• “Harry Shares” (March 2020 Friend)
    A young boy sees a girl who is sad, so he shares toys with her. Includes a find it activity.
  • “The Birthday Markers” (March 2020 Friend)
    Marcus decides to share some of the new markers he got for his birthday with his friend.
  • “The Candy Plan” (October 2015 Friend)
    Josh shares his Halloween candy with others.
  • “Christmas at the Hospital” (December 2012 Friend)
    Stacy spends several months at the hospital after a car accident, and she returns there after she is released so she can bring Christmas to the other children there.
  • “The Doll in the Green Dress” (October 2015 Friend)
    Hannah shares a doll with her sister.
  • “Easter Kindness” (April 2011 Friend)
    A young child shares Easter eggs with a little girl.
  • “The Favorite Ball” (January 2017 Friend)
    Seth and Adam are arguing because they both want to play with the same ball, but they decide to play together instead.
  • “Floods and Fluffy” (March 2015 Friend)
    Jayden donates a favorite toy to disaster relief.
  • For Parents of Little Ones: “Sharing” (July 2018 Friend)
    Some ideas for helping young children learn how to share.
  • “A Friend for Grandma” (May 2014 Friend)
    Dana tells about sharing stories from the Friend with her grandma.
  • “Inside the Lines” (February 1993 Friend)
    David learns sharing with his sister brings him happiness.
  • “I Will Share the Gospel with All of God’s Children” (October 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    Stories of children sharing the gospel. Comes with illustrated scripture cards that children can use to share the gospel.
  • “Learning to Share” (July 2016 Friend)
    Some ideas for parents to help young children learn how to share.
  • “Lemonade for Grandpa” (July 2016 Friend)
    Emily shares her lemonade with her grandpa. Includes a simple activity.
  • “A Lullaby for Nana” (February 2014 Friend)
    Tanner shares his music with his grandma.
  • “More Blessed to Give” (January 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    Giving to those in need is important. President Monson tells of a Sunday School teacher who taught him to share with a classmate in need.
  • “Parachutes of Hope” (October 2010 Friend)
    An LDS pilot shares candy with children in Berlin during World War II.
  • “Pinkie” (November 2011 Friend)
    Emily gives her favorite blanket to a girl who was in a car accident.
  • “Rainbow Pop-Stop” (July 2012 Friend)
    Audrey shares her popsicles with construction workers while she and her mom are stuck in traffic.
  • “Red Crayon” (September 1997 Friend)
    Katy decides to share her crayons with her sister.
  • “The Red Cupcake” (May 2019 Friend)
    Sam lets a girl in his class have the last cupcake after there aren’t enough for everyone. Then she offers to split it with him.
  • “Room for Three” (December 2006 Liahona and Friend)
    When Brent’s friends are over, Brent doesn’t want to play with his sister—until he learns the Christmas story.
  • “Sharing a Snack” (December 2010 Friend)
    A girl shares her food with her little sister.
  • “Sharing a Treat” (July 2011 Friend)
    A young boy gives a simple testimony of sharing.
  • “Sharing Susie” (April 2007 Friend)
    Hannah doesn’t want to share her favorite toy with her little brother.
  • “Sharing Sweets” (May 2014 Friend)
    A boy shares his award candy at school.
  • Worldwide Helpers (June 2012 Friend)
    Examples of what the Church’s Humanitarian Center shares with the world.