Honor Parents

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  • “1-2-3! We’re Here to Help!” (May 2013 Friend)
    Two brothers show appreciation for their mom.
  • “Andy’s Choice” (May 2008 Friend)
    Andy decides not to play a video game when the other boys want to play it because he knows his parents wouldn’t want him to.
  • “Ben Obeys” (October 2006 Friend)
    Ben is obedient to his parents and wears his bike helmet even though he thinks the other kids will make fun of him.
  • “Caught!” (June 2009 Friend)
    Jake learns the importance of obeying his mother after he decides to go fishing instead of cleaning his room like his mother asked him to and ends up getting injured.
  • “Father’s Day” (June 1996 Friend)
    Lisa shows her love for her father by helping her mother do things around the house while he is gone.
  • “Following Family Rules” (February 2013 Friend)
    Suggestions for establishing family media rules.
  • For Parents of Little Ones: “Understanding Obedience” (August 2018 Friend)
    Tips for helping young children understand about safety and why it’s important to obey.
  • “Friend to Friend: A Mother’s Influence” (April 2007 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Carlos H. Amado tells of his mother’s influence in his life and how happy he is to honor his parents.
  • “Friend to Friend: Jumping Fences” (June 2005 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Daryl Garn teaches why we should obey our parents by sharing a story about a horse he owned that liked to jump fences.
  • “Glad You’re My Dad” (February 2013 Friend)
    A boy accepts his father’s decision not to come to church.
  • “Goodly Grandparents” (July 2018 Liahona and Friend)
    Andrew is nervous about Bring-a-Parent-to-School Day because he lives with his grandparents.
  • “The Hill” (December 2016 Friend)
    Darla follows her family’s rule not to sled down a big hill even when her friends want her to.
  • “Honor Your Father and Mother—Lee Yen Chung Tien of Tubuai, French Polynesia” (October 2005 Friend)
    Eleven-year-old Lee Yen Chung Tien has learned a lot from her parents.
  • “Honoring His Name” (May 2008 Friend)
    Elder Shayne M. Bowen, of the Seventy, tells how he honored his parents as a young man.
  • “I Need to Talk” (April 2016 Friend)
    Tips for how to talk to your parents or another trusted adult when you need help, advice, or support.
  • “Jordan’s Job List” (September 2006 Friend)
    A boy feels too excited about his brother coming home from a mission to do his chores, but he honors his mother and does them anyway.
  • “Lessons from Mother” (October 2016 Friend)
    Elder Jairo Mazzagardi of the Seventy shares some things he learned from his mother, including honesty and paying tithing.
  • “A Lesson from My Parents” (March 2019 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Massimo De Feo of the Seventy shares some things he learned from his parents. Includes a simple activity. 
  • “Listen to Learn” (July 1992 Friend)
    Elder Russell M. Nelson tells a story about a young woman who died in an accident after not listening to her father’s counsel.
  • “Lost on the Trail” (May 2012 Friend)
    Karl learns that it is important to obey his mother and be safe.
  • “Many Hands Make Light Work” (May 2012 Friend)
    Two girls help their mother with household chores after she injures her hand.
  • “May Queen” (May 1991 Liahona and April 1989 Friend)
    Elizabeth honors her grandmother by giving her a wonderful surprise.
  • “Micah Obeys” (August 2016 Friend)
    Micah learns that when he does what his parents ask, he is happier.
  • “Puddles and Blessings” (August 2018 Friend)
    Marcel’s mom promises him that obeying his parents will bring him blessings after he doesn’t want to go with her to an activity.
  • “Racing Rules” (August 2018 Friend)
    Lelah follows her family rule and stays on the driveway while riding her bike. For young children. Includes a simple activity about making good choices. 
  • “The Rating Rule” (February 2013 Liahona and Friend)
    A boy obeys his parents by only playing video games with a certain rating.
  • “Remembering Mothers: Stories from our Prophets” (May 2013 Friend)
    Prophets share memories of their mothers.
  • “Stickers Everywhere!” (September 2018 Friend)
    Carey gets in trouble after she puts stickers that don’t belong to her all over the house. Her mom is happy that she tells the truth about doing it.
  • “Talk Time” (April 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    Josie learns that she can talk to her parents about things. Also includes ideas for how to have talk time in your home.
  • “The Teachings of Parents” (June 1980 Liahona and July 1975 Friend)
    President Ezra Taft Benson recounts the teachings which George Washington received from his parents and the impact those teachings had on him.
  • “Time for Addison” (January 2017 Friend)
    Tom decides to play with his little sister after his mother asks him to so he can make his sister happy.