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Bonnie H. Cordon @bonniehcordon

Michelle D. Craig @michelledcraig

Rebecca L. Craven @beckylcraven

Face to Face Events and Broadcasts

Supporting Children and Youth: A Broadcast for Parents and Leaders | Quorum and Class Presidencies

As parents and leaders strive to help youth and children build faith in Jesus Christ and become more like Him, the Children and Youth program can be a valuable resource.

Young Women: Celebrating 150 Years | November 2020 Face to Face with the Young Women General Presidency

Watch President Bonnie H. Cordon, Sister Michelle Craig, and Sister Becky Craven of the Young Women General Presidency at a worldwide Face to Face event that took place on November 15, 2020, celebrating the sesquicentennial anniversary of the Young Women organization.

Face to Face with Elder Gong |November 17, 2019

On November 17, 2019, Elder Gerrit W. Gong participated in a Face to Face event for children, youth, parents, and leaders, where he answered questions from around the world focusing on the Children and Youth program.

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