Class Presidencies in Small Wards or Branches

When young women serve in class presidencies, they will come to know that each young woman is a daughter of God. They will feel the Spirit in their lives. They will prepare for their future roles and understand their baptismal covenant.

“In a ward or branch with few young women, … a class presidency may be called for each age-group, or one presidency may be called for the combined age-groups until they are able to be organized into their respective classes” (Handbook 2, 17.2.3).

“When there are not enough qualified members to fill all leadership positions, … seek inspiration to find other potential leaders among new members, inexperienced members, and less-active members who could return to activity. Church members do not need to be experienced or highly qualified to receive a calling. Having a calling is an important way for them to serve and to grow spiritually” (Handbook 2, 17.2.4).

You may begin with a president. As the number of young women in the branch increases, you may add additional presidency members.

Begin with a president

President + Counselor

President + Counselor + Secretary

President + 2 Counselors + Secretary

How Is a Class Presidency Called?

  1. A Young Women president may suggest to the bishop or branch president a worthy young woman to serve as the president of a Young Women class.
  2. Each class president can recommend other young women to serve as counselors and secretary.
  3. A member of the bishopric will:
  • Approve the young women.
  • Call the young women to serve in the presidency.
  • Present them to the class to be sustained.
  • Set them apart.

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