Call for Christmas Performance Submissions

    20 October 2020

    Call for Submissions

    We know traditional Christmas concerts and performances may look a little different for many this year. But we want to celebrate the season with you. So, Temple Square Performances invites choirs, instrumental groups, and musical ensembles to Light the World by recording your own performances (adhering to your local COVID-19 regulations) and allowing us to include them in virtual concerts to be broadcast from Temple Square throughout the Christmas season. This call for submissions is open to everyone, including school, community, and religious groups, and friends of all faiths. The number of concerts will be determined by how many performances are submitted.

    Please send us your submissions by November 15, 2020. Videos must be appropriate for broadcast by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Details about the submission process are included in the FAQs below. A performance schedule, including broadcast time(s) and location(s), will be available on this page as the season approaches.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    Some anticipated questions are addressed below. If you have further questions or would like clarification, please contact us at

    When is the deadline?

    Please submit your videos by November 15, 2020 for the best chance of being included in a broadcast.

    What music and performances are appropriate?

    Music selections should be appropriate for a general audience and may include a variety of fun and light-hearted holiday songs as well as inspiring and worshipful Christmas songs. We encourage songs from various cultures and traditions and welcome original songs as well.

    We want to include performances from everyone that we possibly can. Because these performances will be published on a Church website, we ask participants to follow Church dress standards. We ask that clothing be at least knee-length, cover the stomach and shoulders, and not low cut in the front or back. Also, please avoid clothing with brand logos and small patterns.

    Who can submit a performance?

    Any size group is welcome, from small ensembles to full choirs and instrumental groups. Solo performances will be accepted, but priority will be given to groups and ensembles. Again, please follow COVID-19 restrictions for your location.

    What types of performances can be submitted?

    Be creative, we would love to see what you come up with. Choral and vocal ensemble music, instrumental pieces, and music videos are all welcome.

    How many songs can I submit?

    Each group may submit up to two videos. If an entity has more than one performing group, for example a university with multiple choirs, each group may submit up to two videos.

    How many performance broadcasts will there be?

    The number of performances will be based on number of submissions we receive. Schedule information will be available on this website as the Christmas season approaches.

    Are there preferred technical specifications?

    • Videos should be shot horizontal (landscape) in high resolution. They should be delivered in .MP4 or .MOV format.
    • Quality audio recordings are important.
    • No speaking or introduction of your piece is needed.
    • Creativity in video editing such as alternate angles and transitions are welcome but not required. There is no need to fade into or out of your video. Not having fades helps us when editing the videos together.
    • The technical specifications below would be helpful to us for your video submissions. If you do not have the capabilities to meet these, please still send your video in whatever format you are able. We will still try and use them! Don’t let these be a roadblock to joining us in the celebration.

    Video Specs  

    • 1080i
    • Frame Rate of 29.97
    • Pro Res 422 or DNxHD 145 or highest bit rate codec possible
    • .mov or .mxf wrapper preferred
    • Not vertical
    • Not 4K

    Audio Specs  

    • Stereo
    • 48000 kHz
    • 24 bit

    Will my entire video be used?

    It may be necessary for us to use only parts of some performances, due to the limited number of broadcasts and formatting edits required to create those broadcasts. For the same reason, it may not be possible for us to use all submissions received. Please know it is our intent to include as many performances as possible.

    How do I submit my video?

    • Videos should be emailed to by November 15th.
    • You may send the videos via whichever platform is most comfortable for you, I.e. WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
    • Each musical selection submitted must be accompanied by the following forms. In other words, if a group submits two songs, the following two forms must be filled out and submitted for each song individually.
      • The Creative Works Unlimited License. Digital copies of the completed agreement are acceptable.
      • A completed copy of the Video Submission Information form which provides us details about your group and performance.

    What forms need to be filled out to accompany the video?

    • Each musical selection submitted must be accompanied by the following forms. In other words, if a group submits two songs, the following two forms must be filled out and submitted for each song individually.

    How will I know if my submission is used?

    All submissions will receive a notification of their airing dates and times. A full schedule of performances will be available and updated on this page as the season approaches.