Program Overview

    EnglishConnect is an English-language learning program designed to help learners increase their English proficiency in a gospel-centered environment. EnglishConnect courses help learners act in faith to develop English skills, which can increase educational and vocational opportunities.

    EnglishConnect is made up of several courses, each designed for learners with specific needs, resources, and backgrounds.

    The descriptions below outline each course, including its objectives and requirements. More information on each of these programs is available in the course manuals.

    EnglishConnect 1 and EnglishConnect 2

    • Objective: Basic English conversation skills
    • Learner requirements:
      • Be age 12 or older.
      • Be literate in their native language.
      • Know the Latin or Roman alphabet and phonics.
      • Have internet access.
      • Practice English 10 hours each week.
    • Curriculum: Common daily conversation topics
    • Who should attend?
      • EnglishConnect 1 is for new to high-beginner learners.
      • EnglishConnect 2 is for high-beginner to low-intermediate learners. It builds on EnglishConnect 1.
    • Note: For those areas with no internet access or learners with limited computer skills, leaders may choose to use the manual Learn English Now. Learn English Now includes both learner and instructor resources in one manual and covers the same material as EnglishConnect 1 and EnglishConnect 2 combined.

    EnglishConnect 3

    • Objective: Academic English preparation in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
    • Learner requirements: Learners must achieve a qualifying score on the placement exam (available through online registration).
    • Curriculum: A weekly gathering focused on speaking and listening skills; online self-paced practice activities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing


    • If learners choose to enroll in PathwayConnect, they will have opportunities to develop advanced level English proficiency.
    • Visit for more information.