Information Technology

As we grow ever more reliant on technology as a means to communicate, the Lord is hastening His work by attracting the best and brightest IT talent to leverage innovative technology to spread the gospel to the world.

IT employees help make available vital Church programs, events, and resources such as general conference,,,, Member Tools, and Gospel Library—as well as many other systems that function behind the scenes to enable the smooth operation of a growing, global Church. These employees support the Church workforce and enhance Church members’ lives through and dozens of affiliated websites.

From web development careers to network engineering and UX design jobs, you can find many employment opportunities in technology at the Church:

Jobs in Business Intelligence, UX, Database, and More

  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Database engineer
  • Infrastructure and operations engineer
  • Interaction and user experience designer
  • Network engineer
  • Portfolio analyst
  • Product and project managers
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Security analyst
  • Software and web developer
  • Systems engineer

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