• “A Blue-Ribbon Friend” (May 2020 Friend)
    Preston sees kids making fun of the drawings of a boy named in Jacob in his class. Preston’s asks for one of Jacob’s drawings and enters it into a contest. 
  • What’s on Your Mind Question: “I know someone who’s being bullied. I want to stand up for them, but I don’t know how. What can I do?” (May 2020 Friend)
  • “The Apology” (January 2020 Liahona and Friend)
  • Minchan K., age 11, from South Korea, shares how he apologized and stopped making fun of another student. 
  • “Being Brave” (January 2006 Liahona and Friend)
    A girl stands up for a boy who is being bullied.
  • “Bullies and Brothers” (April 2008 Friend)
    Even though Kylie doesn’t always get along with her brother, she is grateful when he stands up for her at school.
  • “The Bully Busters” (November 2013 Friend)
    Two girls decide to do something nice for a boy after they see him being bullied.
  • “Challenges Help Us Grow” (March 2014 Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf tells how other children made fun of him when he was a child.
  • “Courage to Be Kind” (August 2016 Friend)
    After seeing a friend being bullied, Rachael and her friend Lexi started a kindness challenge and shared it with their whole school.
  • “Cyberbash” (September 2018 Friend)
    Kaela sees some unkind comments on a picture of her friend online. She decides to write her friend a nice message and talk to her mom about it.
  • “Did You Hear about Shara?” (August 2016 Friend)
    Lina feels bad and wants to make things right after her friends start gossiping about Shara after Lina tells them something about her.
  • “Done with Swim Team!” (August 2019 Friend)
    Ava feels bad about her body after some girls on her swim team tell her she’s fat.
  • “Enough Is Enough!” (August 2017 Friend)
    A girl is tired of being called ugly by another girl at school and decides to do something about it.
  • “Family Traditions” (September 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Christoffel Golden Jr. of the Seventy stood up to school bullies until they gradually lost their influence. When you stand for right, good triumphs.
  • “Following Jesus: Be Loving” (February 2014 Friend)
    Kathy L. shares an experience about bullying at her school.
  • “Forgiving Demi” (January 2018 Friend)
    Mae feels sad after a girl makes fun of her for being so tall. Then she prays and feels better.
  • “A Friend Like Mark” (August 2018 Friend)
    The boys in Josh’s Primary class make fun of him, but then a new boy moves in and is nice to him.
  • “Friends by Mail: Recess Bully” (October 2008 Friend)
    A boy shares his experience being bullied at school.
  • “Friendship Bracelets” (March 2007 Liahona and Friend)
    Angie’s feelings are hurt when her friend leaves her out and makes fun of her, but she prays to forgive her friend and find a solution.
  • “Getting Pushy on the Pond” (January 2008 Friend)
    When Jeremy’s brother is bullied by a friend, he takes the lead and finds a solution to the situation.
  • “The Hidden Message” (March 2013 Friend)
    Amanda and her brother learn to hear a hidden message inside a bully’s taunts.
  • “I’ll Walk with You” (February 2014 Friend)
    An illustrated version of the words to the children’s song.
  • “Lucas and the Bully” (January 2018 Liahona and Friend)
    Lucas stands up to a bully by saying mean things about him, but then Lucas repents for being mean and tries to befriend the bully instead.
  • “Me? A Bully?” (February 2017 Liahona and Friend)
    Jeff decides to be nice after his mom talks to him about being unkind to a boy in his class.
  • “Musical Chairs” (September 2016 Friend)
    Elizabeth realizes she was wrong to join in when all the other children avoided sitting by a boy in their Primary class.
  • “My Friend Linda” (February 2006 Liahona and Friend)
    Kate defends a friend with special needs.
  • “The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy” (November 2013 Friend)
    Mandy tells her friend that we shouldn’t make fun of other people’s bodies.
  • “The New Adventures of Matt and Mandy” (September 2013 Friend)
    Mandy and Matt talk about dealing with bullies at school.
  • “The New Me” (January 2008 Friend)
    A poem about the confidence that comes from knowing we are each a child of God.
  • “The Note” (September 2003 Friend)
    Tyler stands up to his friends and befriends the classmate they are picking on.
  • “The Pumpkin Experiment” (October 2009 Friend)
    Abby learns to love the girl across the street even though they are different.
  • “The Right Reply” (April 2019 Friend)
    Emily wants to write a mean reply when her friend sends her a mean email, but then she thinks of what Jesus would do and responds kindly.
  • “School-Bus Hero” (April 2016 Friend)
    Jason is afraid to ride the bus because older kids tease him, but then another boy invites Jason to sit by him.
  • “Scriptures and Bullies” (September 2009 Friend)
    A girl finds strength to stand up to some bullies after praying and reading the scriptures. Includes information on what bullying is and what you can do if you or someone else is being bullied.
  • “Standing Up for Molly” (October 2007 Friend)
    Lindsay stands up for a girl at school and feels good about her decision, even though kids start making fun of her too.
  • “Standing up to a Bully” (July 2005 Liahona and Friend)
    President David O. McKay (1873–1970) had the courage to stand up to a bully who tried to intimidate him on the baseball field.
  • “Standing Up with Kindness” (July 2017 Friend)
    Tyrus was bullied at school after his family moved to another country. He shares some things that helped him.
  • “Stop Bullying Now” (September 2009 Friend)
    What is bullying? What should you do if you are someone else is being bullied?
  • “Tag, You’re It” (August 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    Lauren decides to not follow Tami’s plan to be mean to Ally.
  • “Turning Down the Dare” (October 2016 Friend)
    Ty says no and leaves after a bully at school dares Ty to fight him.
  • “Trying to Be Like Jesus: Kindergarten Bully” (August 2003 Friend)
    A girl chooses to be nice to a girl who is mean.
  • “What Really Matters” (February 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    After her friends make fun of her, Charlotte learns that Heavenly Father’s opinion is what matters.
  • What’s on Your Mind Question: “Sometimes kids say mean things about other people online, including me. What should I do?” (September 2018 Friend)
    Some ideas for what to do when you see someone being bullied online.
  • “Which Path to Choose?” (September 2016 Liahona and Friend)
    Abbey F., age 11, tells how a girl at school would say mean things to her every day, but Abbey was nice to her and they eventually became friends.
  • “A Wildflower and a Prayer” (March 2004 Friend)
    Sister Gayle M. Clegg, former second counselor in the Primary general presidency, talks about a time when her daughter was being bullied.
  • “The Worth of Soles” (October 2015 Friend)
    Ben learns about kindness from a classmate’s example.


  • “The Bullying Problem/The Kindness Challenge” (October 2015 Friend)
    Learn about bullying and take a quiz to see if you are kind, mean or in between.
  • Family Night Fun: “Standing Up” (October 2016 Friend)
    Practice situations with your family where you might have to say no to someone. Also includes ideas for what you can do when someone is being mean to you or others.
  • Family Home Evening Idea: Bullying
    Read “Being Brave” (January 2006 Liahona and Friend). How does Rosella help Alan? Exercising faith and following the Spirit can place us in a position to bless others. Discuss how you can grow in faith and be prepared to serve someone.
  • “Passing Kindness” (August 2015 Friend)
    An activity about being kind to others. Comes with a fruit salad recipe.