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Jobs in Social Services

Have you considered a career in social services? These employees work in the Church’s Welfare Services department, assisting individuals in their efforts to become self-reliant by helping them overcome barriers to employment or increasing their education. They also help individuals overcome social and emotional challenges and addictions and strengthen their marriages and families.

LDS Family Services Counseling Photos. Man talking with a counselor

Job coaches work one-on-one with those in need, encouraging behaviors that improve employment prospects. Development counselors provide career assessments, coordinate and fund vocational training, help arrange on-the-job training opportunities, and help individuals obtain the skills and experience that will lead to successful future employment. In addition, LDS Family Services helps Church leaders in the U.S. and Canada care for individuals with social and emotional problems or addictions by providing them with resources that are in harmony with gospel principles.

If one of these roles is a good match for your skill set, look for job openings for the following positions:

Social Services and Counseling Jobs

  • Counselor
  • Development Specialist
  • Job Coach

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