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Sister Julie B. Beck

President of the General Relief Society Presidency 2007-2012

Julie Bangerter Beck was serving as the first counselor in the General Young Women Presidency prior to receiving her call to direct the Church’s women’s service organization.

As a child she learned to speak Portuguese when she lived in Brazil with her parents and 10 brothers and sisters while her father served as mission president.

She is a graduate of Dixie College and Brigham Young University.

Beck was a full-time homemaker prior to her service in the Young Women general presidency.

Beck and her husband are the parents of three children.

General conference talks

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Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief SocietyOctober 2008 General Conference

What Latter-day Saint Women Do Best: Stand Strong and ImmovableOctober 2007 General Conference

Mothers Who KnowOctober 2007 General Conference

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Full Name Julie B. Beck


Place of Birth Granger, Utah, United States