EnglishConnect is a unified family of English-language learning products. EnglishConnect courses are designed to help learners increase their English proficiency in a gospel-centered environment. Developing English proficiency can lead to increased academic and vocational opportunities.

    EnglishConnect 1 and 2 help beginning-level learners:

    • Develop basic English conversation skills.
    • Prepare for EnglishConnect 3.

    EnglishConnect 3 helps intermediate-level learners:

    • Develop academic and employment listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
    • Prepare for PathwayConnect.

    Note: EnglishConnect 3 is currently in development and may not yet be available in your area.

    PathwayConnect is offered through BYU–Pathway Worldwide (see byupathway.lds.org for more information). PathwayConnect helps learners:

    • Develop advanced-level English proficiency.
    • Pursue higher education and improved employment opportunities.

    Join an EnglishConnect 1 or 2 Course

    To participate in an EnglishConnect 1 or English Connect 2 course, follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Attend the Class

    Contact local Church leaders or missionaries to learn about available EnglishConnect 1 and 2 classes. When you attend the class, your instructor will help place you in the correct course.

    Step 2: Obtain Course Materials

    After you have attended class and been placed in a course, download the course materials and prepare for the next class session. Click here to download the materials from the Course Materials page.

    If a printed manual is not provided by your instructor, you may order a printed manual.

    Click here to order a printed manual.

    Step 3: Use Online Learning Resources

    Use the links below to practice during the week.

    EnglishConnect 1: Online Learning Resources

    EnglishConnect 2: Online Learning Resources