Kathryn Harrop Cheney. Chris Morell Allison, 51, religion instructor at BYU–Idaho; wife, Rachelle DeAnne Barton Allison.

RICHMOND VIRGINIA MIDLOTHIAN STAKE (Dec. 7, 2014): President—Brooks Wesley Baltich, 44, State Farm agent; succeeding Michael S. Waters; wife, Shirley Andereina Ochoa Baltich. Counselors—Mark Thomas Garofaio, 64, retired; wife, Jerri Lyn Adrekersham Garofaio. Christopher Allen Sorensen, 38, guidance counselor; wife, Amanda Dee Miller Sorensen.

SANTO DOMINGO DOMINICAN REPUBLIC SAN GERONIMO STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Jhon López Soriano, 43, institute director; succeeding Yoset Morla; wife, Katy Altagracia Jimenez Cespedes. Counselors—David Kennedy Vidal Varona, 47, regional property manager for the Church; wife, Vesenia Oreaga Cuello Vidal. Luis Rafael Navarro Feliz, 33, sales manager for NVA printing; wife, Nolvia Gricelda Mejiá.

SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI SOUTH STAKE (Nov. 9, 2014): President—Shawn Keith Shanklin, 45, manager at Ochsner; succeeding Brian K. Chandler; wife, Joella Jo Monteith Shanklin. Counselors—Reed H. Petty, 58, senior manager of IT at FedEx Services; wife, Janet Stapley Petty. Timothy Martin Scott, 45, director of direct sales and operations at Bass Pro; wife, Kerry Harmer Scott.

TIJUANA MEXICO LA MESA STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Elmer Noe Mastachi Lechuga, 41, medical representative; succeeding Roman Barroteran Monjie; wife, Nancy Maria Escallia Fuentes. Counselors—Hector Madera Sanchez, 54, medical representative; wife, Rojas Mcdil Pilar Sanchez. Pablo Gabriel Mancera Ramos, 46, marketing manager; wife, Pizano Liliana Ruiz.

TULSA OKLAHOMA STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Scott Weldon Stratton, 49, Delta flight officer; succeeding Gerald A. Roberts; wife, AnnaLisa Chamberlain Stratton. Counselors—Kenneth Louis Hunt, 59, partner at Hall Estill; wife, Cynthia Tanner Hunt. James Charles Slater, 53, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Andrea Black Slater.

WEST JORDAN UTAH WESTLAND STAKE (Nov. 16, 2014): President—Lincoln Mark Barlow, 45, vice president of Fidelity Investments; succeeding Don A. Allred; wife, Kimberley Anne Douros Barlow. Counselors—Gary Lee Hillman, 60, software engineer; wife, Valerie Munk Hillman. Oscar Omar Canals, 66, linguist; wife, Beatriz Belhot Canals.

WINNIPEG MANITOBA STAKE (Oct. 19, 2014): President—Joshua Matthew Gruninger, 35, critical care clinical assistant; succeeding Allan N. Robison; wife, Jill Jordana Fletcher Gruninger. Counselors—Richard Renald John Baronins, 53, architect; wife, Christine Ann Pescitelli Baronins. Christopher David Palmer, 36, trader at CWB; wife, Chasity Lee Pilling Palmer.

YOKOHAMA JAPAN STAKE (Nov. 2, 2014): President—Nobuyuki Sakai, 46, lecturer at Aoyama Grakuin University; succeeding Ito Akinori; wife, Etsuko Shimano Sakai. Counselors—Norimitsu Numano, 47, team leader at Manpower Group; wife, Keiko Hashimoto Numano. Yukiya Shio, 42, team leader at System Orico Co. Ltd.; wife, Naomi Sagara Shio.