For Little Friends Stories

  • “Harry Shares” (March 2020 Friend)
    A young boy sees a girl who is sad, so he shares toys with her. Includes a find it activity.
  • “Drawing Conference Words” (May 2020 Friend)
    Tina and Troy draw pictures of words they hear at general conference. 
  • Jesus Christ’s Church” (April 2020 Friend)
  • Olivia asks her dad what the word restoration means and he shows her a simple object lesson with blocks to teach what it means. 
  • “Jalen Helps His Sister” (August 2020 Friend)
    Jalen loves helping his younger sister learn how to do things.
  • “A Helper Like You” (February 2019 Friend)
    Jaylen watches her brother helping neighbors and then her. Includes an activity.
  • “A New Sunbeam” (December 2019 Friend)
    Hugo goes to Primary for the first time. Includes a simple finding activity.
  • “Amelia’s Growing Body” (August 2019 Friend)
    A young girl learns how to take care of her body. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Big Sister Madelyn” (November 2016 Friend)
    Madelyn helps her mom take care of her baby brother when her mom is sick
  • “Beautiful Things” (June 2015 Friend)
    Find some beautiful things Heavenly Father created in this beach picture.
  • “Blair Chooses the Right” (September 2016 Friend)
    Blair spends the day making good choices.
  • “Building Together” (February 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Ashley learns that Jesus created everything.
  • “Caleb’s Bedtime Prayer” (June 2016 Friend)
    Caleb learns what to pray for in this story for young children.
  • “Daddy’s Song” (November 2015 Friend)
    Carlan is comforted by her dad singing Primary songs after she has a bad dream.
  • “Day and Night” (February 2018 Friend)
    A story for young children about Reese experiencing the morning and the night. Includes an activity to match animals awake with the animal asleep.
  • “The Doll in the Green Dress” (October 2015 Friend)
    Hannah shares a doll with her sister.
  • “Ellie Helps Clean the Church” (December 2018 Friend)
    A story of a young girl who helps her family clean the church building. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Evelyn’s Temple Testimony” (January 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Evelyn gives a talk about the temple in Primary.
  • “Flashlight Family Night” (April 2016 Friend)
    A story for young children about having family home evening with flashlights after the lights go out.
  • “General Conference Breakfast” (October 2016 Friend)
    Jacob helps his family get ready for general conference by helping make breakfast. Includes a conference coloring activity.
  • “A Gift From Heavenly Father” (March 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Isabelle testifies that Jesus is God’s greatest gift.
  • “Good Friends” (September 2017 Friend)
    Jessie visits her friend Kaitlyn and helps and plays with her. Includes an activity to identify colors on a playground.
  • “The Good-Night Train” (August 2015 Friend)
    A read-aloud poem and activity about getting rid for bed.
  • “Heavenly Stepping-Stones” (January 2018 Friend)
    Shannon learns about some steps she can take to follow Heavenly Father even though she is too young to do things like be baptized and go to the temple.
  • “Henry and the Corn Maze” (November 2016 Friend)
    Henry and his mom say a prayer for help when they get lost in a corn maze.
  • “I Know That Jesus Loves Me” (April 2015 Liahona and Friend)
    Looking at pictures of Jesus helps Laney be reverent during sacrament meeting. For young children.
  • “Joel’s Family Christmas Tree” (December 2016 Friend)
    A story for young children about decorating a family Christmas tree. Includes a craft to create a Christmas ornament.
  • “Kylie’s Parents” (January 2017 Friend)
    Kylie has traits in common with her earthly and Heavenly parents. Includes a simple matching activity.
  • “The Laundry Monster” (May 2016 Friend)
    Ana wants to keep playing instead of putting her laundry in the basket. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Lemonade for Grandpa” (July 2016 Friend)
    Emily shares her lemonade with her grandpa. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Little Builders” (June 2017 Friend)
    Three children and their dad build a fort together.
  • “Maggie Goes to Church” (October 2018 Friend)
    A story for young children about a girl going to church with her family. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Max and Mia Save the Day” (April 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Siblings Max and Mia are service super heroes!
  • The Nativity Story” (December 2015 Liahona and Friend)
    An illustrated retelling of the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • A New Feeling” (September 2015 Liahona and Friend)
    Gabriel feels the Holy Ghost when his mother reads about Jesus talking to children in the Book of Mormon.
  • “Packing for Grandma’s House” (February 2020 Friend)
    A young girl can’t fit everything she wants in her bag when she goes to grandma’s, so she picks something that will bring her comfort: a picture of Jesus.
  • “Parker’s Pumpkins” (October 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    When Parker grows up, he wants to be a missionary like his brother Eric.
  • “Prayers and Butterflies” (July 2017 Friend)
    Sarah draws pictures for her injured grandma and suggests that her family pray for her.
  • “Racing Rules” (August 2018 Friend)
    Lelah follows her family rule and stays on the driveway while riding her bike.
  • “Sharing the Sabbath Day” (June 2019 Friend)
    Tomás invites his friend to join his family for some Sunday activities.
  • “Skyler’s Nativity” (December 2017 Friend)
    A story for young children about Sklyer helping with a Nativity play. Includes a simple counting activity.
  • “A Song For Grandma” (May 2013 Friend)
    When Grandma is sick, Lily cheers her up with a song.
  • “The Sparkly Rock” (June 2015 Friend)
    Laney shared the beautiful beach with her aunt who was sick at home.
  • “Tara’s Sabbath Day” (April 2018 Friend)
    See the things Tara does to make her Sunday a happy day. Includes an activity.
  • “Taya’s Scripture Time” (October 2019 Friend)
    Taya reads the scriptures with her family and then knows the stories her teacher tells in Primary.
  • “The Temple Grounds” (July 2015 Friend)
    Poem about being on temple grounds and looking forward to going inside.
  • “The Trike Race” (April 2015 Friend)
    Brandon lets his friends win.
  • “Two Friends, One Coat” (January 2019 Friend)
    Two girls takes turns using a coat during recess after one forgets to bring hers to school and is cold.
  • “Who Loves You” (September 2015 Friend)
    Heavenly Father sent you to be a very special part of your family who love you.
  • “You Can’t Wrap a Horse!” (December 2016 Friend)
    A family talks about gifts that you can’t wrap.