Second Coming


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  • “Article of Faith 10” (September 2011 Friend)
    An explanation of the Article of Faith and how it declares our faith in the Second Coming. Incudes a simple activity.
  • “Isaiah’s Prophecies” (December 2008 Friend)
    Prophecies from an Old Testament prophet regarding the life and second coming of the Savior.
  • “The Latter Days” (September 1995 Friend)
    Elder M. Russell Ballard teaches about having courage in the days before the Savior’s Second Coming.
  • “The Second Coming” (December 2002 Liahona and Friend)
    An illustrated story of Jesus telling his disciples He will return to the earth a second time.
  • “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ” (July 1985 Friend)
    An illustrated retelling of what Jesus told Joseph Smith about the Second Coming.