February 7, 2017

    BYU–Pathway Worldwide

    President Uchtdorf announcing BYU–Pathway Worldwide

    BYU–Pathway Worldwide (BYU–PW) has been created to address the growing demand for Church Educational System (CES) online higher education programs throughout the Church. This will allow CES to more effectively serve online students, help them acquire marketable skills and find employment, and infuse them with faith, hope, and confidence in Jesus Christ.

    BYU–PW is affiliated with all the other CES institutions and will be led by President Clark G. Gilbert, who reports directly to the Commissioner of the Church Educational System. BYU–PW will be headquartered in Salt Lake City.

    BYU–PW is responsible for running Pathway and will coordinate all other CES online higher education certificate and degree programs, including English language certification, technical and skills-based certificates, and online degrees. BYU–PW will determine the curricular needs of the online students and will coordinate the development and implementation of appropriate online courses by CES institutions. Those courses will culminate in online certificates and degrees that are granted by the already accredited CES institutions. BYU–PW will not be responsible for primary or secondary education support.

    An online instructor will guide BYU–PW students through online courses offered by the accredited CES institutions. Students will also gather at a local institute or meetinghouse in approved Pathway sites for academic group discussions, religious education, and workshops. Religious education will be an essential part of every program offered through BYU–PW. Discussions and workshops will be designed to help students with their spiritual development, academic progress, and employment acquisition.

    BYU–PW will manage the worldwide network of Pathway sites and the gathering activities that take place at those sites. This includes working with local priesthood leaders and institute directors to open new sites approved by the Church Board of Education, as well as ensuring that ongoing programs serve students’ spiritual and temporal needs. BYU–PW will also provide advising services for online students.

    BYU–PW will work closely with Self-Reliance Services (SRS) to help students gain access to local educational institutions, where appropriate, and find local internships and jobs. This partnership between BYU–PW and SRS includes matters of curriculum development, career services, and student services. BYU–PW will leverage SRS relationships and resources to coordinate local advising and career services at Pathway sites.  It will also ensure that SRS workshops and CES programs continue to coordinate and, where appropriate, integrate. This will be especially important for English language instruction, where CES and SRS are working on a shared curriculum. Additionally, completion of SRS workshops can lead to enrollment in CES or other technical and skills-based certificate programs.