Messages from Leaders



  • “Celebrating You!” (February 2016 Friend)
    Whether you’re a girl or a boy, you can like lots of different things! Fill in the bubbles that are part of who you are.
  • “Love-Your-Neighbor Adventure” (March 2017 Friend)
    In this game, family members learn what prophets and apostles have taught about gospel principles and standards, and role-play ways to show courage and compassion when neighbors act and believe differently.
  • “The Plan of Happiness” (February 2018 Friend and Liahona)
    Use this coloring activity to make a booklet.
  • Teaching the Proclamation to Children” (2017 Ensign)
    This series focuses on a different part of the proclamation each month.
  • “What Are Your Spiritual Gifts?” (March 2017 Friend)
    Heavenly Father gives all His children spiritual gifts, whether they are boys or girls.


  • “Video: “Proclamation”
    Elder M. Russell Ballard speaks about “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” and the importance of families.