Natural Disasters


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  • “Buckets of Mud” (June 2016 Friend)
    Tayson and his dad help shovel mud out of a neighbor’s basement.
  • “Connor to the Rescue” (January 2015 Friend)
    After learning about an earthquake, Connor decides to donate money to humanitarian aid.
  • “Earrings for Jasmine” (September 2017 Friend)
    Abby welcomes a girl who moved into her neighborhood after losing her home in a flood.
  • “Emergency Day Drill” (March 2009 Friend)
    Cassidy’s family is grateful for their emergency preparedness when their electricity goes off, and they practice using their grab-and-go kits.
  • “Emergency Evacuation!” (March 2016 Friend)
    A family practices an emergency drill for FHE, and then is grateful for their practice when they have to leave their home because of flooding.
  • “A Friend During an Emergency” (September 2017 Weekly Thoughts and Tips)
    Consider including a copy of a Friend in your emergency kit!
  • “Junior Helping Hands” (May 2018 Friend)
    Autumn C., age 8, shares how she helped collect school supplies to send to children affected by a hurricane.
  • “Praying Like Alma” (September 2019 Friend)
    Isaac G., age 8, shares how he prayed for people after a tornado, since he wasn’t old enough to go help like his dad.
  • “Tornado!” (September 2014 Friend)
    Owen suggests a prayer and some games to help calm his family in a tornado shelter.
  • “Worldwide Helpers” (June 2012 Friend)
    Follow Hunter as he visits the Church’s Humanitarian Center and learns about how the Church helps those in need.