I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

  • "Cooking Basics" (March 2013 Friend)
    Includes basic vocabulary, instructions, and a related scripture.
  • “Dress for Success” (September 2013 Friend)
    Tips for clothing care. Includes a basic recipe.
  • “Get Moving!” (February 2014 Friend)
    Tips for exercising as well as a quote about those who are physically unable to serve a full-time mission.
  • “Giving Gratitude” (November 2013 Friend)
    Instructions on writing a thank-you note, a recipe, and a letter to readers.
  • “Manners Matter” (August 2014 Friend)
    Basic etiquette at meals, while talking, and wherever you go.
  • "Meet and Greet with Confidence" (May 2013 Friend)
    Includes a recipe for sweet potato fries.
  • "Money Matters" (July 2013 Friend)
    Includes a recipe for a cheesy tuna melt.
  • "Setting Goals" (January 2013 Friend)
    Includes a quote from President Monson about missionary service and a thought from Preach My Gospel about goals.
  • “Time for a Talk” (June 2014 Friend)
    Ideas for organizing and giving a talk in church.